Mental home

Mental home

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreaming about mental hospital is a sign that you need to change the things you believe in.

A good example would be marriage; you are expected to adjust with each other if you want to make the relationship work. There is some case when you don’t want to change and you feel that they are forcing you to change your core values. You are looking at it as a punishment for what you did, for instance when you get grounded by your parents for something you did.

Mental home can also be interpreted that you need help but you are hesitating to seek for it.

The following are list of dreams concerning Mental facilities

  • When you dream that you are outside the asylum
  • Dead person in an Asylum.
  • A person in perfect condition dreaming of a mental asylum
  • In a mental hospital with the sick people
  • In a mental institution with the mad people.

Quick Interpretation

  • You feel that you are being alienated within a group.
  • There is a chance that his soul is suffering in hell.
  • Probability that he will be sick in a few days.
  • Will be detained for some legal aspects.
  • Will be convicted with other law offenders.

Detailed interpretation:

When you feel like in some ways that your freedom is being suppressed and you are not given the right to be heard, you’ll probably be dreaming about a Mental home. This means that you need to change in order to get out. A mental home is a place where all the madness and insanities are treated, in real life, your parents might restraint your freedom for you to amend your behavior and your traits. Its like you are being treated until you realize that what they’re doing is for you.

When you dream about fleeing from a mental institution it probably means that you are avoiding all the repercussion of your wrong doings. You are escaping the mental ward because you think you are not insane. In walking life, you refuse to accept the consequence of your bad behavior for the reason that you think you is right.

If by any chance someone caught you while trying to escape from the mental asylum, it just means that it is futile to resist, you don’t have any option but to change your principles. You feel that you have to face the consequences and that things are just inescapable.

The case is different when someone left you in the mental asylum. This means that change is no longer obligatory, but you believe you still need to. You might imagine that those people have already given up on you, and you are considering to start that change by yourself.

Mental institution is also a place where people needs help but are to hesitant to ask, when you dream about it, don’t be afraid to consult your support group and ask for their guidance, you need it.

We just have to examine why people are inside the mental asylum and we can start relating it into our real life. Mental asylum is there to help the people suffering from a certain mental condition. It is created to correct things that need to be adjusted. Take a look within you and see if you’re core values need some adjustment, this can indeed result to a better you.

By Flo Saul
Jan 28, 2013