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Dreaming of plenty of cookies symbolize small, trivial objects.

These may represent both objects that cause you stress as well as objects that you desire.

The general feel of what they represent is in the overall emotions you have while you dream. If you are uneasy or anxious because of the cookies, they may mean that these are little problems that you constantly worry about. If you are happy overall when eating a cookie, and are generally satisfied after a few then these may mean you are content with having gotten what you want.

Receiving cookies from someone may indicate that you are mildly irritated with what that person does. There may be several things as well that you do not like about that person. The cookies symbolize these small things that just rub you the wrong way.

Baking cookies does however give you that warm feeling. It is often a good sign and one which shows contentment and wanting to share.

In your dream you may have…


  • Eaten cookies.
  • Received cookies.
  • Given cookies.
  • Baked cookies.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You are baking cookies for someone.
  • Overall you feel happy in the dream.
  • You are happy to receive or give cookies.

Detailed dream interpretation…

Cookies represent small matters that just seem to crop up wherever you are. These may cause you to worry all the time. Feeling anxious while eating these cookies confirms this worry in real life. You may feel anxious about daily matters which seem small but eat up a lot of your patience and time. Having someone give cookies like this to you mean you view that person as an annoyance. Giving cookies to someone may mean you are the one who gives problems to other people.

Indulging in cookies may mean that you are also indulging or living a part of your life in excess. You may feel guilty while eating the cookie. You may also feel unsatisfied even if you’ve already eaten a lot of cookies in the dream.

Eating different kinds of cookies can also mean different things. Eating an indulgent chocolate chip cookie with lots of other toppings may mean you are over-indulging in real life and that you like rich things too much. Eating plain cookies may mean that you need to treat yourself once in a while to better and more luxurious things.

Cookies may also mean desires, especially if in your dream you are trying to reach for cookies. Struggling to reach for cookies may symbolize your difficulty in achieving your goals. Having someone take the cookie from you may mean that someone else is getting what you want.

Baking cookies on the other hand represents a warm and happy feeling. You may be baking for someone or simply baking by yourself. Overall this means you are content and happy. When you bake cookies and give it to someone, this means that you deeply care about that person. Baking cookies may also signify that good things are about to come from your hard work.

Cookies may represent many things, but what is important is how you feel when you dream about these cookies. An overall anxious or uneasy feeling will point out to worries, while a happy feeling will point out good things to come.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of cookies...

Guilt, anxiety, happiness, optimism, excitement.

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