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The crab featured in one’s dream is a symbol of water, peace, and tranquility. The best-known symbol for Cancer is the crab and the ruling planet is the Moon. Cancerians are influenced by water, therefore have been connected to one’s unconscious mind. Now, to dream of a crab moving on a beach or seeing one running means that you are being rather grumpy. In another word, the term (crabby) can come into effect. Crabs can live from 100 years to just a few depending on species, there is around 7,000 species of crabs and you may not know which crab featured in your dream. Moreover, you may see water in your dream. Fresh water, oceans, rivers and even crabs on land. Water in a dream is connected to your own emotions.

Dreaming of a crab signifies moodiness or misdirection, as well as situations that seem to lead nowhere. Crabs live in water, normally the ocean. If a crab was chasing you in the dream it can mean that it is time to stop running away from one’s subconscious mind. There is much power in making a home and the crab symbol suggests that it is time to settle down. A crab is similar to a spider, in the sense it has eight legs. The crab can suggest that energy is trapped. To see red crabs indicates that alarms are likely to go off. 

A crab is generally recognizable as it has a hard shell and ten legs, with two claws at the front, similar to lobsters and shrimps. When researching this dream meaning I read with interest the ten-year study by the Census of Marine Life which looked deep into the sea at vents and seeps using the latest underwater vehicles to track crabs in the deepest depths of the ocean. We don't really know where crabs come from but we know they are around 500 million years old, the early decapods were shrimplike and fossils were found in the Jurassic times. There is much ancient lore that is attached to the crab symbol. Symbolically, crabs are about our thinking and reminding ourselves that like crabs we all yield an outer shell, the crab symbol in dreams can indicate your inner critic and that sometimes we try things in life that simply don't work. 

On another level, crabs are creatures that don't move forward in a straight way; rather, they move sideways. To be bitten by a crab suggests that you need to let go in waking life. Therefore, if you dream of a crab, ask yourself if there is something in your life that you aren't confronting head-on. Are you running or moving around the problem? To be pinched by a crab’s claws means that you are resistant to change at the moment. I also read in one of my dream books that to see aliens that look like crabs means that times are going to be difficult in the future, especially if it chases you. To see a crab move fast in one’s dream means that new directions are important. Seeing many crabs in a dream is a symbol of protection, and you might be feeling vulnerable. 

What does it mean to dream of a red crab?

Red crabs are called Christmas Island crabs, and they are normally found burrowing into deep rocks. In the waking world, there are around 40 million adult red crabs, and when they go to the sea to spawn it is supposed to be an epic event. Even if you look it up on YouTube you can see the mass of crabs invading the beach. So, what does this mean for your dream? You might see a red crab in your dream as a sign of danger or something negative about to happen in your life. Seeing the red crabs spawn - or in mass during a dream could perhaps mean you are experiencing a period of change or growth in this dream. The crab could also represent passion or anger if it is red. As such, this dream might be a warning that control is about to be lost.

What does it mean to dream of a black crab?

In the waters off the coast of Japan, there is a species of true crab called the black crab. As the world's largest crab species, it can reach 3.8 meters (12.5 feet) in length, also known as the Japanese spider crab. Dreaming of a black crab symbolizes darkness, mystery, and the unknown. This dream may be prompting you to confront your fears head-on because black is often associated with transformation and deep thinking. A black crab may represent something hidden in your subconscious that needs to be brought to light. If you investigate further, you may be able to discover hidden depths to your personality that you never knew existed, also think about what the “black” can signify. 

What does it mean to dream of a brown crab?

A brown crab is normally the most edible crab, known as cancer Pagurus, and found in the Noth sea and Mediterranean. A brown crab in a dream could symbolize change or growth if we look at the colors, it is the largest crab and is around 20cm in length. Dreaming of a brown crab indicates a positive dream symbol about elements that will be removed that are negative and life will be sweet and safe. If the crab is brown as seen in your dream, it could also represent stability or reliability. In my view, this dream could mean that you are about to embark on a new journey in your life, and may have some sweet success. The red and snow crab are bigger than the brown crab it is more connected to not being caught out and being happy about the road ahead in life.

What does it mean to dream of a white crab?

Ghost crabs are white crabs and are slightly different from normal crabs, sometimes called sand crabs. Seeing a white crab in your dream represents new beginnings, growth, and change. Crabs are also associated with the Moon, which further illustrates their connection to the natural cycle. Crabs are also considered bad luck in some cultures. To put it another way, if you dream about a white crab, it can mean you are going through a time of peaceful change or growth. 

Is this dream of a crab good or bad?

Personally, this is a great dream. I believe there are many lessons you can learn from these crustaceans. Crabs can walk in all directions but choose to walk sidewards - it can mean you need to alter your step in life. Armed with a thick scull they are a positive omen for the fact you can protect yourself, and the exoskeleton is protected with those sharp claws. A crab dream as I have already mentioned symbolizes your tenacity and ability to overcome obstacles but also to help others. As well as being a symbol of kindness, the crab is also a symbol of protection and change. In addition, this dream may indicate that you are feeling defensive or vulnerable, it can also imply you may also be feeling irritable or grouchy by being crabs, meaning you are feeling irritable and as I have said before somewhat grouchy.

According to a study published in the journal Science, crabs dream by entering a state of deep sleep known as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. During this phase of sleep, crabs showed signs of brain activity that were similar to what is seen in mammals. This suggests that crabs may be capable of experiencing dreams, just like we do! Therefore, they are more complex creatures than we give them credit for!

What is the advice of the crab dream?

Researchers at the University of Maryland have found that crabs are capable of feeling pain. In the study, crabs exhibited signs of distress when placed in boiling water and tried to escape. There is evidence that crabs feel pain similarly to humans, suggesting that they are sentient beings.

Crabs have also been shown to have impressive memories and to be capable of learning from their experiences. Researchers found that crabs could remember negative experiences, for example, they are able to remember experiences and avoid actions in the future. This shows that crabs are intelligent creatures that are capable of complex thought. Ultimately, scientific research has shown that crabs have complex emotions and behaviors. Their memories are impressive and they feel pain. According to these studies, crabs should be treated with compassion and respect.

Now we know the crab feels emotions in waking life, my goal is to help you interpret your dream by sharing a story with you. The crab was once a mighty creature, feared by all who saw it. It would scuttle across the ocean floor, scavenging for food and destroying anything in its path. But then, one day, the crab was washed ashore by a powerful storm. Now, it was the crab's turn to be helpless and alone. But even in its weakened state, the crab still had the heart to show compassion to a stranded starfish and helped carry it back to the safety of the sea. The starfish was very grateful once back in the sea and asked the crab why he had helped him. The crab simply replied, "Because it was the right thing to do." remember, We never know when we might need someone's help ourselves. The moral of this story is that even in our darkest hour, we should never forget our capacity for kindness, even if we need to help strangers - it is normally the right thing to do. 

What does it mean if crabs are everywhere in a dream?

I had a dream that I was on a beach, and there were crabs everywhere. They were all different sizes and colors, and they crawled under my feet on the sand. To my surprise, one grabbed my foot and wouldn't let go, as I tried to avoid them all. I remember running but they were trying to clasp my feet - as I tried to pull away. One crab took hold of my foot and it held on tightly. Suddenly, I awoke. The meaning of a crab dream indicates you need to be careful of what you step on, or it could be interpreted more broadly to mean that sometimes things can grab onto you and hold you back. Crabs can feature in dreams in a variety of scenarios, depending on what the crab was doing in your dream, and I am Flo -  here to help decode your crab dream. I could write a lot about the effect of sea creatures on dream interpretation. My focus, however, will be on what the crab means in your dream.

What does it mean to be a crab in a dream?

I love crabs, when I go on holiday I love to watch them, and often wonder what it feels like to live in a shell. It would be interesting to live like a crab. I would have to make sure to stay close to my fellow crabs. We would probably spend our days scavenging for food and building our homes. Our constant movement would enable us to explore our surroundings. In the dream world to be the crab can indicate that you need to protect yourself. 

What does it mean to dream of eating crab?

Eating crab suggests that you are trying to figure out a way to increase your wealth. To eat a crab sandwich is a positive omen, that denotes good times ahead. A spider crab normally lives for 100 years and if this is seen in one’s dream means that a long life is predicted according to old folklore. A dream about a cooked crab represents nourishment and fertility. New beginnings are also associated with crabs since they are often found at the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Dreams can prompt you to make changes in your life or to take care of yourself and those you love. Alternatively, the dream could be interpreted literally as a sign that you may feel your barriers are down, due to the crab metaphorically losing its shell.

The french normally eat spider crabs, and they are known as edible crabs. There are two large claws-the larger one is used for crushing and the smaller one for slicing. There are ten legs in all on the edible crab, four pairs of walking legs, and two large claws.  Crabs have 5 pairs of legs for grasping food on the underside of their heads. Seaweed, dead fish, other crabs, and even birds will be eaten by the edible crab, which is a scavenger. A rocky shore ecosystem depends on it as part of its food chain, think about this cycle and what it means spiritually.  

Spiritual lifecycles are journeys that people take in order to connect with their spirituality. Mediation, yoga, and prayer can all be used to achieve this. The goal of the spiritual lifecycle is to achieve a sense of peace and understanding within oneself. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what works best for them in terms of connecting with their spirituality, but the dream of eating crabs could be connected to how you evolve spiritually. 

What does a spider crab mean in a dream?

Spider crabs have eight legs instead of four like normal crabs. A crab usually has six legs. A spider crab's extra legs give it greater agility and mobility. Additionally, they can climb trees and other tall objects. Tropical and subtropical regions around the globe are home to spider crabs. Saltwater is usually where they are born, however, they can also live in freshwater.

Spider crabs are believed to symbolize rebirth and regeneration. Due to their ability to shed and grow new shells, they are able to survive in different environments. Death, rebirth, and life are all represented by this process. Spider crabs also have eight legs, which symbolize Buddhism's eightfold path. Enlightenment is attained through this path. Therefore, spider crabs are symbols of wisdom and guidance.

What does it mean to dream of catching a crab?

When catching crabs in the sea, you need a net. Once the crab comes close to the shore, quickly scoop it up into the net.  Life's challenges and obstacles are symbolized by a net. Our ability to overcome these challenges can also be represented by catching those things that are important to us. I feel this dream about catching crabs (either from the shore or fishing boat) could also represent that you are about to embark on a new journey in your life, if you dream about catching a crab on a boat then this dream could be about your own emotions - or a warning about something that you need to catch in life. Your journey through life and how you handle challenges could be symbolized by catching a crab in a dream. In addition, you may be about to experience something amazing in your life as a result of this dream. To catch multiple crabs with a net in a dream can indicate a time of growth or change.

What does it mean to dream of a crab biting or pinching you?

A dream about biting can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on how the crab pinched or attacked you in the dream. Generally, dreaming about animals biting represents anger, frustration, or annoyance. Jealousy or possessiveness can also be implied by this expression if there was more than one crab biting you. Sometimes, dreaming about biting can be a sign of frustration in a relationship. In the end, your dream's meaning will depend on the context in which it occurs, were you on the beach? Did other people also get bitten? I always feel that being bitten in a dream can indicate possessiveness or territoriality. The act of biting may even be viewed as a form of flirtation as well in dreams - maybe there is someone that wants to flirt with you!

What does it mean to see a crab on a beach?

An appearance of a crab on a beach may indicate a fresh start or a change. A crab scuttling across a beach in a dream could also represent your journey through life and how you handle challenges. The sand bubbles is the true name of a crab that burrows under the sand, but if you walk on them you know they re-enter the sand - this is a sign of growth to see many crabs on the beach in your dream. When crabs appear on a beach in a dream, it may indicate that you need to find the magic words and allow them to come to you. Tonality is something we all experience, there are certain tones we use. In a beach scene, the crab represents the tone we use. This dream could also be a warning about how we feel and communicate with others. I have also given a meaning above in my own dream, where crabs were trying to bite my feet, in that instance, you need to be armed with protection against something that may bite you in life. 

What does it mean to have crab hands in a dream?

If you suddenly look down and have crab hands (claws) in a dream, it could symbolize your journey through life and how you gain your own goals. This dream is about things lining up for success, like a combination lock. Remember if you are trying to “crack” a combination lock you hear that click of the first number, then the second, and so on. This dream is about making sure all your numbers line up - so the lock opens. That is how you should make decisions. When you can get the levers lined up you can be successful. The claws are about how to protect yourself but make sure you open yourself up to success.

What is the conclusion of a crab dream?

A crab indicates the cycle of life as a spiritual creature. In addition to representing expansion, adaptation, and new beginnings, the crab also represents protection. As part of crab life, this is about connection to the cycles of life, crabs are also associated with the Moon. It is also believed that crabs bring bad luck in some cultures. Therefore, dreaming of a crab could indicate that you are experiencing growth or change. It could also be a warning that something negative is about to occur in your life.

In your dream, you may have

  • Seen a crab on a beach.
  • Been chased by a crab.
  • Seen crab claws.
  • Eating crab.
  • Seen a clam.
  • Hermit crab
  • Crab hands.
  • Spider Crab.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The crab was red.
  • Been chased by a crab.
  • Attacked by crabs.
  • Seen crab claws.

Feelings that you have encountered during a dream of crab

Anxious, sad, scared, frightened, terrified.

By Flo Saul
Aug 14, 2013