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Dreams displaying a beard are common both for men and women, and they have many explanations. Facial hair is often connected to wisdom.

This dream can mean that you have been overly keen and secretive in regards to a matter connected to relationships. In the Arabic tradition of dream interpretation, dreaming of a long beard is a sign of disease, while for the Romans the same dream used to mean power over others and luck.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a white beard.
  • Had a beard (different from one you might have in real life).
  • Seen other people with beards.
  • Seen a blonde beard.
  • Seen a beard growing on a woman.
  • Seen a very long beard.
  • Realized the beard was fake.
  • Seen a very attractive beard.
  • Seen a messy beard.
  • Seen a very small beard.
  • Seen a black beard.
  • Noticed an uncombed beard.
  • Lost your beard.
  • Shaved your beard.
  • Seen a red beard.
  • Washed your beard.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The beard was clean and well-groomed.
  • The beard looked good on the person.
  • The beard was stroked in a moment of thought.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you see a wise old man with a grey beard, then this can often show the situation in your love life requires dignity and patience. This dream also suggests there may be some occasions during which you will need to cover up an event or situation, and the important thing is to maintain a joyful approach to obstacles that stand in your way.

If your dream involves removing facial hair, it means it is time for you to try your luck. If a woman dreams that she has a beard, this suggests that information is likely to be hidden from her. If a woman dreams of a bearded man, it is a sign that she will marry the man she loves. The dream has good explanations for pregnant women too, as dreaming of a bearded man indicates that the woman will give birth at the right time (not prematurely). If an unmarried woman dreams she has a beard, she is likely to get married soon.

Dreaming that someone is trimming a beard or that you are trimming yours is an omen of loss. A very short or strange beard seen in a dream foretells poverty, misery, and hard living in all respects. Seeing many bearded men together is a sign that some people will upset you. A black beard suggests that you may have a gain. A red beard indicates that someone will demean you.

Dreaming of a long beard is a sign of power and luck in gambling. A short beard means poverty, misery, deprivation, and humiliation. A white beard portends sorrow, pain, and suffering for both body and soul. A bearded men appearing in your dream is a sign that you will not have peace because of other people.

Seeing a white beard indicates constancy at work, and regaining the prestige and dignity. A grey beard however can be a sign of troubles and sadness. If you dream you have a fake beard, you may have health problems, or you can lose money at gambling.

Washing your beard could mean illness and sadness, and if another person washes his beard in your dream it can indicate dissatisfaction. Washing your beard and mustache is a sign of sadness coming from people you do not know, as well as persecution. You are always worried about the well-being of other people. But a messy beard is an omen of health, order and good things coming your way. An uncombed beard means triumph in a situation or action.

A woman with a beard means loss and grieving in your family because of someone’s death. If you are a woman and you dream you have a beard, this can refer to an excess of authority and a big loss. A long, well-groomed beard shows that your power will grow if you persevere.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a beard

Upset. Anxious. Confused. Content. Admiring. Proud. Sickly.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012