Work Meeting

Work Meeting

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The dreaded work meeting in your dream! A work meeting is not usually a very positive dream.

Did you know that a quarter of time spent at work is in meetings? In fact, the more senior you are the more meetings you encounter. Business meetings in dreams indicate that you need to focus on your own priorities in life. Knowing how to behave at work is another key meaning of this dream. If everything is positive in the dream, the meeting goes well - then this dream is purely connected to how you establish effective relationships at work. If we turn to psychology, there have been many writings by philosophers, for example, Freud and Carl Jung, they believe that in our dream-state we take images from external forces. So this dream can simply mean that you have been

What is the general dream interpretation of a work meeting?

If you dream of fighting or arguing with the people at work, this means unpleasant events in the waking life. If you dream of attending a meeting at work this shows that you are looking to gain a group consensus on an agreed plan going forward. This dream may also indicate that you have been feeling some inner confusion.

Additionally, dreaming of a meeting during which you have to debate or argue your case across to others is a symbol that there is a conflict in your life which is not yet resolved. If you are active in the meeting it means that you need to come up with a more practical approach to a work situation. We all sometimes have meetings at work and then dream about them, it is just the way we process information! Fighting with your colleagues signifies unpleasant events ahead. Deciding a date for a meeting means that you should try not to reveal too much about yourself. If in your dream you cancel a meeting, it can mean you demonstrate adaptability and flexibility in your waking life.

Is a dream of a work meeting good or bad?

To dream of a work meeting has both positive and negative interpretations, depending on your dream state. If you argued with your superiors or your colleagues in the dream it foretells an unpleasant event and a suppressed anger or dissatisfaction in waking life. I’m Flo by the way, I have now put some specific areas beneath about possible work meeting dreams. Please scroll down to check the detailed interpretation of your dream, depending on your dream state.

What does it mean if you organized a work meeting in your dream?

If you organized a work meeting in the dream, it denotes you’re feeling the need to tell your coworkers how to do their job. You have maybe noticed that they’re doing something wrong at work - but you don’t know how to point out their mistakes. It can be hard but by communicating openly and being friendly goes a long way. If you do have a “difficult” situation at work try to act like you’re the boss, also act as a friend who’s trying to help them. If you’re unemployed but still have this dream, it means you want to find a job that fits your education and skills. You want to become a leader. Why don’t you open your own business or partner with someone else?

What does it mean to dream of missing a work meeting?

If you missed a work meeting in your dream, it foretells you have not been satisfied with your job and you may want to leave. Are you working under pressure? This dream normally occurs when you constantly fear you will make a mistake. Are your superiors are attentive to details and require your complete focus? Missing an important business meeting in a dream indicates you may feel drained and you literally want to gain the space to think. Are you giving all you can to complete your work successfully? Try to uncover what “missing the meeting” means to you.

What does it mean if you were late for a work meeting in your dream?

If you were late for a work meeting in the dream, it indicates a warning. You should be more attentive to details and work harder to get your job done on time. The advice from this dream just do not give up, when you’re close to your goal, push yourself harder to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor in the near future.

What does it mean to fall asleep at a work meeting in the dream?

Oh no! how embarrassing! If you fell asleep at a work meeting in your dream, it implies that you are feeling run down. You need a break. It is a sign of your subconscious mind that you are working too hard and you should rest. Take a vacation if you can, and travel. If you’re unemployed, your dream indicates a warning. You might lose a perfect job opportunity due to your carelessness. Be alert and recognize the chance you’re going to be given.

What does it mean if your boss fired you at a work meeting?

Sometimes people who work together don’t get along that well. This is because we all have varied personalities. This dream often occurs when we are spending time with coworkers that are challenging our dynamics in life. Are you managing office conflict effectively? If your superior fired you at a work meeting, it indicates a new phase in your career. You might get a promotion, or leave your old job to accept a new, better opportunity. However, before you do anything, make sure that this is what you really want to do and avoid regrets.

Did you attend a work meeting in your dream state?

Various unfamiliar situations can occur at work and situations where you are not sure how to behave. Therefore, it is common to have this dream when you are handling the ups and the downs of the job. The meeting could mean something, or could just be that you are working extra hard. If you attended a work meeting in your dream, spiritually, older dream books point to the fact that your superiors will give you an important assignment. Maybe the assignment will be a test. Focus on it and enjoy success. If you’re unemployed but still had this dream, it predicts a new job opportunity. Someone will help you gain employment.

What does it mean to feel nervous at a work meeting in a dream?

A career that is successful does not always mean that you work hard or long, or that you have an amazing resume. It is focused on how one displays style and finesse. Countless strange situations occur at work and these can enter our dreams. Knowing how to handle each situation, sometimes it is easier to put yourself in other people's shoes, being nervous at work is common especially when there are many expectations. If you felt nervous in a work meeting or worried in your dream, it implies to your suppressed feelings associated with your work. Maybe you feel like your rights as an employee are violated, or you feel underappreciated. Sometimes, this dream crops up when we fear to lose our job. Find something you will enjoy doing. Your dream also signifies a difficult project that you will feel nervous and stressed about.

Quick Work meeting dream meaning

  • You argued with a colleague at a dream meeting in your dream: It foretells an unpleasant event. You have an inner conflict you need to solve with yourself. Although you believe someone else is responsible for a certain mistake of yours, you’re wrong. It’s your carelessness that’s guilty. Your dream also symbolizes a suppressed anger.
  • You got promoted to a work meeting in the dream or had a performance review in the dream: It implies to your wish to be noticed at your workplace. You try hard to get people to like you and to be the best in your field of work, but somehow, no one notices your effort yet. Remember, patience is the key to success and happiness.
  • A work meeting was canceled in a dream: It indicates that your subconscious mind is trying to tell your active mind to pay more attention to future opportunities at work. Maybe a project will help you get that long-awaited promotion or possible commendation from your boss.

Here I have summarized a few additional meanings in your dream.

In your dream you may have

  • Been in a work meeting.
  • Quarreled in a work meeting.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You inputted your thoughts at the work meeting.
  • You felt confident in your actions.
  • You were able to express your concerns at the work meeting.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a work meeting

Admiring. Content. Happy. Upset. Indignant. Hardworking. Intelligent. Charismatic. Anticipation. Nervous. Anger. Tiredness. Exhausted. Determination. Stressed. Powerful. Sad.

In summary

On closing my dream meaning, there are many things in your work environment that may irritate you, part of work is trying to learn respect. Sometimes, in my experience working life always seems more important than it really is. It is hard to understand and know what others like and dislike. It is important to understand that if the meeting in your dream was a board meeting then this can indicate that someone has exhibited an appreciation for your skills recently. Everyone has certain quirks and we all find them interesting. If you are running the business meeting in a dream it can suggest you will be recognized by others and you may see a promotion soon! Sometimes this dream is connected to how we interact with other people at work. This dream may have occurred because you need to get on better with other people at work. It is important that you can get on with people, even those you find difficult. On the positive side, this dream indicates that even though you may have encountered conflict at work to dream of being in a meeting indicates you can overcome any challenge!

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012