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To dream of an abbey or a religious building has many meanings depending on the context of your dream.

Oh, what a wonderful dream. The abbey is spiritual in nature. Many people dream of an abbey in relation to seeing a wedding, funeral or religious service taking place in the abbey. Any dream connected to religion takes on more significance than any other. The symbolism of an abbey as a retreat in your dream is normally a sign that it is time for you to take things easy, and think about what you want from life.

Detailed dream interpretation

The details of a dream featuring an abbey holds it's own significant meaning. There are many messages that can be discovered from this dream meaning. Firstly, to speak to a religious leader means that you need to make sure that you take care of your body. Seeing an abbey is a symbol of spiritual connectivity. To attend a service in an abbey means that you are trying to move forward in your life. Take it easy and not to be too focused on trying to understand how much you should achieve in a day.

Jung said that we often remember only half of our dreams, and this is significant to this particular dream. If the dream is vivid, then you will need to move on the path of spiritual inner truth. In summary, this dream indicates it is important you relax and spend some time on your own activities.

    Peaceful times and positive relationships are also connected to this dream meaning. All your problems are likely to be resolved in the near future. This dream has a number of meanings. The importance of it lies in whether the dream is carried out in a day or in the evening. If the abbey is featured in your dream during daylight, then this is generally a positive omen. If the dream is featured at night, then this is a negative omen, and you need to be able to understand what constraints are holding you back, so that you can overcome the battle from within.

    If you are feeling isolated or lonely in an abbey, this dream is connected to feeling independent. Many people believe that dreaming of an abbey is connected to a dedicated course of action or an objective in your life. If you see an abbey from the outside, this denotes that the future may be unjust, in regards to a work situation. To see a bay tree outside the abbey shows that you need to be able to practically look at how you approach situations in the future.

    If you see a priest or a monk in your dream, especially if they are standing at the entrance of the abbey, it shows that you are going to save yourself from embarrassment in the near future. If you are a young woman, and you see yourself in an abbey, you may find you will have an illness in the future. To discuss your life with a priest indicates you have true friends around you. If you dream of abbey grounds, this is generally connected to your peace of mind.

    It is important to know that you are going to have comfort in the future. You will have freedom from anxiety which will be granted to you soon. In essence, this dream symbolizes a place of sanctuary where you can seek spiritual guidance. If in your dream you witness an act of worship within the abbey it means that whatever you are going to embark on in the near future is going to have positive consequences.

    If you dream of alternative religious leaders, such as God, this indicates your own perspective on life. It is important for others to follow your lead. If you have a meeting with a religious figure in the abbey, this will enable you to increase your spiritual awareness. If you attend a wedding in an abbey this is a positive omen. If you see a festival such as a Christian celebration or harvest, it indicates you need to understand what areas of your life will make you happy, and focus on this. You have been living negatively for too long, this is a wake-up call to start to understand what in your life will make you happy.

    This dream is directly connected to peace. If your dream features a religious building on fire, then you are being directed into a relationship with a spirit guide. If you see any form of books such as the Bible or other texts, then this indicates you need to be able to learn about your divine will. The indication of this dream is that you have been living in the past rather than the present. The most important element is defining the meaning which comes up in your subconscious mind. Let us suppose you are standing on top of an abbey, and that you are looking out at the edge, to the countryside. This indicates you may be hiding your inner thoughts, and it is time to show your emotions. The most important message is that insight sometimes comes through rational thinking. The key message is that you must be aware of inner peace, and the only way that you are going to move forward in your life is to be able to understand any insights, especially in regards to your relationships around you at the moment. Someone who knows you may be able to see the relevance of this dream.

    Carl Jung's dream interpretation of an Abbey

    Carl Jung often called any dream connected to religious buildings a collective unconsciousness. He believed that these images are often easily understandable in life, in that we should be seeking inner peace. You have been dreaming of an abbey in order for you to understand the next step in complex situations in your current waking life. This is important as the dream is going to be focused on how you approach future success. Jung also believed that these dreams have a way of reintroducing new things in your life.

    Old dream meanings (pre-1920's)

    It is important to understand that people do appreciate you, and these images are familiar with the spiritual application in order to improve our lifestyle. If you are in the abbey and you listen to music, then these sounds are directly associated to a vibration which expands your subconscious mind. It is important to note that any music will increase your state of awareness in regards to seeking inner peace. If you see any passage or corridor within the abbey, this indicates you are going to move from one state of mind to another, or even between two states of mind. A ritual ceremony held in the abbey is directly linked to improving your spiritual connection. This indicates it is time for you to meditate in order to understand what is important in your life.

    If you see Christ within the abbey or a church, such as an image or even meeting him indicates that you need to be prepared to take on responsibility. In addition, this dream is connected to religious leaders. The reason why Christ is featured in your dream is that you need spiritual guidance. The only way you will be able to understand this is to attempt to change consciousness or awareness in waking life.

    Areas of your life the Abbey may be associated with

    • Stressful situations: work towards inner peace.
    • Having drive: you keep on going forward in a situation where you are obviously exhausted, and it is time for you to relax. 
    • Your financial situation: this stays the same no matter how much money you try to earn through your career or business endeavors. 
    • People want more: life is extremely hectic and stressful. 
    • Resisting any change: not moving on. Stopping change in your current waking life, and this dream is trying to signify you want to move towards a more peaceful lifestyle.

    Positive changes are afoot if

    • The dream was positive in nature.
    • The religious symbols in your dream have resulted in relaxation.
    • You become a priest or religious leader.
    • You are confessing any sins or wrongdoing.
    • You have understood and gained insight into the situation within your dream.
    • You express emotion within your dream which is positive in nature.
    • You notice in the dream that everybody is content and peaceful.
    • The dream involved a wedding, funeral or christening. 

    New beginnings in your life are needed if your dream involved

    • Not feeling comfortable.
    • Feeling unable to perform.
    • Any terror or were frightened.
    • Expressed any negativity in the abbey.

    In your dream you may have

    • Seen an abbey in your dream which is in ruins.
    • Entered an abbey.
    • Dreamed that you seen a priest or monk in an abbey.
    • Dreamed of religion.
    • Spoken to religious leaders.
    • Encountered a religious festival in an abbey.
    • Attended a service in an abbey.

    Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an abbey

    Strange. Scary. Worried. Indiscretion. Discretion. Difficult tasks. A ceremony. Inspiration. Representing somebody else in the abbey. Changing consciousness. Experience. Pleasure. Honestly. Belonging to a group of religious people. Positive reaction. Stepping into the unknown. Development. Understanding other people's characteristics - from a religious perspective. Independents. Loneliness. Positive. Emotion. Self sufficiency. Completeness. Religious significance. Spirit. Public acknowledgment. Physical and spiritual events. Religious communication.

    By Flo Saul
    Jun 14, 2012