Fight dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream about fighting?

One of the pitfalls of our dream world is that sometimes we stumble on dreams that just don't make sense. Fighting is one of them. It's natural to have this dream of course, especially if you are working hard in your career at the moment. It is a metaphor for fighting in your life to get what you want, to close the deal, or at least prevent a deal from going totally wrong. Studying past relationships or fights you may have had with someone close will not necessarily tell you what you are doing wrong when it comes to relationships. Let me explain.

Dreaming of any violent action - such as kicking, punching, pulling hair, stabbing, murdering, or slapping another person suggests that you need to make decisions. I often see these dreams popping up before a major challenge or emotional fight in real life. Maybe you dream of winning the fight? The dream in that case is about anxiety and the unfounded fear of failure. If there is someone that is around you at the moment whereby you have conflict the dream symbol of fighting is about your endeavors in the past. This dream can be considered consolation. 

Freud believed the dreamer's anxiety was a secret self-reproach for "reprehensible actions." Jung and other psychoanalysts believe that the anxiety experienced in fighting dreams is linked to fear of failure or conflicts in relationships. There are certain cases in the dream that should be interpreted by assuming that it is really the dreamer asking why he or she has to fight within the dream. The dream is disguised by violence. An unknown person in our dream of fighting represents ourselves. Our internal thoughts.

Dreams can be mysterious and often leave us feeling confused once we’ve awoken. But, that doesn’t mean they don't contain powerful messages for us. When it comes to dreaming about fighting, this could represent something in our waking life is unresolved or something which we need to “fight for”.

What is the meaning of dreaming of fighting?

This dream generally tells that you are fighting with something in your mind which needs to be fully understood. Only you can make the required decision in order to make yourself feel better. It also shows that you need to think outside the box. What is your life achievement? Have you completed it yet?

I always like the phrase that dreams are often considered a window into our subconscious. Whether we are aware of it or not, the dreams that we experience can tell us a lot about ourselves and the conflicts that exist in our lives. In particular, dreaming of a fight can be an extremely powerful symbol for spiritual warfare – the cosmic battle between good and evil forces that occurs within each one of us on an internal level.

The idea of spiritual warfare has been present throughout many different religious traditions since ancient times. In fact, when looked at from this perspective, it’s easy to see how fighting in a dream could represent both physical and metaphysical battles between enemies in this world as well as battling with one’s own internal demons or dark aspects of oneself.

From a Christian perspective, many would interpret such dreams to be related to “spiritual warfare” in which God fights against Satan and his minions (Ephesians 6:12). According to this belief system, Christians must prepare for battle by building up their spiritual armor lest they risk falling captive to demonic forces. As such, dreaming about fighting may serve as a sign to arm yourself with faith rather than fear when facing any kind of adversity in life. It could also indicate that there is work still left ahead before the complete victory is achieved over darkness.

Biblical teachings aside, fighting in dreams could simply reflect struggles encountered during the course of daily life --- be it personal relationships or working towards achieving goals --- as these too require constant effort and determination against possible obstacles encountered along the way (whether external or self-imposed). A dream about fighting with people you know can serve as an impetus or reminder to confront whatever challenges lie ahead in a relationship.

Who are you fighting in the dream world?

Is there enough misery, enough illness, and enough settling? If you are not already facing these problems, could you be in danger of a serious illness or the end of your relationship to be fighting someone? Do you really want to live a life that is dominated by alcohol, drugs, pressure, food, work, or material possessions? These are all the questions that you need to ask yourself if you are fighting someone. 

Fighting a stranger in a dream: fighting a stranger in the dream is fighting yourself. In a number of circumstances, dreaming of your own violence in any way can symbolize that you are actually angry with someone in your waking life, and it is important to try finding a solution to that anger. If you have a dream of passing through a narrow alley and you are attacking somebody, it shows a general need to overcome stress and stop worrying about things that have not happened yet.  No matter how well-prepared you may be for the fight in your lives we sometimes always face a problem. This dream is about the fact that you need to keep on trying in life.

Fighting someone you know in the dream: think about the possibility that the dream could be used as a metaphor to fight in your own life. A dream can give clues about where we need to fight. It could also reveal your approach to stress. Especially if the dream is recurring. It could indicate that you are not prepared to fight in waking life.

What is the general dream meaning of fighting in a dream?

This dream demonstrates that you are struggling in some way to express yourself to others. You must interpret the message with all the other factors included. Dreaming of anger means that currently, you are experiencing some type of threat and that this dream reflects your feeling of denying yourself something important to you. If in the dream there is more than one aggressive person, you need to make sure you express yourself to the right people in the right way.

If you are struggling to be yourself in the real world, or you have a fight and are angry, then it is common to have a dream of this nature. Throughout society, anger is not acceptable, and in the dream world, this remains the case. If in your dream you are not angry, but others are, it is important to make sure that you have not offended someone else who may be harboring anger inside based on something that you have done. Think about how anger was represented in your dream. It could be a man driving a fast car, a fire, or even an aggressive animal. Whatever external element reflected the anger, this dream symbolizes the importance of being able to control this anger preventing you to enjoy your life. Look inside through meditation for the answers.

A fight symbolizes your conflicts with yourself. Dreaming of yourself being deeply involved in an altercation is a sign that you must be careful in making hasty decisions. If you have a reasonable argument or a friendly debate, you will be lucky in the near future. Such a dream foretells prosperity, good business deals, and close friends. Hearing a fight in a dream means something unpleasant will happen to you.

Such a dream is frequent for women that have emotional problems. Some traditions claim that whoever dreams about fighting will actually fight in waking life. This is not an ordinary fight, but one that will affect a romantic relationship. It is a particularly bad omen if in your dream you fight with a friend. It usually suggests loss. However, if you fight with somebody less important in your life, you will receive some positive news.

What is the symbolism of fighting in a dream?

When it comes to dream symbolism, there are a few different interpretations of fighting in a dream. If you’re dreaming of physically fighting with someone, the meaning can vary depending on who you're fighting with.

If you’re dreaming of fighting with family members, it could be associated with unresolved issues or worries that need to be addressed within your relationship. And, if you're regularly having nightmares about fights with family then it may be an indication that there is an underlying issue causing stress and tension which needs to be discussed in order for the conflict to get resolved.

If you dream about physical fights between partners can signify difficulties in communication within the partnership or suggest underlying feelings of mistrust. If two people are happily together and they both dream about being involved in a fight together then this could symbolize some kind of struggle that’s been faced by both people and that they have learned how to work through by working as a team.

A dream of fighting friends can often signify feeling threatened by a said friend or feeling undermined due to their achievement or success. It's important not to take these dreams too literally though as sometimes they can represent disagreements without actually needing verbal confrontation or resolution - simply acknowledging concerns is more than enough!

In terms of fighting spiritually – such dreams usually reflect metaphysical battles against inner demons like repressed desires and defeatable obstacles preventing growth and advancement toward goals. Remember as well (the storm will pass) these types of dream battles usually serves as warning sign from the subconscious mind encouraging us to find inner strength.

I’m sure you will agree most dreams are symbolic and trying to understand their meaning can help shed light on our current experiences. To dream of fighting usually suggests a struggle within ourselves or with the world around us - whether this be personal relationships, work-related matters or simply how we feel internally each day. In order to understand more about what your dream may signify, you should consider the context and the emotions you felt during that dream as they are key to interpreting its meaning accurately.

Dreams can also provide insight into our true needs and desires in life if we're willing to accept them as such.  Fight scenes in dreams could reveal some hidden wishes for change...for example if someone appears who seems overly aggressive towards you in your dreams - it could just indicate a need for transformation or reaching out into unexplored territory. 

And this being said if you want a passionate life instead of one lived inside the lines drawn by others –you need to walk forward every day and stare into your own heart's deepest desires – those behind fear-based limitations imposed by society–and share these desires with those closest to you!

What does it mean to dream of fighting with a friend?

Quarreling with somebody tells you that you may receive news. Fighting with a friend represents damaged relationships. Fighting with a friend, especially by someone you trust can be a sign that you are not able to rely on the strength of another person. Although it may seem negative to the dream, you should remember that every loss can be an opportunity to gain something new. Fighting with a friend in a dream can indicate being at the mercy or manipulated by someone, such as an abductor, this can signify that you are not in control of your work, relationships, or any other aspect of your life at the moment. The friend is a red herring and can indicate the feeling that you are fighting to keep peace in the relationship.

What does it mean to dream of fist-fighting?

Fist fighting can be a sign that plans fail to materialize. This could also be a sign that you have lost touch with your inner self and are not ready for the consequences of the plans you have set in motion. Whatever the cause of the fight, the suddenness of the impact of punching force indicates that the direction you are heading is affected by a powerful oppositional force. This force can alter everything in a split second. The dream itself is an alert for long-term consequences if injuries are caused by the fistfight

What does it mean to dream of fighting with an enemy?

This dream of fighting with an enemy is a sign that something in your life is out of touch with reality. The symbolism of an enemy in a dream means you will complete a period of calmness. A fight can signify anger at your plans or the difficulties in achieving them. Ultimately, the struggle in this dream is to free yourself fully. The dream relates to fighting life with lovingkindness, honesty, and respect in every moment and situation. 

What does it mean to dream of a couple fighting?

The couple in the dream could be people you know, could be yourself or others. The dream meaning is that you need healing in a partnership. This dream is about the spirit of living fully in our relationships. Think about how you can navigate an inner process that will transform your life. 

What does it mean to dream of fighting someone who is close?

To dream of fighting in close combat, with someone that is near your face or body indicates there is going to be a time when you are using weapons such as swords, knives, tools, or axes. Close combat in a dream can indicate that you will be chasing someone in life. There is a fight that you may face emotionally. We learn from a young age to deal with others and to seek attention from our parents. When someone treats us badly this can harm us deeply, we never wake up to this unhealthy internal dynamic, which eventually leads to depression, issues, relationship problems, and a form of suffering, therefore close combat can mean that you feel stressed out about a way someone is treating you.

What does it mean to dream of fighting with your family?

Fighting with your family in the dream indicates that you will have issues with others in your family. The dream can mean that you need to focus on yourself rather than your family. If you have had family problems, or you have been in a situation with a parent of your child then it is common to dream of fighting with family or a loved one. It is simply a transition dream.

What does it mean to see people fight?

If you are watching a fight, maybe on TV or in the street this can indicate that conflict is around you. The type of fight that you are watching is important. To see people screaming at each other indicates that you need to listen to other people's opinions. Spiritually, this dream can indicate making sure that you avoid conflict in waking life. Giving time, energy, or support to others feels natural.

My advice to you

Naturally, our ego fears and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck simply from us recognizing our internal pain, discomfort, and truth, and naturally, we prefer to keep with our old views. But we each have everything we need within ourselves to be free. When we stop to reflect on the deeper meaning of this dream we are graced with one of life's most beautiful and empowering lessons: we already are everything we need within our self to fulfill our life's purpose and you realize deep down our greatest potential. You are not lacking in any way. That is the spiritual message of fighting with a stranger in a dream. Spiritually speaking, there is no separation between people. When we love others, we also love ourselves. 

There is no limit to what you need in life to heal, transform, or achieve if you are open to taking full responsibility and letting go of all guilt. The dream is intended to help you create healthy, urological, and energetic pathways in relationships in your mind and body. This will allow you to begin to value yourself and have high self-worth. Think about how your life will look and feel a month, a year or ten years from now depending on how much you allow yourself to be happy. It also depends on how deeply you allow yourself to be treated by others also.

What is the biblical meaning of fighting in a dream?

In the Bible, there are several mentions of physical fighting, often associated with a battle as seen in Joshua 8:1-11, 1 Samuel 14:52-17:19, and Isaiah 42:13. On a deeper spiritual level, however, dreams about fighting can reveal something more profound.

For example, some Biblical scriptures suggest that dreaming of combat or struggle is symbolic of the inner conflict that occurs between our own desires versus our inner will. This battle exists at both an individual level and collective societal level – mental warfare between ourselves and God’s wisdom in Exodus 14:14; Romans 13:2; Revelation 12:7. I also feel after reading about fighting in the bible, it may represent a larger battle in the world today - for peace or justice - where we must engage ourselves actively to make a change (Isaiah 42).

Fighting dreams can also be metaphorical rather than literal – they may be representations of storms we face or inner turmoil when something appears to be wrong but requires our resolve to overcome it through courage and action - whether personally or collectively. In short, fighting in dreams can symbolize conflict within oneself or conflicts one could potentially face outside themselves in their day-to-day lives as well.(Isaiah 43)

What can your dream about fighting involve?

  • Kicked another person / been kicked.
  • Punched another person / been punched.
  • Pulled someone’s hair.
  • Stabbed another person.
  • Murdered another person / been murdered.
  • Slapped or hit another person.
  • Fought with somebody.
  • Been unusually violent.
  • Had an argument.
  • Saw or heard a fight.
  • Fought with relatives or friends.
  • Seen a fight between men, women, or children.

What are the positive aspects of a dream of fighting?

  • You review a conflict you have with another person and look for a viable solution.
  • You examine your inner world through insight and meditation.
  • You are able to let go of any conflicts in your waking life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of fight, violence or argument

Furious. Tired. Lazy. Confused. Upset. Overwhelmed. In a bad mood. Offended. Insecure. Upset. Angry.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012