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A dream of cats is a link to your feminine side and is associated with females. Cats are normally represented as part of nature and this is demonstrative in femininity or womanhood in your life - whether you are male or female.

Cats are very self-sufficient, so your dream may be connected to independence, womanly instincts, originality, and supremacy. Unfortunately, a cat dream may also indicate difficult times or bad luck. Cats are notorious for playing, hunting, and reaching out in the dark to find their prey. If you are a cat lover then this dream can signify that you are going to have more insight into daily life. Sometimes, if the cat is featured in a dream it can be somewhat confusing to understand the true meaning. Cats are considered somewhat crepuscular as they are active between dawn and dusk. If a cat isn’t grooming itself or playing, the chances are high that the cat is sleeping. As most cats generally sleep up to 16 hours a day they are most active in the middle of the night. Ironically they spend almost ALL of their time sleeping. Let's move onto the actual meaning of a cat in your dream! Unfortunately, as outlined above a cat dream may also be connected to difficult times or bad luck.

A cat featured in your dream can also be connected to the Egyptian cat goddess, which is associated with two sides: nature and personality To dream of the domestic cat, commonly kept as a pet can often appear in the dream state when we have strong internal emotions. Freud and Jung have associated the dreams of cats with our hidden subconscious mind. This dream is extremely common and the famous psychologist Carl Jung believed that if you experienced a dream about a cat then you need to review your own inner thoughts. Carl Jung also believed that if you experienced a dream you need to look within your own sense of subconscious in order to find the true meaning. We have packed all dreams associated with cats below including:

Detailed dream interpretation:

Do you own cats? Are you a cat lover in real life? If you are having a dream about cats then there is much attached to the subconscious dream. From a spiritual symbolism, cats have been associated with the ability to see and hear things hidden. This may be due to the fact that cats have fantastic night vision, and this enables them to adapt to different light sources. The cat from a mythical perspective is connected to our own inner courage. In older dream dictionaries the interpretation of a cat dream is the requirement to try to understand what is in front of us. The dream of cats can also signify a balance between two people. There are many different qualities that a cat portrays. Therefore if you dream of a cat then this indicates that this is a strongly symbolic dream which is representative of your own independence, relaxation, the ability to see things in front of you, and finally the unconscious mind.

Children love cats, especially cuddling kittens and if you see a child holding or petting a cat in the dream this can be associated with the valuable experience in the near future. Adopting a cat in a dream indicates that you will soon communicate and exchange ideas with others. It can also suggest hidden wisdom. There are many fairy tales in folklore surrounding cats. We only need to look at the famous tale of puss in boots and also the fairy book the colony of cats There has been much mythical symbolism of cats which were extremely popular in Egyptian times. The cat is generally recognized as being connected to our own hidden control, wisdom, sexuality, and also good or bad luck. From a superstition perspective black cat is considered lucky especially for crosses your path.

A dream of an aggressive cat may show that someone in your life is untrustworthy or disloyal to you. An aggressive cat may represent issues with the female side of your personality and can predict that you will soon be dealing with a catty person in your life. A dream with a fluffy cat shows that you are seeking a more comfortable life. It is time to take better care of yourself. If you are scratched or bitten by a cat this can mean that you are going to encounter a difficult situation with a female. If you chase the cat then this shows that obstacles are currently in your way.

A white cat signifies that you are currently experiencing difficult times. To see a black cat means that you have some hesitation in determining what you actually want out of life. If you dream of a black and white cat, it indicates that you will have some source of sadness or regret in the near future. To see a brown tabby cat in your dream signifies that you're going to receive some important news in the near future. Dreaming of a multi-colored cat symbolizes many people working together to achieve a goal. To dream of an orange cat signifies passion for work. To dream of a miniature cat indicates that is time to stop and listen to your inner voice.

To dream of attacks by a cat is an indication that is time to move on in a relationship. This relationship has become volatile and you may end up arguing. If you're unable to move on in this relationship then it is time to sit down and try and sort out your differences. To run after a cat indicates that you're going to find some difficulty with a project in the near future. To witness cat fights you will have enemies who will go to any extreme to dampen your reputation and to cause you loss of material possessions.

To see a hand petting and comforting the cat in your dream indicates you are likely to receive some disturbing news in the near future. Ancient dream dictionaries indicate that if the cat looks dirty this can also mean that a friend is likely to recover from a long-term illness. To hear a cat mewing indicates that you have false friends around you. To hear the cat screaming in your dream means that somebody in the waking life has said something hurtful in the heat of the moment. Sometimes people say things in life which they simply regret or do not mean. It is up to you to forgive the person.

To dream of a kitten indicates that you are likely to be misled by others It is very important that you try to become a leader to other people at this time. If you are in the business than this dream indicates that you need to put all efforts into making your particular business success. The reason why is because competitors are catching up with you. To have a dream that the cat disappears in your dream, (like Alice in Wonderland) then the dream may mean that something close to you may be lost to you. It is important to seek help and guidance from other people. The missing cat may also show that it is time to give up a volatile person in your life.

To dream of a cat's collar indicates that you're going to feel constrained in the near future. To dream of a domestic pet (that you have seen in waking life) is directly connected to your comfort zone. This dream means that you face any difficulties in your life with power and ease. In addition, to see a cat which is currently dead in waking life is a subconscious sign for you to take notice of your inner feelings and interests. It is time to release your emotions. To dream of a farm cat or to see cats on a farm is a direct association with the environment you are in. It is time to go back to nature, and perhaps take a holiday in the countryside. If the cat has no tail, you no longer have independence and self-control. A dream of cat food indicates the right possibilities and opportunities on the horizon.

A dream about a playful cat indicates the need for social acceptance.If a cat talks to you in a dream, it is very important for you to make peace with your inner self or your inner femininity. To see a cat that is ill or to dream of taking a cat to a vet indicates that is now time to your yourself and enjoy your life while you are well. To be chased by a cat in your dream indicates that someone will be suggesting a better way for you to approach a problem. To see a talking cat in your dream denotes that you have the ability to change things at work, it will just take time. To be scratched by a cat denotes that times are going to be difficult for a while.

What does a stray cat in a dream mean?

Maybe a pitiful stray cat made your heart melt in a dream? The stray cat featured in a dream indicates that you had to fend for yourself for some time. It can indicate you feel alone and that people have not been supportive of you. If you feed a stray cat in a dream then commonly this is connected to possible chaos in your life. It is very similar to starting a new without any bitterness and disillusionment from the past. To house a stray cat in your dream indicates that you are letting your head all your heart. If the cat showed any form of illness such as internal parasites, rabies, fleas or serious disease in the dream then this suggests that you will not get the support that you are looking for long-term. If the stray cat attacked you in a dream and this indicates that need to put your safety first in any situation in regards to the financial side of life. If you are subconsciously a cat lover in the waking world then it is not uncommon t to dream of a stray cat. Regardless, of how the stray cat is featured the symbolic meaning is that you are not supported. If you provided food and water for the stray cat in the dream then this indicates that you need to shut yourself away from others. To see the stray cat go through garbage in your dream indicates that a new start is on the horizon. If you took the stray cat in your home then this can indicate that you are looking for support in life. As the cat represents wisdom in this cat is lost this can also be a hit in dream meaning.

What is the general dream meaning about seeing a cat? As we have already concluded in the opening paragraphs the cat represents wisdom, hidden visions, control, power and the ability to see clearly. This is a general dream interpretation. For the cat to be aggressive in the dream it can be connected to having difficulty with a female in waking life. The cat significance can also be associated with your feminine side of life. To meet a cat in your dream who is angry or attacks you can often represent somebody who is somewhat untrustworthy. If the cat is able to communicate will speak to you in a dream it suggests you’re going to have power over people in a work context. If the cat has any type of diseases always poorly in a dream then this illustrates the fact that you need to take care of yourself. To see a cat peering through the window ledge or in a tree during the dream suggests that you are going to have more self-belief and realistic expectations in the future. You are going to try to inspire others and feel wanted again. If you are scratched by the cat or you see their claws then this can suggest that you are approaching a crossroads in life. To see the cat peeing in a dream suggests an ill thought out idea.

What do cats drinking in a dream mean?

If you notice that your cat is drinking water in the dream and this can be associated with your own emotions from the spiritual and symbolic perspective. If the cat drinks from the toilet or bathtub in a dream, not from a dish then this suggests that other people are going to play with your emotions. Feeding a cat in a dream is positive and good luck will follow. If the cat was drinking milk in a dream or you provided food and water for the cat then this can suggest that something needs to be proven in your life. To see a cat in a collar indicates your conscious goal to be creative. This is especially associated with your own identity Make sure that you are securely attached to your goals in life Finding a lost cat in the dream state illustrates the wisdom may have been lost for some time. It provokes anxiety because you feel less secure. This will return in time. Cat food in a dream is connected to feeding your emotions and relaxing in life.

Kittens in a dream

We all love kittens! They are cuddly, soft, and remind us of the innocent part of life so what happens if you see a kitten in your dream? They are connected to not only peace and tranquillity but also the need for human comfort. A dream of kittens can also mean that you need to control your own path in life. It can suggest that you have been wrapped up in cotton wool. It is time to move forward in life and focus on new beginnings and possibilities the kitten implies are childlike enthusiasm for life. This dream can also indicate a new adventure or look for new answers to possibilities Maybe you have been thinking deeply recently a new phase in life. It is the point in time where you are and afraid to venture into the unknown.

What does it mean to dream of seeing an angry or aggressive cat in the dream?

As we have already concluded cats symbolize independence and wisdom. We all need private time. To see the cat become angry and annoyed in a dream illustrates that people are taking too much from you. To see a cat clawing you or biting you in a dream can be connected to feeling trapped in a situation. You need to understand the responsibilities of caring for others, but also the time to care for yourself. If the cat clawed or scratched you during the dream then this can suggest that you need to care more about your family.

The cat in the dream is in a dangerous situation

We have all seen the news television programmes of the cat stuck in the tree, the Fire Brigade rushing and then suddenly the cat just jumps down! To see the cat be rescued in a dream illustrates that you are feeling behind at work. This dream can also imply that you have a somewhat immature attitude towards your professional abilities. There is much more that you can achieve if the cat was lost or stolen in your dream. This is not a negative omen but normally appears when you need to trust your heart - you can do better in life.

Stolen cat in dreams

It is always quite disturbing when we dream of something being stolen or taken away from us. We love our pets dearly, the cuddles, the time and care that we put into the relationship and to have our cat stolen indicates that something feels lost in your current life. This dream can also suggest that you shouldn’t be fooled by your own motivations. Be free and let yourself enjoy life more.

You cannot find your cat anywhere in a dream and the cat is missing

To dream that your cat is missing and you cannot find your cat in the dream state relates heavily to the behavior of those around you. It reveals you are bound by your own fears or beliefs in various situations in life. It can also indicate that you are blinded and you cannot see the dangers ahead of you. This is due to the fact that the cat symbolizes hidden vision from a spiritual perspective. You’re going to have to fight in order to gain the power. You should not feel that this is a negative dream it is in fact positive.

Wild cat in a dream

The wildcats in a dream is associated with meeting a resolution in life, spiritually to see wild cats on different terrains indicates that you’re going to admire other people. If the wildcat attacked you in a dream then this indicates that you need to look at your natural environment and perhaps take a holiday or change your environment somewhat.

Cat poop or cat litter in a dream

To see or smell cat litter or poo in a dream can be quite an unusual dream to have To eat cat poop is properly one of the most horrendous nightmares you may encounter. Eating cat feces indicates you need to defend yourself against somebody or something in waking life To step in cat poop in a dream suggests a new phase in life. As cat faces is harmful to humans (contains the parasite Toxoplasma gondii) it suggests that you may encounter difficult times but you will have a sudden revelation If you are pregnant and you dream of cat poop (as this is significantly harmful while you are pregnant) it suggests that you have the anxieties of becoming a new mother To clean cat poo in a dream illustrates the fact that need to trust others. If you are watching a cat poop in a dream then this suggests that you will have good luck from a spiritual perspective.

Black and white cats in dreams

Black cats featured in dreams are extremely lucky. It indicates you have a hidden sense of intuition. The black cat can also symbolize a rational and logical way that you are going to make decisions in the future from Greek mythology the black cat is considered a lucky omen. The black cat can also symbolize sticking to your guns and going for broke in life.

What does the white cat mean in a dream?

To see a white cat in a dream is associated with rising in the light of the day in the depths of destruction. The white cat indicates that you are going to have to fight in order to win. The white cat also reminds us that you need to be more honest about work.

Tabby cat in your dream

We all love the tabby cat. The domestic tabby cat has a distinctive beautiful coat that has lovely swirly patterns and also stripes and dots. The tabby cat featured in a dream indicates that you need time and energy in order to prosper in life. Tabby cats are one of the most common types of cat color and denote not only the fact you need more time but also that you will soon have that time and investment.

Cats fighting in a dream

Cats fighting the dream indicate that you are going to push for what you want in life. If the two cats are scratching each other then it’s time to think logically about why you are feeling stress or worry in waking life.

Cats playing in a dream

If the cats are playing dream, chasing one another alternatively playing with a ball or even clawing the sofa!’s it indicates that you need to look at your actions and overcome any doubts in life.

Multiple cats in a dream

To see a large group of cats gathered in your dream illustrates that there is something wrong in life you cannot put your finger on it. It is basically a dream where you are trying to gain the wisdom that you need in order to progress in life.

A ginger cat in a dream

A ginger cat seen in a dream illustrates that you need to stop being malicious towards others. The cat can also suggest that you need to work on your own balancing life and stop taking the blame for things.

Two cats in a dream

To see two cats in a dream indicates you are searching for deeper wisdom within. The fact that there are two cats in the dream illustrates that you logically feel worried about the future but there is no need to More than two cat’s in a dream indicates that there would be great luck but you should not be afraid to move forward in life.

Cats jumping on you in a dream

If you see the cat jumping on you in a dream then this is associated to being the master of your own observations Cats jumping on you may be quite worrying during the dream state. Is a cat wild or astray? Cats have great attitudes and because they are generally caring the dream can often indicate that you feel you need to be loved by others. The jumping action seen in a dream illustrates that there was something holding you back and you should just go for it.

In conclusion, cats in dreams indicate that we need to look beyond various directions in life and try to gain the wisdom that we need As cats have been domesticated and kept in homes from Egyptian times they are generally associated with a pleasurable dreaming experience

In your dream you may have…

  • Seen a cat you recognize from the waking world.
  • Seen a cat you do not recognize of any coat color or size.
  • Had a good experience with a playful loving cat.
  • Felt attacked by a cat.
  • Spoke with a cat.
  • Felt loved by a cat.
  • Felt fearful of a cat.
  • Become a cat.
  • A white cat, tabby cat, black cat and large cat in a dream.
  • Cat attacking you in a dream.
  • Angry or aggressive cat in a dream.
  • Multiple cats in a dream.
  • Cats attacking you in a dream.

Key points:

  • You felt in touch with your feminine side as a cat in your dream.
  • You felt loved and accepted by the cat in your dream.
  • You observed a cat in nature.
  • Natural life milestones and femininity.
  • Leadership opportunities or newfound independence.
  • A change in your social or romantic situation.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a cat:

  • Femininity
  • Neutrality
  • Independence
  • Connection with nature
  • Love
  • Acceptance
  • Friendship
  • Companionship
  • Playfulness
  • Curiosity
  • Freedom
  • Constraint
  • Aggressiveness