A Student School Bag

School Bag Dream Meaning

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A schoolbag in a dream is associated with learning lessons in life.

Backpacks are the common bags used by students to go to college or school. A backpack is normally a symbol of carrying things. So if you happen to dream of wearing a student school bag, it can mean that you are carrying all types of emotions. A school bag when full can leave your shoulders hurting due to the "baggage." At the same time, when packing the schoolbag, you can decide to pick only the important books and leave those you consider to be less important. As a heavy bag on your shoulder, this is a symbolic meaning of carrying too many emotions in waking life. Yes, it can be a rather strange dream, especially if you are an adult and not at school anymore.

​​​​​​Detailed dream interpretation

A dream where you see yourself carrying a student bag will have different meanings depending on what is in the bag, who is carrying the bag, and the position of the bag in your dream. If you see a student holding a school bag, it implies that you have decided to only focus on what is necessary for life and move on. Things which are light enough for you to handle will be easy in life to "cope" with. Leaving behind the difficult or unnecessary things is important. Think about what matters at the moment. The school bag might be a sign of the problems you have to deal with in your waking life. Choosing what to put in the school bag might imply that you are leaving some things in life behind, not because you have forgotten them, but because you don’t see their importance in your life at the moment.

What does it mean to lose a schoolbag in a dream?

When you lose a school bag in your dream, it denotes that things that you value. Losing this bag suggests that you may need to focus on problems and why they are causing you unnecessary anxiety. You have to look for the right solution and get organized in life. If you happen to find a school bag in your dream, it means that you have an organized lifestyle - where you have planned for what is important to you and what you is not important. You are only carrying what you need. How can you leave the unnecessary baggage behind you?

What does it mean to see a school bag with books in a dream?

When a school bag with books is seen in your dream, it suggests that you have learned from your past mistakes and you are now ready to move to the future. All lessons are learned. You are full of wisdom and chances of you making a mistake are minimal.

What does it mean to see someone steal a schoolbag in a dream?

A dream where you see someone taking (or stealing) your school bag denotes that, you are delegating your responsibilities to someone else due to the fact that, you are unable to handle them. When a dream portrays you stealing someone else’s schoolbag it indicates difficult times ahead. To see your school bag in your locker can imply that you are finding it difficult to forget some things that are important. You need to move on to the present. Make sure that, you do everything humanly possible to get rid of what is not necessary to be taken in the future.

What does it mean if you dream of a schoolbag and you no longer attend school in waking life?

If it happens that you left school years ago and can see yourself carrying a school bag in your dream, it means that the past is really affecting your present outlook in lie. This is making it impossible for you to accomplish goals in your life. You will have to let go all of all difficulties that belong in the past and focus on the present in order to have a brighter future. Here are some quick meanings based on spiritual information:

  • Seen a student holding a school bag = good luck in life.
  • Lost a schoolbag = worry about losing something important in life.
  • Found a schoolbag = you will find a new friendship.
  • Unable to see what is inside the school bag = lost in life.
  • Books in the schoolbag = you need to seek hidden knowledge.
  • Someone is taking your schoolbag = difficult relations.
  • Unable to carry a schoolbag = problem with a person close to you.
  • If you left school years ago: seeing yourself with a school bag again = you are re-living the past.

Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream

Overwhelmed, anxious, responsible, Fear, anxiety, doubt, unpreparedness, happiness, confidence, reborn and trust are the feelings you might feel during the dream and these are also the same feelings that you may realize in a real life situation.

By Flo Saul
Jul 4, 2017