Moving backwards Dream Meaning

Moving backwards

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What does it mean to move backwards in a dream? Moving backwards in a dream is associated with withdrawing from a situation waking life.

If you continue in a “negative” situation such as a job or alternatively a business you may find that you keep being blocked in order to progress. Moving backwards in the car indicates that you are feeling worn out and worried about the future. In regards to going backwards in your dream it can indicate there is a situation in waking life that is troubling you. This could be possibly a relationship that has gone wrong alternatively a job which you do not feel right for you.

Detailed dreaming of moving backwards:

Moving backwards indicates that you are moving towards goals which are unachievable, you may feel burnt out and unable to continue the fight in life. Think about your key attributes and how you can transfer these into goals in waking life. In the dream state we connect with our subconscious mind and this dream maybe telling you that you need to think about how you move forward in life. Falling backwards has a significant meaning in the dream state can indicate that a decision has been made and it isn’t the correct decision.

You may need to have more details on the future relationship that you have with others. Try to put forward imaginative and creative solutions to build a deep and special understanding with other people. You may need to negotiate with others in order to move forward and overcome any difficulties in life. As we fall backwards in real (waking) life we generally lose control and in the dream state our subconscious mind is basically focusing on this loss of control. You need to take great pride in the quality of your work if you dream of falling backwards and are caught by somebody. It indicates that at times you have deep drive and you may wish to approach problems as properly as you can.

To move backwards and fall off something, such as a cliff or chair can indicate that you need to promote yourself better in life. Moving backwards can also indicate that you may be looking at the past too much. It is a reminder to try to look to the future and gain the strength you need in order to overcome negative traits and habits moving backwards can also symbolize how to remain in control in waking life. To be on a mode of transport such as a plane, train, tram, car, taxi, flight, aircraft, ferry, boat, helicopter, monorail and for this to move backwards indicates that you need to heed the message that you are “blocked” in life. You need to meditate to move forward. To see yourself flying backwards in a dream suggests that you need to applaud your efforts in life, you keep on trying.

To move backwards in life (such as to go back in time) in a dream indicates that you need to be more grounded and rest in life. The details of this dream are important. To move back to your childhood indicates that you will have a brilliant idea in the future. To move back in time in regards to another era suggests that you need to set clear goals going forward. See my dream meaning of walking backwards by clicking here.

Feelings associated with the dream of moving backwards:

Worried. Unable to move. Looking and moving ahead - but not being able to in the dream.

Your dream:

  • You move backwards in the dream.
  • You moved backwards in a car during the dream state.
  • You were walking backwards in the dream.
  • You could see others walking backwards.
  • You were moving backwards in an airplane.
  • You were moving backwards in a train.
  • You are moving backwards on a roller-coaster or anything that moves.
  • Falling off a chair in a dream - backwards.
  • Moving backwards on a mode of transport in a dream.
  • Move back to another time in a dream.

By Florance Saul
Aug 22, 2017