Dream About Cookies

I am going to share what your cookie dream means. When I was growing up there was two keywords that happened every evening and that was “mum can I have milk and cookies.” I have since extended this tradition to my own children.

This was a standard snack (for me) before bed. This could include digestives, chocolate chip cookies, ginger nut cookies or even just plain rich tea. I must say that normally “chocolate” featured in the biscuits was reserved for very special occasions and parties. As an adult, I have had many dreams about the odd Jammy Dodger or Cookie and this has resulted in my research into what cookies mean symbolically and what this means in our dreams.

Dreams Of Cookies Mean Childhood Influences

I do feel that cookies are intrinsically associated with childhood energy but also happiness in dreams. We often remember our mother baking a set of cookies and the warm smell of the sweet dough can sometimes haunt our dreams - positively of course! I connect this dream with reliving our childhood – hopes and dreams and how we want to uncover what is happening to us in our daily life.

What does shopping for cookies in dreams mean?

Buying or shopping for cookies indicates you will find happiness in relation to an object in life. The cookie in a store is associated with the fact you are going to "buy" something important.

What does it mean to dream about cookies?

In many dream books (Sigmund Freud) in particular, cookies are often associated with connecting different lessons and stages in life. Cookies themselves are often associated with focus on “our own” behavior. Seeing yourself eating cookies is a positive omen and can be associated with a “bond” of some description – normally with a female that you know.

In your dream you may have

  • Eaten cookies.
  • Received cookies.
  • Given cookies.
  • Baked cookies.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are baking cookies for someone.
  • Overall you feel happy in the dream.
  • You are happy to receive or give cookies.

Type of cookie featured in your dream

Obviously, the type of cookie featured in the dream is equally important. If you are dreaming of sweet cookies this can suggest that you will be taking on a new project going forward. To dream of plain biscuit (like rich tea or digestives) can indicate a fresh start.

Female figure associated with the cookie

To see mother, grandmother baking cookies reinforces your relationship with a female in waking life. We often see mother and child baking cookies in many films, representing the bond of family. This is quite interesting from a spiritual perspective. Significantly, the cookie featured in a dream can lift our spirits.

Is the dream good or bad?

Cookies can represent spoiling something. I believe this dream is good. But, the important aspect to note that cookies equally represents spoiling our dinner. From a psychological perspective, we can turn this on the head so that the dream denotes that the cookies can also represent something “good” might spoil something in your waking life.

Therefore, the cookie dream symbolism could constitute something good as well as something bad. I do feel that life experiences should be reviewed after you've had a dream about a cookie this will result in many negative aspects.

Feeling sick in a dream about cookies

If you are feeling sick due to eating too many cookies this could signify that you are stressed or worried about problems. Of course, the type of cookie “featured in a dream” is equally important and you need to take into account your own personal tastes. Eating too many cookies in the dream that you are having too much of a good thing. The experiences you have in your life will be able to uncover if you need to take on more responsibility in life featured in many types of food in the modern world.

What if you are baking cookies yourself in a dream?

Baking cookies yourself is a positive omen. It can indicate that other people care about you and your well-being. If somebody is cooking cookies for you this suggests other people are looking up to you. This dream represents focus and attention and of course happiness and well-being.

What do eating biscuits in a dream mean?

Eating biscuits has the same dream interpretation as cookies. It can suggest that you may need to look after yourself and your only or others. Biscuits and cookies are important, positive omen. They indicate new possibilities and happiness but above all time of new beginnings. To dream of seeing masses of cookies indicate a bright future.

What is it to dream of cookie dough?

Cookie dough is included in many different types of food in our modern world this notably can be ice cream. Ice cream is quite interesting dream symbolism in my opinion it represents cold thoughts in relation to others. I also believe the cookie dough represents sweetness and light. If you dream of eating this can indicate that somebody is going to show kindness. If you make cookie dough or see yourself rolling out the dough this can indicate a new start.

What is the chocolate chip cookie symbolism?

I am going to briefly talk about chocolate chip cookie symbolism. Chocolate chip cookies symbolize gifts from others. If someone offers you a cookie can often be a symbolism that they're offering you something. For example if you're in a meeting somebody offers you a cookie this can mean you may take something. By accepting the cookie you may take the “offer” on the table. If you however refuse the cookie it can mean that you're likely to refuse the offer that the person has given. If for example you cannot eat the cookie due to your diet this should not be taken into account. Chocolate chips from the symbolic perspective suggest many great times ahead.

Did you have a nightmare about cookies?

If you are uneasy or anxious because of the cookies, this can mean that you may encounter some problems I am afraid. If you are happy overall when eating the cookie, and are generally “satisfied” after eating a few then these may mean you are content and happy in life.

What does being given cookies in a dream mean?

Receiving cookies from someone in a dream may indicate that you are mildly irritated with what that person does. There may be several things as well that you do not like about that person. The cookies symbolize these small areas that just rub you the wrong way. Given cookies by your mother in a dream does however give you that warm feeling. It is often a good sign and one which shows contentment and wanting to share.

Here are some older dream meanings of cookies from folklore

Dreaming of plenty of cookies symbolize happiness but also small, trivial problems.
The cookie is sweet and indicates possible sweet times. But if you dreamed of burning cookies in an oven this indicates there maybe problems that can cause you stress as well as objects of desire.

Cookies represent small matters that just seem to crop up wherever you are. These may cause you to worry all the time. Feeling anxious while eating these cookies confirms this worry in real life. You may feel anxious about daily matters which seem small but eat up a lot of your patience and time.

Having someone give cookies like this to you mean you view that person as an annoyance. Giving cookies to someone may mean you are the one who gives problems to other people.

Indulging in cookies may mean that you are also indulging or living a part of your life in excess. You may feel guilty while eating the cookie. You may also feel unsatisfied even if you’ve already eaten a lot of cookies in the dream.

Eating different kinds of cookies can also mean different things. Eating an indulgent chocolate chip cookie with lots of other toppings may mean you are over-indulging in real life and that you like rich things too much. Eating plain cookies may mean that you need to treat yourself once in a while to better and more luxurious things.

Cookies may also represent desires, especially if in your dream you are trying to reach for cookies. Struggling to reach for cookies may symbolize your difficulty in achieving your goals. Having someone take the cookie from you may mean that someone else is getting what you want.

As I have already mentioned baking cookies on the other hand represents a warm and happy feeling. You may be baking for someone or simply baking by yourself. Overall this means you are content and happy. When you bake cookies and give it to someone, this means that you deeply care about that person. Baking cookies may also signify that good things are about to come from your hard work.

Cookies may represent many things, but what is important is how you feel when you dream about these cookies. An overall anxious or uneasy feeling will point out to worries, while a happy feeling will point out good things to come.

Conclusion Of A Dream About Cookies

In conclusion, cookies are connected with our own inner child and are generally positive. Cookies symbolized in dreams is often a positive omen suggests that to go well also represent relationships. Cookies have a positive meaning when they appear in your dreams. Everyday biscuits mean that you need to stick to a routine and if they are not that extravagant (custard cream or rich tea) this can mean that you will gain understanding from others in order to find peace. I do hope you enjoyed this dream interpretation and it helped you understand the dream of cookies also check out my tarot wheel from the menu for a free reading.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of cookies

Guilt, anxiety, happiness, optimism, excitement, worry, feeling hungry, childhood and hard work.

By Florance Saul
Jun 5, 2013