Incense dream meanings

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Dreaming about incense is the sign of support in prayer. Burning incense in a dream definitely has spiritual connotations of some sort, such as spiritual learning and insight.

Seeing incense candles suggests your heart is light and romantic. The smell of incense in a dream refers to your difficulties and burden lightening up. However, if the smell is unpleasant to you, your burdens will increase and you will become even more worried. The smoke coming out of incense in a dream is the symbol of your wishes and hopes becoming true.

Detailed dream interpretation

Incense in a dream has very strong spiritual aspects, mainly because of its use in reality. Incense was first used by the ancient Egyptian, and later by the Asian nations for ceremonies and rituals of purification. Incense holds an important role in Buddhism, as it is an offering for the Buddha, but it also has therapeutic and healing effects that calm the mind and focus it on meditation.

It is believed that if the smell of incense penetrates a room, that room will be filled with spiritual teachings having the power to convert greed, delusion, and hate into love and compassion. With these thoughts in mind, we should consider that the presence of incense in dreams has a similar meaning.

Dreaming about incense filling the air with a pleasant smell is the symbol of your past, probably childhood, coming back to you at the moment. It can be that the incense smell reminds you of a place you visited in the past, such as a monastery or a church. Dreaming about incense indicates your strenuous efforts towards achieving spiritual attainments and values. Since incense has a purification value, the dream can be connected to your wish to get rid of your guilt and purify yourself from your daily sins.

If you see incense burning in order to clean the atmosphere in your dream, this could symbolize the rise of your awareness and a big change in your private life. The incense in your dream represents your refinement, both spiritually and bodily.

Seeing somebody distributing incense in a dream means that you could be surrounded by smooth-spoken individuals. Inhaling the smoke from incense indicates you have good friends, and you will have good future with them. The smell of incense means you will be able to relax and rest in the near future. Dreaming about incense burning in a temple or monastery advice you to believe in divine protection, because if you do, your wishes will come true, and your hopes will be strengthened.

To dream that you burn or smell incense means you will spend pleasant moments in a trip, but also professionally. The incense foretells that your hopes will come true. If you see incense smoke, your ideas will come to life. Incense smell in a dream is the omen of love and well being. The dream of incense is explained only in the Eastern tradition. It is said that if you dream of church incense, you will be lucky in meeting your main desires. But if you dream using incense for smudging your own home, this could be the omen of damage ahead

In your dream you may have

  • You smell incense = prosperity.
  • You see incense smoke = spiritual connection.
  • Burning incense = great relationships.
  • Incense sticks = new beginnings.
  • Incense powder = you will focus on your life soon.
  • Indian incense = possible riches.
  • Tibetan incense = new starts in life.
  • Incense in a temple = bright tomorrow.
  • Smudging a house with incense = comfort in the home.
  • Smudging a church with church incense = wealth.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You enjoy every moment of your life.
  • You welcome spirituality in your daily life.
  • You meditate more for a calmer mind.
  • You pay attention to your own actions.
  • You give more respect for the spiritual world.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of incense

Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Faithful. Pious. Relaxed. Happy.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012