Earthworm dream meaning

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Seeing earthworms in your dream could be the omen of enemies, quarrels and illness. Despite the fact that the earthworm is an earth symbol, seeing it in dreams is not necessarily a good omen.

The earthworm can represent your spiritual female-male duality.

Earthworms represent the fertility of the earth. The earthworm is an important element in the circle of life. It is present worldwide, and it has the ability to renew itself. Despite the fact that it has no eyes or any kind of eyesight, it has the ability to hide away from light. Earthworms are an important source of oxygen for the soil, and participate in its fortification with organic compounds. Another special quality of the earthworm is that it is both male and female. Such qualities are important to reckon if dreaming of an earthworm, as the dream meaning has something to do with them.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen earthworms.
  • Seen lots of earthworms.
  • Use earthworms for fishing.
  • You step on an earthworm.
  • Seen an earthworm crawling.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The earthworm was wriggling in your path.
  • The earthworm was found in your garden.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of an earthworm is the symbol of regeneration and transformation. It can also suggest that you should look for ways of helping the earth, and that any small contribution such as the one of an earthworm is important. In the same time, dreaming of earthworms can be the omen of enemies and adversaries.

In the Arab tradition, seeing an earthworm in your dream tells you to not overlook the perseverance of other people, and to try to be more modest about yourself. The dream can also indicate that bad times are ahead, but when they end, your luck will be big. Seeing lots of earthworms in your dream is the sign that some people in your life are very arrogant, and this will give you an advantage, especially financially, and possibly in regard to your property.

The Western tradition says that dreaming about one earthworm is a reference to one friend of yours that will help you when you expect less, or that you will make a new acquaintance that soon will become one of the most important friends in your life. Dreaming of lots of earthworms means enemies will try to take your property away. If in your dream you use earthworms for fishing, this foretells success and profit in your waking life.

The dream about earthworms could predict an infectious disease, but also rains and hot weather ahead. If in your dream you step on an earthworm, this means that you are going to chase away your best friend. An earthworm omens bad people lurk around you, but also richness, and a gain coming soon. If you dream of lots of baby earthworms, this could be the sign of gossip, and that you might experience a financial loss.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an earthworm

Disgusted. Unpleased. Upset. Surprised. Curious. Discontent. Weird. Sad.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012