Abalone dream meanings

Abalone Dream Meaning

An Abalone is a small sea snail that is edible.

Welcome to this website I do hope you enjoy reading about your dream. So you had a dream of an Abalone? For this to appear in your dream it means that there is potential for a brand new beginning or growth. Should you see abalone swimming in the sea, you might be wasting your energy on something. This shell is normally located in the United States on the coast. The shell is made up of a number of lovely colors and glistens in the light. For this to appear in one’s dream is connected to harmony. The colors within the shell mean that calmness is encouraged in daily life.

What is the dream interpretation of seeing an abalone?

As beautiful as the Abalone is, this dream gives you hope for an emotionally wonderful time in the future. To see the abalone glittering in the sea means that you will of be stimulated by intuition and imagination. To eat the abalone means success. The Abalone seen in a dream denotes that you expect changes in your personal life. In a dream, the snail means that soon a person will appear in your life, the connection will bring you many happy times in life and fill your life with a new meaning. If in a dream where there are people including the Abalone - then maybe soon you will participate in a wedding celebration or a lavish holiday for a birthday. If you see the snail and the sea together in your dream, then you are promised a meeting with an old friend or girlfriend. These are the older dream dictionary meanings!

What is the spiritual meaning of a dream of a snail?

A snail in a dream helps us to understand that we are not alone, and suggests that romantic feelings can overwhelm us in the very near future. Often seeing a snail in a dream portends an early meeting, which can grow into something more and become the beginning of a great love. After such a dream, you should pay attention to the signs of attention from the opposite sex that are being given; perhaps, it is imperceptible that a colleague at work who is flirting with you can become your companion in life.

To see others eating abalone means that a close person who is passionate and supportive, but needs to watch out for jealousy and controlling behavior. So, let's end it there.

In your dream, you may have

  • Eaten the Abalone. Seen an abalone. Cooked with abalones.
  • Positive changes are afoot if.
  • You enjoyed eating the abalone. You were collecting the abalone shells.
  • The shell was in the sea: this means that smoothing situations will soon be yours.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an Abalone

Hopeful, lonesome, focused on other things rather than own self, struggling to achieve aspirations and dreams, dreamer, love for beautiful and wonderful things in life.

By Florance Saul
Aug 22, 2013