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Depression in a dream can imply that you’re going through a rough period in waking life.

To sense a state of depression is focused on the inability to make relationships. You're not able to observe the root of your problems and this will impact your own decision. Individuals that are miserable within their waking life frequently have these types of dreams.

Dreams of depression might be among the first indicators that you're slipping into the depths of melancholy. If you're fighting with specific issues in your own life or are restricting your feelings, these “depressive” dreams might be a warning that there are problems which are playing on your mind. Seeking help is advised. Depression dreams indicate that you're despondent concerning the future. To see others depressed denotes that difficult times are forecast. You've emotionally imposed limitations in your life. Feelings of inadequacy and the anxiety may result in such dreams. Dreams of depression can also signal your shortage of insight into your own difficulties. You could also be incapable of knowing the consequences of your own actions and choices. In certain cultures, dreams of depression have been translated to imply that happiness is on the horizon. If you dream that you're depressed as you've lost someone you really loved, it usually means that you're going to meet a new love.

Your dream:

  • You were depressed.
  • Something negative occurred in the dream.
  • You were depressed in a dream.
  • A difficult or unpleasant dream occurred.
  • You had a nightmare during the dream.
  • There was a natural disaster that occurred during the dream.
  • You were heartbroken during the dream -  due to a lover leaving.
  • You encountered torture in the dream.
  • You felt emotional pain in the dream but cannot remember the full details.
  • You took antidepressants in the dream.

Quick dream meaning of depression:

To dream of losing your job suggests that a new opportunity will appear. To dream that a country has a “fiscal depression” represents a complete loss of faith or lack of skills. Or perhaps your energy is drained out of you. It can imply you will meet some people who have a bad effect on you without you even noticing. If, in the waking world you are experiencing migraines /depression due to a trauma this might be the main reason behind your unpleasant dream.

According to investigators, if we dream of a natural catastrophe, this could indicate that we need to rest from our own life. Individuals that are taking an antidepressant in their dream will experience joy and luck in their actual life. Crying and feeling unhappy in the dream is also an indication of experiencing joy and enjoyable times with loved ones in real life.

If in your dream you're sad to the point of tears, then it's a bad omen and you'll get some negative news about somebody or something shortly. You might have lost confidence or hope. Alternately, depressed state of mind in a dream can signify how you're feeling sorry for yourself.

You are heartbroken:

If you’re feeling heartbroken in your dream, it could mean that you are going to meet someone special soon. However, it could also suggest that you’re dedicating too much of your time on people who take you for granted. Learn how to send your spare time on yourself more than spending it on people who don’t appreciate you enough.

You survive depression:

If you’re surviving a depressive spell in your dream, it could predict the opposite: that you’re going through a happy period, however, be careful and don’t share your happiness with everyone because people are used to destroying your positive state of mind.

You’ve experienced trauma:

If you’re experiencing trauma in your dream, it could mean that you still remember a physical injury that stopped you from doing something you wanted badly. However, it could also mean that you are still holding on your past and you’re not focused on your bright future, which is a mistake and that’s what your dream is trying to tell you.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of depression:

Fear. Scared. Terrified. Unpleasant. Unhappy. Heartbroken. Tortured. Tired.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017