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A dream focusing on a baptism is symbolic in many spiritual ways, such as death, rebirth and regeneration. This dream is associated with contentment and understanding.

If the dream involves water as a method of being baptized, then this demonstrates a sense of cleansing in regard to the spirit. This dream is therapeutic to your soul.

If you attend a baptism in your dream it means that there is going to be a new influence entering your life. How you perceive yourself and how you believe others see you is generally indicated in this type of dream. It is important that you can pass on your worldly knowledge to others who need it.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a baptism.
  • Encountered the baptism of a bell.
  • Seen a child being baptized.
  • Seen the baptism of a ship.
  • Participated in a baptism.
  • Been baptized yourself.
  • Seen a baptism that took place in a natural spring.
  • Seen a baptism in a man made fountain of holy water.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The baptism was pleasant and rejuvenating.
  • You felt a spiritual connection in the dream.
  • You attended a successful baptism.
  • The baptism was performed in a manner of your beliefs.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of baptizing another person suggests that you need to pass on knowledge in order to help an individual who is currently in need. Adopting some type of crusade or special call in your life will allow you to be fulfilled. Charity work and volunteering will help you feel spiritually connected to yourself, others, and the world around you and can generally help you to feel better about your life.

A baptism suggests a fulfilled desire or that something you have worked on for a long time is about to materialize. It is a happy omen, and it can mean that a happy, loving family is in your future. If in your dream a bell is being baptized, this foretells good financial dealings. Dreaming of baptizing a ship indicates a long and unexpected trip is coming your way. If you dream about a child being baptized, this is a sign of happiness and joy. Participating in a baptism indicates the emergence of new love and also of a new and happy life.

To dream that you get baptized can also be slightly negative, revealing that you do not have enough confidence in yourself in situations that demand it. This is not always a good dream, as it can be an unfavorable omen. It can refer to an investment, assuming responsibilities, falling in love, acceptance of new relationships, honor, praise, and important changes in your love life.

Water is a symbol of life, spiritual renewal, and spiritual rebirth. If you dream of a baptism or that you are being baptized, it can mean that you are planning a change in life that will end up being beneficial. Baptism in clear spring water or holy water brings spiritual clarity in relationships and makes you see the mistakes of others who indulge. Holy water in a baptism dream has a spiritually cleansing effect.

A dream about any kind of baptism can refer to the fact that sometimes you are weak or cannot support your own opinions. It suggests that because of this weakness, you may not be capable of advocating your ideas and you sometimes feel embarrassed in front of other people. This is a fake impression, and it would be the best for you if you give up such attitudes and become more confident.

If your dream about baptism had a religious connotation or involved a religious leader such as a priest, it can be a sign of a mental struggle in regard to your work. In a positive light, it could show religious renewal and rejuvenation. You should take the message from the dream, which is that you should be more humble and accept that other people could be as hard working as you are.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a baptism

Surprised. Indifferent. Curious. Wondering. Happy. Grateful. Appreciative. Spiritual. Content.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012