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Tasers or stun guns are used by the police and other law enforcement officers to knock out offenders without using deadly force.

They are small handheld devices that distribute electrical shock on contact. To dream of a Taser means that you need a jolt and it is imperative for you to come to your senses. Are you living in a fantasy? Or do you have a bad habit to procrastinate on your plans? It can also mean that you need a kick start, or that one needs to put excitement in their life.

In one's d​ream of a Taser it may have involved

  • Being attacked by a Taser.
  • Using a Taser on someone.
  • Defending yourself with a Taser.
  • Buying stun guns.
  • Being in the police - using a Taser.
  • Searching for a stun gun but not being able to find it.
  • Being threatened with a Taser.
  • Playing with a Taser.

Detailed Explanation of a Taser d​ream meaning

Dreaming about a Taser is a sign that we need to excitement in one's life. It means that your life has been rather predictable making it boring. It can also mean that one is delaying things. One requires motivation in life. The drive you’re looking for can only come from within you. How much are you willing to change your life? Or do you want to go on living the same way?

Wake up to your senses! It is time for you to start working for your dreams - or goals in life. Your subconscious mind is already telling you that it is essential for you to begin with a journey in achieving your goals.

If you stumble upon a dream of stunning someone with a Taser, it means that you need some get up and go. Stop being bossy, you have your own life to live. You need to know when to let go of someone and trust them. Let them face their own battle.

Using a stun gun to defend yourself depicts aggressiveness. It means that you are prepared for the things that will come your way. You are well equipped with the abilities to support yourself for the years to come.

This can also mean that you are being too confident with your abilities. Furthermore, you are expecting too much and end up being disappointed if things don’t go your way. In our opinion, do not demand so much from life, do what you can, give what you can give, and expect nothing in return. Life will work its magic to give you what you deserve.

To buy a stun gun can mean that you are seeking protection; there might be recent happening in your life that has triggered such a dream. Consult your family and your support network. People will provide you with advice. We should always look for the purpose of things, so we can interpret their meaning. For example, a stun gun puts its victim in a daze.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a stun gun

Strange. Scared. Intrigued. Interested. Curious. Worried. Nervous. Protected. Safe. Secure. Unfulfilled. Contentment.

By Florance Saul
Mar 17, 2013