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Miscarriages are relatively common and many women experience one or more during their childbearing years.

This dream of miscarriage can produce a roller coaster of emotions. Miscarriages are relatively common and many women experience one or more during their childbearing years. Why are these dreams are common? Miscarriage is something that we rarely discuss in real life, yes, we know the loss of pregnancy can be worrying even traumatic but for some reason we do not talk about this much in waking life. To dream of stillbirth can also be traumatic and is associated to a difficulty in daily life. The first thing I will say is that both miscarriage and stillbirth dreams are somewhat common, for some reason these subjects are not talked about that much. It has been recorded that up to 20 percent of pregnancies resulted in stillbirth or miscarriages. Yes, that is high. It is one in five! Therefore, many pregnancies will not make it through and we do not discuss this as a society. So now we know that this is “common” we can move onto the actual dream interpretation of miscarriage.

Unfortunately, while many women and couples face this kind of loss, experiencing one is not an easy event. These kinds of dreams can be very unsettling, saddening, and realistic. If you are pregnant, please understand that dreaming of a miscarriage does not mean that you will have one. For many years I suffered from having dreams of miscarriage and the sense of sadness upon awakening. Yes, it is an emotive dream that left me wondering what it signified spiritually. It could be that you are pregnant in real life and this is simply an anxiety dream, alternatively you are not pregnant and worried about what this dream can indicate. In no doubt this dream can incur a number of powerful emotions. Read on I have covered almost every type of miscarriage dream out there, oh and don’t forget to send me your dream as I can help you further.

When you have a dream about a miscarriage it will elicit different emotions, this is because the dream itself will have a variety of meanings depending on the intimate details that are involved in the dream. Dreaming about someone else having a miscarriage does not mean that the person in your dream will have one. Often, these are simply dreams that represent fear and worry about pregnancy, fertility, or having children in general. A miscarriage featured in your dream is normally symbolic, meaning that there is an idea or a plan which didn’t go well. It can also signify the “end” of something in life which is why you are experiencing this dream. I can remember having this dream on my Birthday and waking up in tears. The feeling of loss, especially if you already have children in waking life. So, without further ado let’s begin to analyse this dream for a deep interpretation!

Here is the big thing about miscarriage dreams, in ancient dream dictionaries a miscarriage indicates that something will not go according to plan. It denotes that there is a warning hidden in such a dream. The miscarriage is symbolic of losing something but it can also indicate that someone will annoy you in waking life. The details around this dream is equally important so read on to find out the specific dream meanings.

A dream where you experience miscarriage occurring to yourself or someone else suggests that there is something on your mind. Are you stressed or worried? While dreams of a miscarriage, whether this is something that has happen to you in a dream or see it happening someone else, a miscarriage in a dream can be a warning. First of all, these dreams, while unsettling, are not always negative. Positive considerations of these kinds of dreams is losing an opportunity in your waking world in which you are better for in the end. For example, dreaming of a miscarriage at work can be an important indicator for someone could be passed over for a job promotion of or a job opportunity will be lost but that it is a good thing after all.

What does it mean to dream of a miscarriage?

A miscarriage in your dream could be a prediction of finishing a project or that you should finish something before it gets to its natural conclusion. If you are a woman and you have a dream of having a miscarriage in a dream, again it is symbolic. If you experienced a miscarriage in real life, especially if you have suffered a miscarriage in the recent past, it could be that you were not given yourself time to grief. Sometimes loss leads to other opportunities and in this case, the miscarriage in the dream does not represent the loss of a child but the loss of the potential or hope for growth. Our unconscious mind is powerful at night and the loss of a baby can be associated with a loss of something important in life. As we have already touched on the miscarriage is symbolic of a job loss, or even a part of yourself and you need time to absorb this loss and thus this has resulted in such a dream. In summary, to dream of a miscarriage yourself indicates loss of job, new starts, worry and understanding others. It can also denote difficulties in relationships.

What does it mean to dream your partner has a miscarriage?

If you are a man and you dream of your partner experiencing a miscarriage, it implies that you are having a fear of changes in responsibility. A miscarriage in one’s dream can also imply that your subconscious mind is wishing for children, or that you have children and you have a “natural” fear of losing them. It could also denote that, you are suffering a failure in life which could be emanating from your involvement in a project in an activity which you truly value, but you have not succeeded. The great loss and ultimate disaster maybe causing a dream of miscarriage. It is your fear of significant losses!

What is the dream interpretation of a miscarriage when you are pregnant?

What does it mean to dream of miscarriage when you are pregnant? When a woman is pregnant, she is likely to have strange and vivid dreams. This is because it is connected to the hormones released during pregnancy. Many pregnant women report outrageous dreams and have that feeling like they are real. It is important to note that with pregnancy the dreams that take place are often over-exaggerated and usually these kinds of dreams are not real. We have heard of women murdering people while pregnant, but obviously not every woman who is with a child goes out and commits murder! That being said, not every dream about a miscarriage is a true or prophetic dream. Often, these dreams can be chalked up to worry and fear about the pregnancy or the future with a child and nothing more.

During pregnancy, most women experience a miscarriage dream which leaves them worried and confused. First thing to note is do not worry! This dream is a reflection of your anxious emotions which depicts fears in waking life. Being symbolic of loss, as a woman, you have every reason to worry after having this dream. When you are pregnant, and you have a dream of miscarriage, it normally is just your own anxiety of the pregnancy. After the dream, it is important you pay attention to your pregnancy and enhance the way you are taking care of your body. Avoid visiting crowded and busy places, take more rest, and follow closely on the advice your doctor gives you. Bearing in mind that, most women are sensitive in the period of pregnancy, any omission on your part or lack of attention could bring undesirable results. Dreams where blood and pain are seen can normally feel real and the miscarriage can feel “real” after this dream. If you are worried then go to your midwife to be checked over, but remember these dreams are normal and are not literal, just a reflection on your own inner worries. You will be holding your baby in your arms soon!

What does it mean to see someone who is pregnant then has a miscarriage in a dream?

Seeing someone else who is pregnant and then having a miscarriage is a more confusing dream. Perhaps you are not even sure who the person is in your dream or a perfect stranger starts having a miscarriage in front of you. What the heck would that mean? you ask. Well, again, the representation of the miscarriage is not always a baby and a loss. Dreams are not always literal. Often when this is someone else, but you are unsettled in the dream, it represents other aspects of your life. Most often this is representation of defeat or being refused. It is the potential of something that is blocked.

What does it mean when you dream of your partner having a miscarriage?

It is interesting that many partners find that they dream about pregnancy termination or miscarriage. This can be unsettling for the partner, especially if they are looking forward to the birth of the baby and don’t know why they are having such a disturbing dream. Understand that a baby is a big responsibility and even if you feel fully prepared there is likely some insecurity of your own about the new addition to your life. Your psyche will process the dream and give you a figurative image. Perhaps there is a small part of you that doesn’t feel ready to be a parent and have a dream about your partner losing the baby and you are happy about it in the dream. This doesn’t mean you are a bad partner or even that you really want that to happen. If you or your partner is not pregnant this dream can indicate a loss of something precious which could be a loss of opportunity, trust, or loss of an important person in your life. In the romantic sense, a miscarriage indicates that there could be broken relationships. A miscarriage dream can also leave you with a feeling of lost hope due to your frustrations over the many injustices which have been carried out by someone whom you trust. On the positive side, this dream can denote an end to your hardships. which is coming soon and a new beginning of life which is better is on the horizon.

What does it mean to dream of stillbirth?

This is considered a nightmare, especially if you experienced the stillbirth yourself. There is nothing sadder in the world than even discussing such a dream. Normally, we do not understand why a child is stillborn. To have such a dream can indicate that you feel some trauma and grief in life. This could be the explanation of such a dream. In order to shed light on this dream we need to look at miscarriage as well as stillbirth. Both indicate a warning of new changes coming. To see any genetic abnormality in the baby during the dream can suggest preventing something difficult in life.

What is the customary significance of miscarriage and its significance in dreams?

A dream where you see yourself bleeding and having a miscarriage in hospital even though you are not pregnant can be a rather odd dream. The dream has three symbols, miscarriage, pregnancy, and hospital. The hospital represents the happiness of being cared for by others while miscarriage denotes anxiety. This miscarriage dream in this sense, could imply that you were expecting good news on a particular life goal or handling of a project.

What is the connection of waking life and a miscarriage dream?

Every dream that you encounter at night has a specific meaning to your individual life and at the same time in a dream when you experience a miscarriage or witness one is connected to loss in life. The main implication of a miscarriage is that you are going to lose something, it is a representation of your fears and can suggest you are creating roadblocks. In life, such dreams help you to prepare yourself to think about the two sides of the outcome so that, at the end of the day, if you fail to achieve, you don’t feel loss. Just leave life to destiny and that is what the miscarriage dream is trying to tell you.

What does it mean to dream of having a miscarriage in a car, bus or train in your dream?

If you dream that you are having a miscarriage in a train, car, or bus, it implies that you have a desire to move on with life. It is a sign that, your life has a long way to go to stabilize it and achieve your goals. In that case, you need to tread carefully so that you do it correctly and avoid becoming a failure. If you are traveling while having a miscarriage it indicates there will be a loss and you will feel you wish to “get away from it all.”

What does it mean to dream of having a miscarriage in the hospital?

To experience a miscarriage occurring in a hospital environment in your dream is a negative sign. It implies that you will need to go for a checkup and the dream is alerting you to look after yourself. If you are under stress, just try to relax and recuperate! It could be that, of late, you have been feeling depressed or anxious due to the amount of work that you have. The dream could be alerting you that, you need to be careful not to become overworked. In the event of having such a dream, it will imply that you need to take a vacation or meet old friends to reduce the stress in life. The most important area at work at the moment is your health so make sure that you take care of yourself!

What does it mean to dream of having a miscarriage in your home?

A dream which you find yourself having a miscarriage at your home implies that there is something which you are not satisfied with at home which is making you feel somewhat discouraged. It could be that you have had trouble that is caused by a family member. The “drama” which is being caused by a family member is making you suffer and thus making the rest of the family. The best solution should be that you talk to the family member to work out any differences.

What does it mean to dream of having a miscarriage on the streets?

If you are working on a project and you dream of having a miscarriage on the street, then it means that you are being pushed at work and wondering if you continue with a specific project. You are anticipating failure and your fear of becoming a subject of ridicule and gossip. Don’t try to be the center of attention for the wrong reason.

What does it mean to dream of having repetitive miscarriages?

Having repetitive miscarriage dreams is a rather unusual dream, and it denotes the fear of failure on your part. Because, you may have several failures in your life, you fear taking risk in doing anything. It could be that you have tried starting a business and it fails, and you are worried in life. If you don’t try, then it will not be possible for you to move forward in life so, after the dream, try not to fear things in life.

What does it mean to dream of a miscarriage if you are a man?

If you are a man and you dream that you are having a miscarriage, yes it is rather worrying. We all know it is unheard of for a man to be pregnant let alone have a miscarriage! For a man it is a warning that something will not go according to plan. But if you dream that your wife, daughter or girlfriend has experienced a miscarriage, then it is a positive sign because it is bringing out the love and affection you have for the person. Whoever the woman is, she holds a special place in your heart, and you view her as the mother of your children or future wife. On the negative, it could be a warning sign that you are not paying close attention to your spouse and thus, after the dream, you should try and make sure that you reciprocate the love and affection you are getting from them.

What does it mean to dream of miscarriage and you are alone?

What a worrying dream, to experience the pain of miscarriage alone in a dream can have many implications. On the negative side this dream represents fear or betrayal of someone close. You are having a feeling that someone is going to betray you. To be completely alone when having a miscarriage in a dream indicates you have become too open to others. It is not important or necessary to worry about what hasn’t happened yet. Learn to trust and live in the present. Look forward to the future. In old dream dictionaries, having a miscarriage when you are alone is also an indicator of being a loner. This is caused by your action in the past in words.

What does it mean to dream of having a miscarriage that is not painful?

A dream of a painless miscarriage is a sign that you are having romantic problems in life. If you are married, you are going to encounter friction in a relationship; if you are in a relationship, it can suggest you will face a serious problem. It is not going to be easy to agree. It is important that, if you want to make a decision during at this time, please make sure that, you avoid making a sudden decision. You can improve a relationship by taking a small holiday, and by the time you come back, you might be relighted your relationship.

What does it mean to dream of early miscarriage?

A dream of a miscarriage in the second trimester of your pregnancy in your dream is connected to a fresh idea in life. If you have suffered a miscarriage in the past this dream is symbolic of your inner worries and concerns in life.

What does it mean to see blood clots, bright red and heavy bleeding in a dream?

A dream where you see blood or bleeding represents a sense of power loss. It could be that you are feeling emotionally drained or you are exhausted. If a blood clot is passed out of your body in your dream, it denotes that, you recently experienced disappointment or personal loss. The common meaning of blood and bleeding in a dream denotes you're having a bitter confrontation between yourself and friends, this is now haunting your dreams. After the dream, it could be best if you avoid having any argument or misunderstanding by those you are close with. If you stop the bleeding by yourself, then this dream represents an energetic or vital nature of life. If you cannot pinpoint who is bleeding in your dream, it means that there is confusion which is a result of change that has happened in your life.

If you experience a blood clot inside you during your dream, it means that you are being faced with a difficult situation which is making you feel powerless in waking life. Seeing the word “blood” written in your miscarriage dream is an indicator that, there is a situation in your life which cannot be changed because it is permanent. Dreaming that you are passing a blood clot from your body could imply that, there is a personal disappointment or loss which you underwent in the recent past. It could also imply that there is a recent experience which has made you feel exhausted and even changed your perspective on life.

What does it mean when you dream of your sister having a miscarriage?

To dream of your sister having a miscarriage in a dream can indicate they will undertake some major change in the future. In order to understand this dream we have to look at the ancient meaning in dream dictionaries. If you dream of your sister having a miscarriage and they are not pregnant in real life, it could be a warning to your overall health. It might be that you are reckless and careless with your health or, you something is putting your health at risk.

What does it mean when you cannot cope with having a miscarriage in your dream?

A dream where you have a miscarriage, and you are unable to cope with the emotions can indicate that you are going to have changes in your life which you might be unable to manage. These changes can either be positive or negative, but whatever the change is, it will greatly impact on your life. The best you can is to do is to make sure that you prepare yourself for whatever will come your way. If you don’t like change, it could be a sign to start accepting that life is all about changes. Whatever befalls you in life change will always happen. Try to make small changes to move forward. Don’t dwell in wallowing in self-pity.

What does it mean to dream about someone else’s miscarriage?

A dream where you see someone suffering a miscarriage is a sign that you are worried about a person who is close to you. It could be that; they seem to be lost in their quest in life. Do you have a friend where things in life do not work out for them? The person in question could be someone who is close to you, and thus, this is the reason why you are dreaming about them. To see your mother have a miscarriage in a dream indicates you are paternal and may want to have children. It could also suggest a conflict with a family member.

What does it mean to have a nightmare about a miscarriage?

Experiencing nightmares can leave one waking up worried, as we have already covered in the first part of this article a miscarriage when pregnant is very normal, though it feels terrible and horrifying. If you are not pregnant the nightmare miscarriage dream can indicate pain you are going to experience in life. There is something worrying you which is playing on your subconscious mind when you went to sleep. During pregnancy, expectant mothers tend to have vivid and weird dreams which are scary.

What does it mean to see violence in connection with a miscarriage dream?

Yes, this dream can be worrying! Was you murdered, or beaten up and then suffered a miscarriage in a dream? To dream of violence which resulted in a miscarriage during the dream state indicates an idea which will not go to plan. Maybe you are thinking about setting up a business? Moving jobs? The actual violence shown in this dream is the indication that an area of your life will not work out - long-term! If you encountered violence in waking life, it is common to dream of the violence. We can attribute this to PTSD nightmares and provides the lasting questions of why are you dreaming of this? You need to look at your life and the circumstances in daily life. If you caused the pain and miscarriage in the dream it indicates you may suffer from anxiety in waking life.

What does a miscarriage of justice mean in a dream?

A dream of a miscarriage of justice denotes that a problem in waking life has not been taken into consideration. It could be a prediction that something will go wrong in life. There are many stories we hear in the press of a miscarriage of justice. Freud believed that we gain symbolic symbols in dreams and that if you dream of a crime you did not commit and were “punished” this can indicate someone will blame you for something in life. If you are innocent this dream can imply that you will be judge - unjustly! To see a case of a miscarriage of justice such as the Poghosyan case, or another famous case where you have been blamed for a murder that is not your fault indicates that you will hide your emotions in the future.

Well, we have covered most miscarriage dreams now, causing someone else to have a miscarriage can imply that there will be an end to a problem. We hoped you liked this article and please like us on facebook by clicking the button below. Remember to send me your dream of a miscarriage if you are worried about what it might mean.

In this dream you may have:

  • Had a miscarriage.
  • Seen someone else have a miscarriage.
  • Wished someone would have a miscarriage.
  • Caused someone to have a miscarriage.
  • Worried about losing a baby.
  • Felt guilty over a miscarriage.

Positive changes are afoot if you recover from a miscarriage.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life:

  • Worry or fear.
  • Not getting what you feel that you deserve.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a miscarriage

Unhappy. Sadness. Scared. Worried. Startled. Helpless. Helpful. Needy. Thankful. Relieved.