Taking a bath

Taking a bath

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Taking a bath in a dream is associated with being spiritually clean.

The bath is a symbol of cleaning. This can be cleaning one's soul. When you are taking a bath, your primary goal is to get clean, you are trying to remove dirt in your dream then this is symbolic of your life.

To dream about taking a bath indicates that you want to correct things in life. This can mean that you have done wrong, it is also a sign that you want to clean your conscience, or you would like your state of mind to think better. To see a bath full of milk means a tainted or false accusation. To see a hot bubble bath suggests we are trying to clean our inner child. A large bath tub means that one is trying to escape something in waking life. We are the only one who can change things, but we can always ask for the support of friends and family. If the dirt won’t just go away by scrubbing it with your hands then one requires water to completely wash it away.

Dreams that involve taking a bath

  • You are taking a bath.
  • Someone else is taking a bath.
  • Water turns red while taking a bath.
  • Slipping on the bathroom floor while taking a bath.
  • You are afraid to take a bath.

Possible hidden meanings of a dream concerning bath

  • You want to get rid of the wrong things you did.
  • Watching someone take a bath can be interpreted in different ways.  One is about voyeurism and attraction and the other concerns about secrets.
  • You are worried about something.
  • You need to be careful of what you are planning to do.
  • You are afraid that you’re secrets will be revealed.

Detailed interpretation of Dreams

If more than one person is taking a bath, there is a chance that your experiencing a deep sexual attraction to someone in real life. Watching someone taking a bath is a sign of voyeurism. It can also be a reminder that someone else in your life is pretending to be clean, but they hold dirty secrets. If the person in your dream is identifiable then it is best to ask them in real life if there are things he or she wants to communicate, there is a probability that he wants to share his secrets but are too scared to do it. You just need to prove that you are on his side no matter what.

Scary movies often portray water turning into a blood while taking a bath. Dreaming of this can also mean that you are worrying too much. You are feeling a certain level of anxiety and it is becoming a barrier in life. Perhaps you fear too much about the elements in life that are challenging you. Quit worrying and just do the thing that you want to do.

Slipping on a bathroom floor is a sign that you need to watch your step in waking life. You need to be careful on executing your plans as they may hurt you. It is not enough to have a good plan, there are perils that are waiting on your way and will do everything to sabotage your goals. Therefore, be careful.

When in your dreams you are afraid to take a bath, it can only mean one thing - your scared of life long secrets being divulged. Do not be afraid to reveal your secrets, you are being too hard on yourself and unfair to the people around you for keeping things to yourself.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of taking a bath

Passion, Innocence, anxiety, fear, purity, virtuousness, love. Clean feeling and happy.

By Flo Saul
Mar 19, 2013