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Maybe you had a dream of being accepted on a course? Or accepted into a group of friends? Or even accepted a marriage proposal?

Well, look no further. We have packed all the meanings of being accepted in a dream after years of research! Dreaming of a warm acceptance into a new group foretells progress and wealth in your business. To see yourself bringing a new member into a friendship group in a dream indicates new opportunities for you to succeed in business. Sometimes in life we do feel rejected and it is not uncommon for us to dream of "acceptance" to make up for the loss we feel in the day. So, there are many dream meanings and I will try to cover them all here. Firstly, thank you for coming to my website and I am glad to have you here. Without delay, let's look and decode your dream of acceptance!

What does it mean for a marriage proposal to be accepted in a dream?

If you dream of a marriage proposal and this is accepted this dream can indicate that you are going to encounter experience, commitment, harmony and varied transitions in life. The marriage proposal itself indicates the beginning and challenge can often be associated with how you can perfect yourself as a person. If you counter proposal by next partner then this can indicate there are aspects of yourself which to explore.

What does it mean to be accepted for a job?

To be accepted in a job, or to gain a job offer in a dream is great news. But it also comes as a warning to be careful about what you say to people. Chances are, after this dream you will build up and expand your business or career in all sorts of positive ways. You have the ability to turn your current living standard into something memorable!& You may also get access to someone else's resources and methods to utilize all the qualities that you have. This maybe investment or someone will provide you with money so you can use this to progress your life.

What does it mean to be accepted by a company?

A dream in which you get accepted by a company or corporate firm foretells that it is now the moment to reach for the stars - it is time to focus on you! Now is your chance to hone in on your skills and get promoted. It also denotes that you may become wealthier if you are accepted onto an education course - hard work and determination will be yours!

What does it mean to be accepted by friends or family?

A dream in which you rejoin a friendship group is positive. To be accepted by your family represents happiness and gratification into your life. Now all dreams are different! Maybe you have encountered different scenarios about social and behavioral and acceptance? Perhaps acceptance was observed in your dream. Well look no further, there is a more detailed breakdown below on what acceptance means in your dream below:

Detailed dream interpretation

In our daily life, we want to be accepted, by society, neighbors, family, and friends. Acceptance in a major part of human nature that, more or less, everyone wants to be "liked." When you dream of being accepted by people this denotes your abilities and truthfulness in life. You will gain confidence and belief in yourself. To see yourself accepted into a group of people is a positive dream. It is also a positive message - you need to explore your inner abilities. By doing so, you can apply positivity in your life in many great ways!

To dream that you want to be accepted in a particular society, country or social circle is the sign of excessive pride. It could also mean that you are not feeling connected to a certain group of people and you believe the traits of others has caused selfishness. Don't concern yourself with these types of people. You need to look after your self in life and not worry about other people.

Re-acceptance by friends and family seen in dreams shows your value that has been forsaken before that. It also shows that there are people around you who still care for you. If you have fallen out with someone recently if is common to dream of these people. Maybe you accepted an apology in the dream, or you apologized to others?I had a dream about a friend I lost touch with, we had fallen out and I kept dreaming of her apologizing. After trying to understand this I concluded that dreams of being accepted by someone rejecting you in waking life is not literal. It can just be your subconscious mind focused on playing events around and around your brain at night.

We all have old, stale or incomplete relationships and it is hard to cope with the feeling of rejection in life. The question you need to ask yourself in connection with your current relationships is why you do not feel "accepted in the real world" to dream of a particular relationship in the context of being accepted into that group of people try to ask yourself this question: is this relationship worth it? To dream of accepting a marriage proposal indicates success and happiness. To accept other people in a dream, such as bringing them into your home is connected to work. In a work context: Have you come this far to only come this far?

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In your dream you may have experienced any of the following

  • To see yourself accepted by a society in your dream means that you have gained confidence and strength.
  • In connection with your workload, this shows your inner strength to deal with life and represents that you are great at multi-tasking.
  • Been accepted by a community in a dream shows prejudice and rising pride in others around you.
  • To see yourself re-accepted by friends you have fallen out within the real world indicates happiness and rejoice.
  • You may be invited to a get-together that is forthcoming.
  • To be accepted at a school in your dream indicates you will encounter a great your social life for a while.
  • If you see yourself talking to others or you have been accepted in a large group of friends, this indicates you will focus on flourishing healthy relations in real life.
  • The good news is there is a direction for you that will result in you being more wealthy.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You dream that you are accepted in a community this implies gratitude and self-confidence.
  • To dream of acceptance by a firm or organization denotes wealth.
  • To dream of your friends forgiving your mistake and re-accepting you back into the group reflects positive changes like happiness and gratification, into your life.
  • It also shows that you have a healthy social circle.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of accepted

Acceptance, self-confidence, gratitude, prejudice, pride, promoted, hope.

By Flo Saul
Mar 22, 2013