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Maybe you find yourself on the battlefield of drug addiction in your dream, and you're here to understand what drugs mean to our (sleeping)subconscious mind. Dreaming of being an addict or recovering addict represents your own psyche. My question to you: what are you addicted to? The drugs in dreams is often a metaphor or reflection of what we are addicted to in real life. If the dream turned into a nightmare I would not worry too much and think about how the drug dream can effect and improve your life.

Dreams about doing drugs are common. Drugs are quite an interesting dream symbolism. We are taught by the government how to respond to addiction and if you find yourself in this situation it is often considered a war of one's mind. It is etched into our subconscious that the direction of drugs is connected to criminals. There is a focus on pressing us shaming us and co-hurting us into stopping using drugs. This is also a joint prevailing view throughout the world. We as a society generally punish and shame drug users. Therefore, when drugs appear in our dreams we are often confused especially if we are the ones that are taking them. Personally, I have never taken any drugs (but have had the opportunity) that is why when dreaming about drugs it completely took me by surprise.

So what does it mean?

The voices in your head during your sleep can often represent what is preventing you from success in waking life. The "drugs" can be a symbolic representation that you are looking for a way out, or that you are addicted to something (that is not drug related) Even if you don't take drugs in real life it could be that you are seeking focus on shaping your own future. Drugs are really a form of addiction. Drugs are not necessarily what we think they are. Addiction is something that we have been told about. If we look at the birth of the war on drugs generally through people who are significant figures many say that drugs should be legalized.

In the spiritual realm, drugs are indulged to move between dimensions and, to a lesser extent represent immoral behavior. Drug-related dreams don’t mean excessive and dangerous behavior, committing a sin or doing something stupid you should feel guilty about in your waking life.

Drugs have often been connected in many ways and can be popular and unpopular depending on where in the world you are. Additionally, people take drugs to feel happier, more assertive, sexier or even to escape the reality of the waking world. Drugs can often be connected to the ease of suffering in both humans and animals (taking prescription drugs such as antibiotics) We all sometimes fail when it comes to having “fun” and dreaming of drugs is about being afraid of having real fun! You might be encountering drug dreams because you’re afraid of what other people have to say about your life decisions and goals.

  • Doing drugs in dreams mean you are addicted to something in real life, you want to have FUN or you need to look at your behavior.
  • Dreams that are connected to injecting drugs can indicate that you are suffering anxiety in waking life.
  • Drugs can be inclusive of anything that is addictive. To dream of certain drugs according to spiritual dream doctrines mean that you will be addicted to something in life.
  • Dreaming about marijuana indicates a new challenge ahead
  • Dreaming about Cocaine indicates purity and focus.
  • Inhalants in dreams can indicate that you are looking for a stimulant in regards to social activity.
  • Dreaming about heroin can suggest that you are addicted to something such as a relationship
  • Dreaming of alcohol can suggest a lack of control
  • Cigarettes in dreams can indicate that you feel things are complex right now.

What is the advice of the dream?

Drugs are associated with addiction. Your life choices don’t always resemble other’s life choices Dreams that are connected to injecting drugs can indicate that you are suffering anxiety in waking life. Drugs have often been connected in many ways and can be popular and unpopular depending on where in the world you are. Additionally, people take drugs to feel happier, more assertive, sexier or even to escape the reality of the waking world. Drugs can often be connected to the ease of suffering in both humans and animals (take prescription drugs such as antibiotics) for instance.

Dreams about doing drugs:

If you dream about using drugs, don’t panic! I have already explained that doing drugs is normally related to having fun or addiction. Often, these dreams happen when we are feeling overwhelmed and one needs something in life that will result in relaxation. Maybe you’re searching for a solution to an impossible problem in real life. Or you might feel addicted and attracted to old habits, feelings or people you find toxic, dangerous and harmful. This drug-related dream doesn’t predict unfortunate events or something unwanted. It represents your subconscious mind and how you actually feel – being addicted to something.

In a strange sense, taking drugs in dreams can mean you are addicted to some kind of power, masturbation, money, gambling, pornography or another a person. However, you are having a drug dream because you’re probably comparing your personal addiction with other addictions. Another interpretation of using drugs in dreams can indicate the breaking away of a monotony. Or maybe you’re tempted to do something that will hurt you but make you feel good at the same time. Or you might be addicted to some sort of pleasure.

Dreaming about drugs means that you’re obsessed with something/someone and don’t think about consequences. If you dream about a drug overdose, you’re probably overreacting and doing something too dangerous. Your dream is trying to warn you. Maybe you’re hiding feelings like anger, sadness or you are feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you’ve done something that’s affected “your” life in a bad way.

Dreams about drug addicts:

To dream of being surrounded by people taking drugs indicates that you may be worried about a social event going forward, such a dream can also mean that you feel embarrassed about something you have done recently. Seeing a group of addicts in a dream indicates social problems or exclusion (I am sorry to say)

What does it mean if someone makes you take drugs in a dream?

As I have already touched on the dream state is a sign that you should change your life for the better. Instead of being afraid of changes, embrace them.

Taking drugs in your dream and getting high or stoned, means that you’re not satisfied with something in life. Often, these dreams occur when we are tired of everything and we want to escape reality. Or you’re ignoring something very important that can change your life. This dream is also connected to being self-destructive. If you’re carrying something out against your will, it might be the reason behind your drug dreams.

Dreams about prescribed drugs:

If you dream about prescribed drugs, it means that you’re in a great need of advice. If you’re feeling stressed out and depressed, then it is common to dream of “taking tablets” in dreams. Try to remember that most people experience hardships. However, only the ones who’re strong enough, won’t let those their problems change their personality or what they want out of life! If you were taking prescribed drugs from the doctor in your dream, this represents a potential risk in a work context. It can simply mean that you need to focus on life.

Dream about others in your drug dream:

If you dream about drug addicts, this is a positive omen. In fact, your dream interpretation depends on your personal opinion on drug addicts. My first question is how you feel about others in the dream. What do you think about those people? Do you feel sorry about them? Do you judge their addiction? Or you understand why they do what they do? If you feel sorry about them and dream about them as well, your dream reveals how you feel about yourself.

If you dreamed about being a drug addict, you probably feel addicted to something. Did you take drugs by a needle? If yes, you’re probably dealing with something in real life connected to addiction. You want to feel ‘injected’ with something that has a healing power such as love, forgiveness, and hope. You’re yearning for inner peace, love, and comfort. Maybe you’re feeling lonely. Ask yourself, did you felt lonely, disappointed or sad the day before you had your dream? If yes, your emotions reflected in your dream state. If you’re in love with someone and feel addicted to their love, presence, and touch, you’re probably comparing yourself to drug addicts.

Dream about pills:

If you dreamed about pills, tablets or capsules in your dream this symbolizes healing in action. To dream about taking pills indicates that you need to relax more in life. Popping pills also indicate it is time to retreat and think about how you can better yourself. Also, pills may reflect a change in action. Maybe you’re going through life changes and you’re scared of what’s happening to you. Instead of feeling scared or rejecting changes, embrace them.

Dreaming about taking tablets also indicates the need for focus. If you dream of someone else “forcing you to take pills” this means that in time things will sort themselves out. Once you discuss your feelings with someone it is much easier to understand what you need in life. I once dreamed about being forced to take prescription drugs and I remember how I felt at the time, in real life. I was feeling overwhelmed and had a distinct feeling of disappointment.

In older dream books, seeing medicine in your dream means that you’re facing a difficult time in real life and it is a sign of healing. You’re putting your best efforts to get your life in order and improve your health, especially your mental well-being. Here are some spiritual meaning of specific "pill dreams" that I found in an old dream dictionary.

  • If you noticed a medicine dispenser, medicine cupboard or medicine organizer in your dream, it foretells you need to spend time healing yourself. 
  • If you were buying medicine in your dream or searching for medicine, it predicts bringing your life into order. Maybe you’re spending time with the wrong people or carrying out a task against your will. Break free and watch your life change!
  • If you forgot to take specific drugs in your dream (such as pills) this reflects troubles that you currently dealing with. However, those troubles come from your inner mind. This is what I call a “warning” dream. Think about your future and be more careful and mindful of your life choices. 
  • If you dreamed about taking home remedies or Chinese traditional medicine, it indicates going back to your roots and solve your past issues. Instead of ignoring your problems and past mistakes, face them and make things right, once for all. Free your soul at last! Do it!
  • If you’re taking laxative pills in your dream, it denotes your short-term personal and business relationships. Alternatively, your dream denotes relaxation.
  • If you’re taking white pills for no reason in your dream, it means that you may come across someone self-absorbed and selfish. 

Drug dealer dream meaning:

Drug dealers sometimes feature in dreams and they can take on many different characteristics and traits. Seeing a drug dealer can indicate that you need to focus on removing “addiction” in life. It is not good for you! If you were a drug dealer in your dream this dream reflects a sense of greediness and lack of responsibility. The dream is a warning sign.  Another interpretation of your dream is associated with personal addiction. If you are carrying out something dangerous and exciting then this dream can indicate the need to have peace and focus. 

Dream of being drugged: 

If you dream about being drugged, it means that you’re feeling trapped in waking life. It could also imply someone is forcing you to do something against your will. You don’t feel strong enough to refuse, reject or stop something from ruining your life. Alternatively, this dream can mean that you are addicted to someone or something.  If you dream about taking drugs in your dreams, it denotes a fear of returning to bad habits and losing a battle with addiction. Dreaming of being drugged reflects your hidden fear of manipulation.

Dream about your drink being spiked:

If you dream about your drink being spiked, it represents an intellectual matter. It can mean you are afraid of facing problems. If you wish to achieve a goal, your dream reveals that it will take longer than you think. Alternatively, to dream about a drink being spiked might reveal your effort to keep a particular feeling or some hope alive. Dreaming about being given drugs (and you do not know) might refer to unwise decisions and unhealthy pleasures in waking life.

Maybe you’re acting careless or overly practical problem in some aspects of your waking life? Maybe you feel like you’ve lost control over your life? Alternatively, your dream reflects your high aspirations. 

Dream of being forced to take drugs:

If you’re being forced to take drugs in your dream, it means that you’re being forced to do something against your will in waking life. Alternatively, it can mean that you are feeling overwhelmed. The advice of this dream is that you need time to focus on yourself going forward. 

Dream of taking coke:

To dream of taking coke indicates that you need to focus on removing harmful habits. Cocaine in dreams is also linked to the need for thinking about what you find “addictive” in life. Maybe embarking on a new beginning or phase? To dream of snorting coke indicates the need for happiness in waking life. Of course, any drugs are bad for you and the dream is reflecting that sometimes you can become addicted to things that are “bad” for you.

Questions to ask yourself: 

Hope this dream meaning helped you. Finally, you need to ask yourself questions that might help you going forward. Are you satisfied with the life that you’re living? Maybe you’re doing something that is making you naïve?  To dream of being high in the dream - ask yourself if you are doing something against your will? Maybe you’re addicted to something else in reality. For example, if you’re addicted to gambling, pornography, money, and power in waking life, you might feel or compare yourself to drug addicts and dream about them.

I hope this brings clarity to your dream. Blessings, Flo

By Florance Saul
May 8, 2019