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Oh no! Not a nice dream to have. An argument in waking life is stressful enough but for this to happen in the dream can be hard to decode!

In my opinion, for this to be carried through to your dream state indicates that you may be attempting to hide your feelings. To dream that you are arguing with a partner implies that you are attempting to eliminate a number of feelings that you hold inside. Users have sent me some very strange dreams about arguing. Now, to have an argument in a street can suggest turmoil or an unsettled period of your life. Consider whom you were quarreling with and the reasons why.

To dream of having an argument with a stranger indicates that you may have some misfortune in the near future. This is also a healing dream. In my view, you might be seeking acceptance and trying to solve unconscious feelings. If your male then this dream indicates that you have guilty feelings towards a female. To be female and have such a dream indicates that you may be anticipating failure in connection with money.

Detailed dream meaning:

So let's decode this dream! An argument can signify unresolved feelings that are being encountered in waking life. This is generally in connection with a close relationship. If a known individual is featured in your dream it can indicate that you need a form of aspiration to combat negative feelings. To dream of arguing with the police means that you will be looking to stay away from making a tough choice.

Seeing an argument often means that you are reluctant as well as not willing to deal with conflict. You feel trapped into making a decision. If you argued with a family member it means that you have disappointed a person. If you have children it is common to dream of arguing with them, now, to dream of arguing with your children indicates that you might be repressing your own frustration or anger. Think about grounding yourself by bringing more physical activities in your life. There are plenty of people in waking life that will help you work through the feelings that you currently have. If you don't then it may result in more harm: holding inside your fury as well as struggling with the person who has angered you. If you are the one trying to keep the peace in your dream then the dream is exploring your feelings of being angry. Some part of you may feel ungrounded. So that is it, hope you liked this interpretation and don't forget to check out our tarot pages for a free reading. Blessings, Flo

In your dream you may have:

Been arguing with your partner. Been arguing with the police. Argued with a family member. Watched others argue.

Positive changes are afoot if:

The dream resulted in a pleasant experience. You were in control throughout the dream. This dream was positive in nature.

Feelings that you may have encountered during your dream:

Worried about the argument. Angry. The feeling that you cannot go on. Miserable. Relieved.

By Florance Saul
Oct 3, 2012