Cliff Dream Meaning

Cliff Dream Meaning

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Dreaming of cliffs are associated with victory.

The cliff indicates are you going to encounter some obstacles in the future.

Cliff dreams can also signify possible new opportunities. The actual details of the dream can affect the interpretation. The details are extremely important, if you standing on the edge of the cliff during your dream this can suggest that you have great possibilities will come your way. If you see the cliff edge during the dream state and overall your dream is positive in nature and this can suggest a new beginning or a new job on the horizon. Cliffs are connected to how we feel inside. If you're feeling worried or terrified during the dream state then this is connected to your inner thoughts and abilities in life.

In your dream

  • You are standing on a cliff edge in the dream.
  • You are falling from a cliff edge during a dream.
  • A dream of standing and jumping from a cliff edge.
  • You are falling from a cliff edge in the dream.
  • The cliff crumbles in a dream.
  • You crash into a cliff in your dream.

Dream meaning of a cliff dream

To see yourself falling from a cliff indicates that you need to watch your approach to problems. It can also imply failing at something in life. Perhaps you have been dieting but unable to actually lose weight. To see a cliff and also the sea can indicate that you will encounter troubled or difficult times ahead.

Cliffs can also be associated with strength and vitality of life. To be walking beside a cliff side in a dream is associated with your inner and greater strength. To be worried about walking by cliff side can suggest worrying times ahead.

There is harmony in life if you dream that you see somebody you know fall from a cliff edge. To see a figure standing on a cliff suggests that other people will provide advice in the near future. As we have already determined cliffs are connected with our inner desires. If you are standing on a cliff and you feel that the cliff is moving alternatively the cliff crumbles your feet then this can suggest you will encounter some difficult times ahead.

To be in a home on a cliff in a dream is associated with new beginnings and tribulations in the future. Falling from a cliff edge is associated with achievement in life. If you are worried in the dream state it can symbolize that you are finding many obstacles in your way you have been associated with you underachieving in life. Cliff dreams can also signify difficulty to make an underlining decision in life.

In essence, cliffs have been associated with creating barriers to harmony. If you are diving off a cliff into water and this is a positive dream which is centred around emotion. Spiritually, the cliff is associated with reaching a good level of understanding in waking life. It can suggest is that you will find decisions will be made much easier going forward. Alternatively, a cliff dream can be associated with you feeling “stuck” and that you are not progressing in life.

To feel wind or if you are blown from a cliff in your dream then this can symbolize possible risks with a business idea. If you are standing on the edge of the cliff and you decide to take off and fly like a bird and this symbolizes freedom of emotion. If you are falling from the cliff and you die then this is a suggestion that you figure change.

Death is connected to transformation in dreams and during the dream state if you dream that you fall off the cliff you are under difficult circumstances or are incredibly injured or hurt then this denotes “transformation” will soon be yours. To dream of white cliffs indicate purity and peaceful times ahead. As we said cliff’s are connected to hidden dangers also a rebirth feeling that life things will work out for the greater good.

To see Heather or greenery on the edge of the cliff indicates that you will be able to grow and transform yourself in the future. If you are on top of the cliff during the dream state then achievement can be yours but it will take some time.

To drive over a cliff in a car is a suggestion that the way you think and feel about life will soon change. The actual act of driving over the cliff indicates a turn for the better. It suggests that you are moving forward and gaining more in life. Being dangerously high in the top of the cliff suggests that you have some key goals which to accomplish. If you are looking down on a cliff or you are on the floor looking up to a cliff edge then this can suggest purity and emotion in the future. Cliffs are also associated with being in control. It can indicate that you do feel somewhat out of control in life and that in order to gain you need to focus on being more in control.

Feelings of a cliff in a dream

Worried about falling in the dream. Worried about the cliff edge in a dream. Cliff edge is worrying in a dream.

By Florance Saul
Aug 22, 2017