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A dream about hot spices, especially one that you can feel or smell, or putting them in food such as a curry sometimes means that you will soon make a long journey.

If you dream of hot spices such as paprika, chili, or curry, this dream indicates that you need to stop and think before you approach other people about a problem at school or work. As spice is often used in Indian food, it is important to remember being in touch with your spiritual side is extremely important. If you dream of putting paprika in your food it represents fights with a person who is easily angered.

Detailed dream interpretation

To not be able to eat curry or hot spices in your dream means that you will be surrounded by an eco / environmentally friendly people in the near future. You may wish to do your bit to help the planet! To buy hot spices or have a curry in a restaurant is symbolic of achievement, victory, accomplishment and also getting what you want from life. This is a great omen. To cook with strong spices in your dream signifies good results and fulfillment. All of your work is finally paying off and you have reached your goals.

To smell hot spices means that you will be taking a trip or you have finished a significant part of your life cycle, it is time to move on in your life. To eat curry in your dream means you have got struggles and also difficulties but these have only made a person more robust and also substantially better and more experienced.

If you eat chili or cook with this means a long-term undertaking, period of examine, connection, or even career will soon come full circle and you're simply now in the process of feeling like you wish to draw a line under what you have achieved and move on to the next stage in your life. It could represent the graduation, a marriage, the particular delivery of a baby (representing the end of a pregnancy), or perhaps the accomplishment of your long-held desire or even hope.

To dream of craving spicy food in your dream means that you have accomplished your ultimate goal. There will also be well-earned praise, happy occasions as well as celebrating the achievement of your successes - especially if your curry was too hot! If you have yet to be invited to a gathering then you should arrange something since you have worked incredibly hard to get where you are in life! Hot spices also represent sexual arousal, that you are willing to experiment on a sexual level, virility, or the fact that even if you are emotionally connected to one person at the moment, you are not ready to give up the desire to experiment with someone else.

In your dream you may have

Encountered hot or mild spices. Encountered curry. Put hot spices in food. Eaten curry. Been unable to eat curry or hot food. Smelled hot spices. Bought hot spices or curry.

Positive changes are afoot if

The curry was not too hot. The spices were just what you were craving. You added spices or curry to a recipe.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of hot spices and curry

Hot. Happy. Excited. Dazed. Happy. Comfortable. Confident. At ease. Upset. Disturbed. Sad.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012