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To dream of your brother or to have a brother in your dream demonstrates that you are going to be full of energy and inspiration in the future. This dream can also symbolize that your brother is going to encounter some fortune in the future.

The other meaning of this dream is that your brother may be asking you for help in the future, and it is important that you consider his situation before giving your advice.


In your dream you may have...


  • You have a brother.
  • You see a brother that is not your real brother.
  • You see your own brother.
  • You fight with your brother.
  • You recognize your brother.
  • An older brother.
  • A younger brother.
  • Your brother is dead.
  • You receive a letter from your brother.
  • A brother acting nicely to you.
  • A brother acting badly to you.
  • A step-brother.
  • You are talking to your brother.
  • Your brother is smiling.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • Take care how you drive.
  • Do some changes in your life.


Detailed dream interpretation...


To actually dream of your family including your brother means that there are going to be pleasant times ahead. Carl Jung claimed that childhood siblings in your dream, including rivalry and jealousy may influence the dream symbol for the brother. For a female to dream of her brother means that her personality may be neglected and undeveloped. Sometimes this may involve anti-social qualities that are difficult to express. For a man to dream of a brother means he will be challenged, but will win in the end.


To dream you are talking to your brother can signify great domestic security. An objective dream of unity is also an indication of financial stability. If you find that you have more than one brother, then you may encounter a serious accident. Make sure that you always remember and check when you are reversing the car or that the road is clear when you walk across.


Seeing your brother in a dream could mean hypocrisy and theft, but also long life, but free of pleasures. Seeing a brother in your dream that in reality is not your sibling could foretell unfulfilled wishes and jealousy. Having a brother means serious protection.


If in your dream you fight with your brother, it means you have a broken heart and you will experience sadness. It could be an omen that you might break a friendship. Recognizing your brother in the dream suggests that you must do some corrections in your life. An older brother is the sign of a life without worries and a courageous gesture. A younger brother foretells a quarrel in your family.


Dreaming that your brother has died predicts a long and serene life. A dead brother in a dream is most of the time a good omen. If you receive a letter from your brother in the dream, you will experience cowardice and lies. If your brother is acting nicely to you it means you will fight with a friend. If your brother is acting badly to you means luck is coming your way.


Dreaming of a step-brother is the omen if family quarrels. Talking to your brother in a dream means long life but no joy. Seeing your brother in a bad light foretells big success. If you see your brother coming towards you in your dream, you will enjoy lots of years full of joy. If your brother smiles, this is a good omen for love and business, prosperity and big profit.


To dream that you are on good terms with a brother means you will not have money problems, but you will have a state of tension.



Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of brother...

Happy. Content. Enjoying. Jolly. Curious. Surprised. Interested.


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