Dream Of Drowning Child

dream of drowning child

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The dream meaning of a child drowning is connected to your own inner child and I am sorry you had such a terrifying dream.

In some cases, people can see their own children drowning, such as your son or daughter. Alternatively, it is an unfamiliar child. There is much emotion around this dream and, in essence, it indicates our own fear and anxieties about caring for either someone close to us, our children or our "inner" child. Such a dream can often leave us feeling quite disturbed upon waking. I kept dreaming that my child was drowning in a swimming pool and I could not find her under the water. Water illustrates emotions and the act of drowning indicates you are feeling as if you are losing something. In such a dream, the details need to be considered and also, of course, the body of water that was featured in your dream. If your child was drowning in a river it can signify that you are looking for help from others, to dream that your son or daughter is drowning in the ocean can imply that your emotions are out of control.

Let us take a moment to review the statistics for rescuing drowning in order to get some clarity. For example, in Australia, there are around 9000 rescues each year without any loss of life. Compare this to Turkey where there were around 1500 rescues. Interestingly, in 2009 out of all these rescues, 90% of people survived in Australia, compared to only 23% in Turkey. This is probably due to the fact the equipment in Australia is much more available. If you are living in a country that has beaches and is water friendly then it is not uncommon to dream your child drowns. Especially if you have your own swimming pool. If you find yourself drowning yourself when you are trying to save your child then this can be an equally disturbing dream. It could indicate that you feel that you need to rescue the situation in life.

What is quite interesting in dreams where a child is drowning in an artificial body of water, such as the swimming pool can indicate that certain subconscious forces which are driving you at the moment. Often, I see these types of dreams after a difficult or emotional period in someone's life. As I have already mentioned water is a symbolism in our dreams for own expressions and emotions. If it is our own child is featured in the dream it can be quite a shock, especially in the morning. If you could see your child slipping beneath the surface of water unnoticed or submerged it can often represent the feeling that you are drowning in either work or difficult emotions. To see any type of rescue equipment, such as a float or alternatively a life jacket then this can indicate that you have sufficient resources in order to overcome your battles and bring yourself out of this emotional turmoil. I mention emotional turmoil because of the nature of the dream. To dream of a throw line with its flotation can indicate that somebody is going to rescue you from a difficult situation. Here I have broken down this dream into question and answer format.

What is a general dream interpretation of a child drowning?

Dreaming about drowning can be connected to our emotions. It means you have encountered a rocky time. Dreaming of a child drowning can be somewhat disturbing, especially if it’s your own son or daughter. Mothers and Fathers tend to dream more about their son’s drowning according to my statistics. Dreaming of a daughter drowning can be equally unsettling.

What does it mean to rescue a child from drowning in a dream?

Another dream theme might be quite interesting is the attempt at rescue. In my dream, I dreamed of running and rescuing my child. In dream psychology dreaming of saving someone can mean that you are going to save something important going forward.

What does it mean to dream about your child submerged in water?

I know this can be a rather unsettling dream but to dream about your child being submerged in water represents your deep suppressed feelings and deepest thoughts. It could be that you need to focus on your emotions better in life. Also, think about the relationship with others in this dream. Was anyone else involved? Was anyone trying to save the child? Dreaming of your child being submerged in water may reflect your emotions toward him or her. What is it that you want to say but chose to keep to yourself instead? Being naturally worried about your child might also result in having such dreams.

What does it mean to dream of your husband rescuing your child from drowning?

To dream of your husband rescuing your child from drowning means, you’re too proud to ask for help and assistance in waking life. The dream indicates that you are not the only responsible for the well-being of the family. I had this dream once, and I think it was because my partner was not helping enough around the house. The dream also reflects your sensitivity and needs for help. Everyday life is becoming harder and you’re not sure you can handle the pressure in life.

What does it mean to dream of your child drowning in the ocean?

To dream of your child drowning in the ocean signifies your inability to manage your emotions. In simpler words, this dream reflects the helpless you are feeling. Are could be feeling helpless and lost? If yes, this might be the reason why you dream of your child drowning in the ocean. The dream of the “child” has nothing to do with your child, but with you. To dream of drowning, (in general) means that you’re overwhelmed by your feelings. Alternatively, your dream might reflect the fear you feel when imagining your child’s future. Or it represents your inner child.

What does it mean to dream of your child drowning in a swimming pool?

To dream of your child drowning in a swimming pool means that you’re worried about someone acting irresponsibly. The swimming pool is also a mirror of our own emotions and you should not let emotions overwhelm you. This dream also symbolizes a lack of creativity or reckless behavior by someone close to you. If the child drowning in the pool wasn’t yours, it means that you’ve invested your creativity and that you need to focus on your “family” precious times. Water is one of the most common symbols in dreams and the most powerful which represents your emotional state, and how you express emotions in waking life. It’s a reflection of your subconscious mind. Water can also denote maternal emotions associated with your family, or your desire to become a parent because of its association with the womb.

Water also represents the very beginning of your life, your connection to your mother, God, and Mother Earth. It’s often associated with pregnancy and conceiving a child. Also, the water has a spiritual meaning associated with your emotions. But your dream interpretation depends on how clear was the water in your dream. If the water was clear, this is a positive dream symbol that represents your clear emotions and preparedness for bigger changes.

What is the biblical meaning of a dream of a child drowning?

The Bible mentions dreams throughout and they are often thought to be divine messages. There is much scripture around water in the bible and how this is connected to our emotions and mood. If you dream about life-threatening experiences in water then psalms in the bible can help understand what it means. If we turn to psalms 18:4 this scripture details how a person can be lost in a torrent of water. IT details the force of feeling lost in life but that we need to remain secure. The biblical meaning of a drowning child's dream is not about the child but more about how your life issues, your soul, and also your heart.  Joseph used the Pharaoh's dream to predict seven years' worth of famine and seven years of abundance in Egypt, for instance. In regards to drowning 

By Florance Saul
Apr 22, 2018