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Dreaming of a shower means that you are trying to wash away your problems.

If you are being “showered with compliments” means you desire to have success and praise. A dream of showering can also indicate hygiene. The shower symbolizes purification and the elimination of negative elements of thought. To dream of yourself or others showering is a sign that you must be careful of the people that you do not know well. To dream that you are showering indicates that you can expect to receive money. If you shower with dirty water, you must watch slanderous people. The explanations of this dream can be quite different, but either way, seeing yourself taking a shower in the dream foretells good health and a balanced life is ahead.

In your dream

  • You are taking a shower.
  • Seeing another person taking a shower.
  • Cleaning a shower-tub.
  • A hot shower.
  • A cold shower.
  • An empty shower-tub.
  • Showering in a river or any running water course.
  • Showering in clear and transparent water.
  • Showering in warm water.
  • Showering in dirty water.
  • Showering in a shower-tub.
  • Showering in the sea.

Advice from your dream

  • Take things easier.
  • Bring healing within your life.
  • Be ready to face your difficulties.

Detailed dream interpretation

Within the spiritual world, a shower indicates an awareness of your spiritual well-being. A shower is an act of cleansing the inner self. If you dream of other people showering, it suggests that you need to help others with important decision in their lives. For many women, showering is a time when they can relax and be content. Therefore, for a woman to have this dream symbolizes that it is time to take things easy. The key message of this dream is that it is time to bring healing within your life. If you are male and you dream of having a shower, then this shows that there is big and positive news on the horizon.

A shower in your dream is an omen for joy and happiness. It means you have clear and well-expressed ideas. Seeing yourself taking a shower can predict a situation ending in a fight. Making an effort to take a shower suggests facing difficulties in the waking life. If you are taking a hot shower in your dream, this means reckless acts and complaints generated by a lack of unity, but also sickness and the loss of a friend or a parent. If the shower is too hot, you will be despised for a reckless act. A hot foot shower means enthusiasm.

Taking a shower is also the sign of abundance and acquired properties. Showering means happiness in the coming years, but it is also an omen for happiness coming soon and a huge delight. If you are taking a shower with clean water, this means prosperity. Clear and cold water foretell's good health ahead. However, showering in dirty water is the omen of an immediate danger. If the water is turbid, it predicts insecurity and concerns for your own health.

Seeing an empty shower means lost opportunities. Taking a shower is also a sign of health. Showering your feet only means nostalgia. If you shower your feet in warm water, you will have new and enthusiastic plans. Showering your feet in cold water is the sign of a tranquil period coming your way. If the water is too cold, this indicates quarrels, discord, an imminent attack from your enemies, or even an unpleasant visit from people that want to harm you. To be killed in a shower means that things are going to be difficult. To be raped in a shower indicates negative times ahead.

Showering for quite a long time in your dream is the sign of good health. Using soap during the shower means that you will renew an old relationship.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of shower

Happy. Relaxed. In control. Feeling good. Jolly. Clean. Happy.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012