Stealing Food

Stealing Food

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

In your dreams you may have seen yourself stealing food.

This can be stealing food while at the table or at the house of someone you know. This can also be stealing food in general as in a marketplace. You may also have been someone else in your dream such as a beggar or a pauper. The food you steal may be food you need to survive.

The opposite may also happen that people may be stealing food from you. In your dreams you may see people you know in your home or at your table, getting and stealing food directly from it. Or you may see strangers just going into your pantry and taking away your food.

Food is a basic need, it represents something we need and something we hunger for. Stealing food represents dishonesty, of people taking something that does not belong to them. It can also represent a person’s feeling of being unable to provide for simple needs and having to resort to stealing to get it. There may be some factors in your life which make you feel unable to provide for even the most basic of things.

In your dream you may have

  • Stolen food from someone you know.
  • Stolen food from markets or strangers.
  • Have food stolen from you.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Resolve the dream and get food without stealing.

Detailed dream interpretation

Stealing food is an act which refers to having to steal a necessity. This necessity may be in the form of both material and emotional objects. If you see yourself stealing food in general, even from people you may not know in your dreams then you may feel a sense of helplessness or worry. You may see yourself as having to resort to stealing to get the basic things. In real life you may be too worried about how to live day to day or acquire the things you need.

If you see yourself stealing food from people you know or people close to you, it may mean something else. You may feel that you are too dependent on them and that you are becoming like a moocher or a parasite. You may also be stealing intangible things such as affection or love from these people.

Stealing food from others may also be a reflection of your envy of them. You may feel that these people are undeservedly better off than you. In your dream, you may be stealing food from them since you feel that you should have what they have.

If in your dreams you see people stealing food from you, it may mean that you view others as mooching off of you or getting what you own. You may recognize certain people in your dream. In real life these may be people you feel are taking advantage of you.

Stealing plenty of food is a symbolism of hunger, perhaps even an insatiable appetite. In real life, you may constantly crave for something. Again this does not need to be material in nature. It can be rewards, accolades or attention. Needing to steal food constantly in your dreams may mean you feel like you are not getting what you deserve.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of stealing food

Guilt, anger, excitement.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013