Child taken away

Child taken away

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Dreaming of your child be taken away by ex partner, social workers / authorities is somewhat an uncomfortable nightmare dream.

What does it mean to see my son or daughter taken away in a dream?

I know it must have been a traumatic experience that your child was taken by the authorities in the dream and there is nothing you can do about it. Child loss in dreams can indicate your own feelings about your inner child. A vivid dream of this magnitude is rather worrying. But the first thing that is important is don't worry. Remember that the authorities will not just come and take a child in real life without a process so don't panic this is simply a dream of your own fear of life. Secondly, it is your subconscious mind telling you to spend more time with your children, be more caring and “appreciate them.” A dream like this can often happen when you are burned out from caring for them. We all as parents have challenging times but giving your children the love they deserve and your time teaching, learning, home cooked / good food is important. Children are our biggest gift in life and this dream can simply be your own inner fear of losing something important to you. It has been reported when researching for this article many parents have such a dream and it is rather common. The dream is normally a kidnapper, ex-partner or authorities taking away their children. As we have already said - it is just your inner fears. Don't worry.

To see an ex-partner take your children away from you by court suggests possible difficulty in your relationship with him or her. To see a social worker in one's dream indicates that you need to protect others in life. The social worker is just a symbol of protection in a dream. If the social worker was interviewing you in a dream it can suggest some advice to overcome any problems from your own childhood. If you children were taken into foster care in your dream then it can suggest that you need to think about what is really important to you in life. To work for the child protective services as a social worker in a dream can signify that you will have some childhood memories.

What does it mean spiritually to see your child taken away?

From a spiritual perspective, you must address the possibility of something dear to your heart is lost. Maybe not of the same magnitude as your children. It can represent the unconscious conflict that you are not spending enough quality time with the children, maybe working too hard, keeping the house too clean and not sitting down and having quality time with the kids. We are all living in a busy world and don’t be too hard on yourself.

To see a court where you are fighting to keep your children in your dream indicates that you will face a period of time where you have to move forward in life. It is similar to “justice” in the tarot card. Being judged in a court of law about the welfare of your children can suggest that you will be judged by others in life. For your children to be taken by your partner through the courts in a dream indicates that you do not trust yourself. To be part of a criminal act in a dream is connected to wanting something in life. If this criminal act resulted in abuse of children in your dream it can indicate that you need to stop acting immature. Let’s for now look at the psychological overview of this dream.

What does it mean in terms of dream psychology to see your child taken away?

It is important to look at the past meanings of dreams if we look at the Egyptians and Babylonians they believed that each dream offered a vision to the future. However, as time has gone on and Freud published his famous book “the interpretation of dreams” dream meanings have been delivered from a psychological viewpoint. Jung believed that dreams were in two parts. The memories of life that are forgotten and the archetypal images that have meaning. To have such a dream as losing your children to the court or authorities as recurrent then the good news is that Freud dismissed these as simply childhood remembrances. Jung, on the other hand, believed that the recurrent dream can sometimes represent the subconscious. You may feel in the dream you have no control and the authorities will take your child, next time wake up saying “I am in control this is a dream only” remember it is only a dream! People only have a few predictive dreams in life, so don’t worry I know you maybe feel that this might happen and worry about it but they are extremely rare. The second point in addressing this dream is that there is neither sense of past or future in the dream state. Freud believed that we could take key messages through dreams and this was a way to uncover the unconscious material in life. A dream of such magnitude that your children are taken from you, or the threat of your children being taken in the dream state is considered an embedded fear within a mother or father’s mind. In therapy terms, we can pull significant details. Your fears and desires in working within our minds. So will the dream come true? As this is such a nightmare and it may have come to you vividly it portrays your fear of losing something in waking life.

What does a nightmare mean of a child taken away?

The mental side of your mind shifts in the dream. It is of course, possible that future events occur in the dream state and try to uncover the reasons. We all have nightmares and you can still be confused. Right, going back to the spiritual meaning of this dream. A child can be another representation of something important in your life this could be possibly your own business, career, people around you care about and finally your actual children. Think about the age of the children in your dream are they the same age as they are now? If for example in real life your child is an adult any dream of being a child taken away by the authorities then this can represent another avenue of your life that you feel you will lose. The numeric age of the children is important in your dream. From a numerology perspective if your children are the age they are now it can be a dream of inner fear.

What does it mean to see a baby taken away from you in a dream?

If your baby is being taken away from you in the dream this can be a clue. If they are not a baby in real life. The dream can mean “your baby” what is important to you may be taken away. There are so many possibilities of what the child can mean. There is something else that needs to be mentioned at this point. There was an ancient belief by John Paul Jackson that dreams of your children actually mean your own inner child in a dream. Did you have a negative childhood? If so, this dream can just mean that maybe you would have been better raised to be taken away. It can mean the child in the dream is associated with your own healing in life. To have your baby taken by the authorities and social workers at birth, can again be a traumatic dream. It can suggest that you are unable to care for something in your life like you should.

Looking at the statistics it is rare for children to be taken away. In the US 415k children were taken into foster care in 2015 and 50k children adopted. So you have the assurance that this is a low probability of this being a reality - and the dream simply means that you are just worried about being a good mother and father. To be taken into care yourself in your dream is associated with your own ambitions. It can indicate you are not feeling settled in life. It can also mean that your children are in literal danger in life. Sometimes there is literal meanings in life that it is a “danger” call. Are you leaving your children somewhere in the near future? You need to ensure that they are safe at all times. Your children taken by social services can also suggest that you are struggling at being a parent. It can mean you need to rest more, enjoy them. Be firm. Being a parent is hard work so it is only natural to at times find it difficult. Try to look at your inner child and if you have had issues with your self esteem. If you see someone snatching the child away from you in a dream this can suggest that you have to focus on your own personal growth in life.

Great parenting traits that you need to take away from this dream meaning

  • Easy going and flexible.
  • Never engage in shouting at the children - explain what they have done wrong calmly.
  • Engage your children in activities.
  • Have a sense of humour and tell stories that inspire them.
  • Listen to your children, talk, read books, play games.
  • Be a great role model for your children.
  • Give your children respect and confidence.
  • Have a healthy diet and routine.
  • Offer academic support in life.

What does it mean to see adoption in a dream?

For your children to be adopted in your dream without your consent can just be that you are struggling with parenting or alternatively you need to heal your inner child within. For more information on adoption see this dream meaning by clicking here.

What does it mean to see fostering in a dream?

For your children to be fostered or put into a child’s home in a dream indicates that you may need some emotional support in life. It can mean you wish to challenge something new. It can suggest that change is coming and you want to connect with how you were when you were young. It can imply that you are integrating something in life that is difficult. Think about your career.

What does it mean to see a child protection court in a dream?

Seeing a court suggests a problem about being fair in life and having justice. To explain or be interviewed before going to court indicates that you require justice in life. being outside a court in a dream suggests you need to be more responsible. Maybe you have not been strict enough with the children and you need a better routine.

Feelings involved in a dream of losing your children:

Fear, loss, worry, unhappiness, despair, sadness, crying about the loss of children in your dream, waking up worried about losing your children and panic.

In your dream:

You child was taken by the authorities. You attended court in your dream to keep your children. You were interviewed by social workers. People were taking your children. The police took your children. Your ex-partner took your children.

By Florance Saul
Aug 11, 2017