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If you dream about bulimia and you want to know what Bulimia dreams about, then, first of all, you need to look at the meaning of the word Bulimia:

Bulimia - a feeling of agonizing hunger that occurs in the form of attacks accompanied by severe weakness, sometimes fainting and pain in the epigastric region; it is noted with some nervous, mental illnesses and diseases of endocrine glands.

If you suffer from Bulimia in waking life - dream meaning…

To have this illness in waking life and you dream of bulimia can indicate that you will feel quite fearful of the future. It is a terrible illness to have, if you do have this in waking life then it is quite common to often dream that you are eating a huge feast or “bingeing.” It is really your subconscious mind trying to associate yourself with food and healing. Those that do suffer from bulimia often every night dream about bingeing. It is not really a dream that you can interpret in terms of the spiritual context. It could just be your subconscious mind trying to warn you of the dangers of your illness.

Obviously, eating brings with it a feeling of regret and guilt for those that suffer from Bulimia in waking life. It is very difficult to know the real cause of these dreams but it is equally associated with your recovery in waking life. Bingeing and purging in real life is obviously associated with your thoughts in the dream state - repeating the actions in the dream state. The good news is that research has shown that if you do have dreams of being bulimia it can indicate that you are trying to overcome and heal. Think about the dream and how you reacted to yourself in the dream. Are you truly focused on recovery? Even though the dream can be classified as a nightmare for you it is all part of your recovery.

In your dream

  • You were binge eating in your dream.
  • You binged and then purged in your dream.
  • You vomited food after a binge in your dream.
  • You were constantly hungry in the dream then binged and was sick.
  • You could see someone suffering from bulimia in your dream.
  • You were caring for a loved one with bulimia in the dream.
  • You were sick after food.

Detailed dream meaning of a bulimia

If you see a person with bulimia in a dream, it means that you are waiting for changes in your personal life. The appearance of bulimia in a dream means that soon a person will appear in your life, the connection with which will bring you many happy times and fill your life with a new meaning.

For a woman, a dream in which Bulimia is present means that she will be given unambiguous signs of attention. Such a dream portends incredible popularity among the opposite sex. Perhaps soon, you will meet your soulmate!

For a man, this dream means that he will soon meet a girl who will be a good mistress, able to create love and lust!

If in a dream there are people with bulimia, it means soon you will take part in a wedding celebration or a lavish holiday for a birthday. If you have bulimia then you are promised a meeting with an old friend or girlfriend.

The significance of sleep, in which Bulimia is present, can mean unsuccessful efforts and quarrels.

Quick bulimia dream meanings

  • If binge eating in your dream it means that you are unsatisfied with your life, you miss something in your life.
  • If you binged and then purged in your dream it means that you are not pleased with the way of life you have now. You fulfill your life with the things that are not needed and unimportant. (if you do not suffer bulimia in waking life)
  • You want to sweep away from your life the things that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • If you see that after a long hunger you overate and felt sick it predicts the coming of long-awaited rest, but you should be careful not to spoil everything.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of a bulimia

Discontent, disgust, weakness, temporary satisfaction, hunger.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017