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The crab featured in one’s dream is a symbol of water, peace and tranquility. The best-known symbol for Cancer is the crab and the ruling planet is the Moon.

Cancerians are influenced by water, therefore have been connected to one’s unconscious mind. Now, to dream of a crab moving on a beach or seeing one running means that you are being rather grumpy. In other word’s the term (crabby) can come into effect.

In your dream you may have…

  • Seen a crab on a beach.
  • Been chased by a crab.
  • Seen crab claws.
  • Eating crab.
  • Seen a clam.
  • Hermit crab
  • Crab hands.
  • Spider Crab.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • The crab was red.
  • Been chased by a crab.
  • Attacked by crabs.
  • Seen crab claws.

Detailed dream interpretation…

Dreaming of a crab signifies moodiness or misdirection, as well as situations that seem to
lead nowhere. Crabs live in water, normally the ocean. If a crab was chasing you in the dream it can mean that it is time to stop running away from one’s subconscious mind. There is much power in making a home and the crab symbol suggests that it is time to settle down. A crab is similar to a spider, in the sense it has eight legs. The crab can suggest that energy is trapped. To see red crabs indicates that alarms are likely to go off.

On another level, crabs are creatures that don't move forward in a straight way; rather, they move sideways. To be bitten by a crab suggests that you need to let go in waking life. Therefore, if you dream of a crab, ask yourself if there is something
in your life that you aren't confronting head-on. Are you running or moving around the problem? To be pinched by a crab’s claws means that you are resistant to change at the moment.

Eating crab suggests that you are trying to figure out a way to increase your wealth. To eat a crab sandwich is a positive omen, that denotes good times ahead. A spider crab normally lives for 100 years and if this is seen in one’s dream means that a long life is predicted.

To see alien’s that look like a crab means that times are going to be difficult in the future, especially if they chase you. To see a crab move fast in one’s dream means that new directions are important.

Feelings that you have encountered during a dream of crab...

Anxious, sad, scared, frightened, terrified. 

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