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A trolley is something used for carrying and pushing things, something that can be use to make hard work easier.

When you dream about a trolley it is simply a sign that you are willing to support everyone and carry them to make their life easier. You want to help them in any way you can even if it means that it will be a hindrance to your growth and development.

In you dream you may have

  • Shopping a trolley.
  • Dreaming about your loved ones pushing a trolley.
  • A dream of you pushing a trolley.
  • A destroyed trolley.
  • A trolley.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are seeking for someone’s assistance.
  • You are willing to lend a help to them.
  • You have your family’s support.
  • A sign that you are at your limit.
  • Support.

Detailed explanation

Dreaming about shopping a trolley is a sign that you are in need of someone help, this might be a tough time for you and you need others to help you endure and overcome the trials that are happening in your life right now. Usually when you dream about seeking for help, it simply means that you are hesitating to ask for it in your walking life. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness, you also need an amount of courage to say that you can n longer do it alone.

When in your dreams you saw someone identifiable pushing a trolley, it basically means that he needs your assistance. Do not hesitate to give your help, so when the time comes that you are the one who needs help, you can be sure that you have someone to turn to. But remember a debt of gratitude is hard to pay.

A dream of you pushing a trolley is a sign that you are getting the support you need from the people surrounding you. You are fortunate that you have everyone’s back in everything that you do. Be grateful to them and do everything you can to repay them with the kindness they are showing you.

A destroyed trolley however is a sign that you have enough of it. There might be a chance that you think that you are the only one doing all the hard work while everybody else benefits from it. You must always remember that a trolley can never move without someone pushing it. If you think you are too tired then it is never a sin to have some rest and analyze yourself if you still want to continue doing these things.

A trolley is a sign of support, dreaming about it is a strong feeling that you are willing to offer your skills without asking anything in return, provided that they also do their part. You are willing to shoulder all the hard work given that they will also support you. Trolleys and someone pushing it goes hand in hand, these will make completing task a lot easier and more efficient. We must make use of each other without taking advantage of these events. A harmonious working relationship can ensure a better future and a tighter relationship within the family. Keeping this kind of bond can create a long lasting relationship that can definitely withstand any kinds of trials.

Feelings you may have when you dream about a trolley

Contentment, Happiness, Satisfaction, Gratification, Ease.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013