Rejection dream meaning

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Rejection can in time become an infection and come through in our dreams.

Did you dream of being rejected by your boyfriend? Rejected by your girlfriend? Recurring dreams of rejection? Even rejection of a visa? Rejection is something everyone seems to face in one way or another in their lives. Rejection surrounds us in life. Perhaps you had rejection at the altar, alternatively, you were rejected for job during your dream. In waking life we constantly deal with rejection, it can hang across us as a possible force of negativity. With every success, we have to encounter rejection.

I don’t personally like the feeling of rejection and it always brings a somewhat uneasy feeling after having such a dream. But what does it mean? In my twenty years research into dreams rejection is quite common. The good thing about dreaming about rejection is that it doesn’t have to be due to a negative situation in your waking life it is about facing fears. To make this dream meaning easier I have segmented each dream into sections and questions so just scroll down.

What does it mean to dream of being rejected by a boyfriend or partner?

I’m going to start with this dream as it appears to be rather common. Many people have emailed me or contacted me on the facebook comments below - to ask what it means to be rejected by a boyfriend or husband in a dream. I will first say that in the dream state we often notice images and encounter various emotions. Nobody really knows why we dream and consequently why some dreams are remembered and others are not. Our dreams can be somewhat vivid and to dream of your boyfriend or partner rejecting you can increase tension and anxiety when you awake. I’m here to tell you this dream is simply a reflection of the worry to your feeling in the relationship.

After all, our dreams help us deal with our inner emotions are sometimes hidden in daily lives. If we turn to the famous dream psychologist Sigmund Freud, he believed that dreams of rejections are often associated with how we are feeling in society. Therefore, the dream could not be significantly about your boyfriend or even girlfriend, it could just possibly be the fact that you are feeling that you need more acceptance, motivations, and thoughts about how you can overcome your goals. Often people report having re-occurring dreams of being rejected by their partner.

These types of dreams can again be associated with our own hidden anxieties. I remember I had a dream about my partner who had rejected me and left me for somebody else. It was quite a powerful dream and it was around 10 years ago. It had such an impact on me that I still remember it to this day. Sometimes it is hard to understand if the dream that you are seeing in your sleep is actually a dream or perhaps a premonition of the future. This was the thought that came to my mind after being rejected from my boyfriend during the dream. I’m here to say that I have carried out intensive research and found that it is just a symbol of anxiety nine times out of ten – so don’t worry. When we question a relationship we sometimes suffer from these types of dreams.

What does it mean to dream of rejecting something?

A dream where you reject something (such as a job, car, friend or lover) denotes that, there is something in your life which you wish to get rid of. In old dream lore, there is a situation which is being forced on you in your real life which you don’t want to progress with this. If it is a project you are working on, then you will need to force yourself just to bring it to a conclusion. But if you think whatever it is, is not important in your life, then it will be wise if you stopped working on it and moved on to another project.

What does it mean to dream of being rejected by your girlfriend?

I urge you to read the interpretation above about being rejected by a boyfriend, as this kind of has the same meaning. When you see your partner rejecting you in the dream, then it means that you have some hidden emotions. Try to start working on your relationship but I truly believe this is just an anxiety dream of rejection. Start talking to your partner about your relationship. Are you happy? Alternatively, the dream could be a representation of your desire to be perfect in your relationship. You should try to be yourself and command your life.

What does it mean to dream of rejecting someone?

Rejecting someone in your dream implies that, you will need to be more assertive. It is an expression of what you can’t express in your real life, and it could be that there are people in your life whom you want to get rid off, but you don't dare to do so. If you are surrounded by people who just drain your energy without bringing anything meaningful in your life, then you often have “rejection” dreams. I am saying here that you need a long-term solution because there is nothing beneficial in worrying too much about life. You will be happy whatever happens.

What does it mean to dream of rejecting food?

A dream where you reject food and starve yourself denotes that, your current life habits are not good and thus, you will need to take care and work on your inner desires. It could be that you are overindulging in something which is bringing more harm than good to your life. After such a dream, I urge you to practice healthy habits and get rid of not so good ones. Rejecting food in your dream is a way your subconscious is trying to communicate to you that, you are not eating right. The dream should make you think twice in future whenever you feel like engaging in something that might harm your soul or body – get rid of the sweets!

What does it mean to dream about being rejected?

When you dream of being rejected, it could be a sign of low self-esteem. You are always thinking of others to be better than you and in the process, undervaluing yourself. Start appreciating yourself for who you are. You should know that nobody is perfect in this world and everyone seems to make mistakes of sorts. If you always think that others are better than you, then you will need to work on yourself to raise your standard. Mind you that, there are people who admire your character and would want to be like you, so start being proud of who you are.

What does it mean to dream about being rejected for a job position?

We have all been rejected at some point for a job. Left wondering why. I will say this. Being rejected for a job in my view means greater things are on the horizon! A dream where you see yourself being rejected for a job position is an indicator that, you are undervaluing your qualities. It is time to work on your self-esteem and ensure that you create a positive picture of yourself. If you have been undervaluing yourself for quite some time, then you will need to seek advice (maybe a friend?) because it will make you not to utilize your potential. A job in a dream can indicate a new start and being rejected means you are undervaluing yourself. So try to be more positive is my message.

What does it mean to dream of being rejected by your mother?

This is not a great dream to have. Our mother is someone we trust and want us to care about us – no matter what. So what does it mean if you dream of your mom rejecting you? Seeing your mother reject you in a dream is a sign that, there is something that you care about what you are worried about losing. This could be causing you emotional pains and at the same time, making you be deeply disturbed as you seem not to be able to get over it. Anxiety happens to us all and I believe this dream can indicate that you will overcome anything. It could be that someone close to you made you feel sad or a friend or relative betrayed you. To heal, you will need to confront your own fears. That is the only way you will recover and move on with your normal life.

What does it mean to dream of rejecting a gift?

A dream of rejecting a gift in your dream denotes that, you are fighting to prevent people from taking credit for your hard work. You have tried very hard to be dedicated and work hard for everything in your life. A gift in the dream is a symbol of not taking anything from anyone and preferring to work hard for whatever is rightfully yours and achieve your own goals.

What does it mean to dream of being rejected for a visa?

This is a strange dream to have. It is connected to where we live in our own country. When we are rejected from entering a country this dream can signify that you are feeling apprehensive about something in the future. Often these types of dreams occur when we are looking for prosperity and riches in life. If you are in fact traveling abroad and you are applying for a visa it is not uncommon to have such a dream. In this instance, I will say that the dream is probably just a reflection of what is happening in daily life. Being rejected at the airport due to a visa problem in a dream can imply that no matter what happens you can overcome anything.

By Florance Saul
Mar 4, 2018