Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dream’s of terror are from one’s present conditions in waking life.

They reveal symbolically how one has a tendency to approach problems and exactly how one must communicate with others. Being terrified in your dream signifies that you are afraid of a problem in real life. The emotional theme that accompanies this dream can be rather distressing. Perhaps you have failed to resolve a problem in waking life, or a problem has come to haunt you in your dreams? The dream is connected to the need to take courage in life. Maybe you have been avoiding this?

Strange people or imaginary people usually represent current problems that are affecting your inner child. The message of most terror dreams that include torture mean that one needs to make small changes but have confidence in expecting large results.

In the dream you may have

  • Felt terrified of something.
  • Felt terrified of an object.
  • Felt terrified for yourself.
  • Felt terrified for somebody else’s actions.
  • Felt terrified for somebody else.
  • Been tortured.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You could see others terrified.
  • In the dream you faced terrifying consequences.
  • In the dream you were running away from a terrifying object or person.
  • The terror in the dream makes you wake up – and you are unable to finish the dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

The feeling of terror in a dream is an example of how we feel about certain event's in waking life. Unsavoury occurrences that take place in real life are directly associated with one's dream state. These occurrences are not erased from one’s subconscious mind but appear in dreams when the subconscious mind is more active. Thus, if one watched a frightening film before bed it will not be surprising that the dreamer has a terrifying dream.

All doubts you have of certain happenings in waking life, and actions taken by others normally resurface in dreams. This can produce a feeling of terror that leaves one drained and frightened. The dream is a signal to become resolute and face problems that terrorizes you in a dream state.

To see other people terrified, but in the dream state your unaware of the cause of terror, means others will rely on you in waking life. This dream can result in one feeling unhappy. The unhappiness will be greater if the object of the person’s terror is yourself (your terrorizing others) this dream suggests a relationship with someone will result in complications.

Terror in dreams also occur when a person you dislike or distrust appears in your dream. The fear that this person can harm you in your dream is a result of worries in waking life. Situations which cause you to feel oppressed by somebody superior in waking life can also lead to a dream of terror. The annoyance of this person in your subconscious mind translates into possible terror in the dream.

Terror in dreams may also cause you to build up a subconscious defense in your own mind to repel the messages being passed to you in the dream. It is important to try to seriously consider how you can overcome the terror. The final message of such a dream is that you must understand that you're responsible for altering the recipe for happiness.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of terror may be

Disappointment, oppression, suffering, violence, unhappiness, supremacy, subjugation, rejection, loss and hatred.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013