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Your dream may have involved seeing many bookstores, or you found yourself in a bookstore or library. Books represent knowledge.

Therefore, there is knowledge that you need to take on board. You may have found yourself as a child or alternatively spending time in a bookshop. You may have encountered feeling that you needed to read a particular book. This dream may have involved a bookstore shop or seeing many bookstores.

Dream interpretation of a bookstore or bookstore shop

This dream is interesting in that it is focused on your learning and future intellectual goals. Any bookstore that is featured in your dream is an omen that you have been taken your intellectual pursuits to the extreme. Have you been under a lot of stress lately? In our waking life seeing a bookstore is generally an indication of a place where you can gain and acquire knowledge, thus this dream shows that there is a situation that is going to be inspiring, and their messages are so powerful that they revolutionize our lives. The bookstores that are featured in our dream can signify our memories, learned considerate, thoughts, or ideas of the future.

The surrounding elements of the dream can also indicate that it is time to think about new tasks and make sure that we understand what situations we are in. If the store is large in nature then this can indicate that we are being able to communicate with our subconscious mind. Times are changing! If the store is strange in any way (weird books, strange stairs) then this shows that you may find difficulties at work for some time.

If you visited the bookstore then this dream indicates that you are going to have pleasure in the near future and perhaps gain riches from studying towards something in your life. If you dream you are in a publishing house then this shows great things are going to materialize in the future – get ready for a fresh start. If you dream that you are the author of the books then this is a dream of extreme caution. The key here is to understand that you may encounter some minor trouble in the future.

If you dream of studying towards something and you were visiting the store to buy books then this dream indicates that someone may dishonor you in some way. If you dream that you are unhappy in a bookstore or bookshop is an indication that you may need to make sure all your future pursuits are free from adversity. If you dream of a scrapbook then this shows that others are going to disagree with you in the future. This dream could indicate a positive meaning of wisdom or valuable knowledge. If your dream features children's bookstores then this dream can symbolize an anthology of individual memories from your own childhood. It may also imply your longing to break out from actuality and you must try to draw back from daydreams.

To visit an old-fashioned bookstore in your dream indicates you will be filled with fictional aspirations, that may hinder your other workings and efforts. The subconscious mind is continually creating ways in which to communicate with the conscious mind - in such ways that the dreamer will recognize it without panic or denial. Superstition dream theorists speculate that if you are dreaming of bookstores then you can be assured of slow but steady progress in your life. To see a book in a box in your dream symbolizes your thinking and attitude toward your working life. Opening a box that contains a book in your dream indicates that you are likely to encounter wealth and positive journeys in the future.

If you read a book in the bookstore then you're going to encounter a minor disappointment in the future. To see a red book represents business affairs which are favorable and that you will overcome all obstacles in order ensure that you will secure wealth in the future. To read a factual book in the bookstore shows that it is time to make sure that you give someone a chance. To see a bookstore with many bookcases in your dreams signifies that you will focus on growing your knowledge at work and your social pleasure. If the bookcases are empty then this shows that you will be put out because of lack of work. Here are some old ancient dream interpretation meanings:

  • To dream of books or a bookshop (in old times) means that affairs of pleasure will be attended by you.
  • To dream you see a book in a store, implies sudden news which will be likely to distress you. For a woman to read a book then you may have unexpected favor shown her.
  • For a woman to rip a book is an omen that her pleasure and good fortune will be marred by a sudden trouble.
  • Dream Interpretation of a book store is a positive omen but they need to be sure that the book gives them the knowledge to move on in their lives.
  • To visit a book store in your dream, shows you will be filled with literary aspirations, which will interfere with your other works and work.
  • To visit a book store in your dream, foretells you will be filled with literary aspirations, which will interfere with your other works and labors.
  • For an author to dream of his works going to press, is a dream of caution; he will have much trouble in placing them before the public.
  • To see children reading their books, denotes harmony and good conduct of the young.
  • To dream of old books, is a warning to shun evil.

In your dream you may have

Read a book or visited a bookshop or bookstore. Found yourself in a bookstore or book shop. Visited a library containing many books. Read a book in a bookstore. Seen yourself as a child in a bookstore or book shop. Had a dream you were in a publishing house.

Feelings you may have encountered in your dream of a bookstore

Happy. Intelligent. Reading the bookstore. The bookstore is making you feel content. Ability to express yourself. Dependable upon others reading to you. Comfort, pleasurable, Laughter. Anxiety. Without the feeling of learning. Wanting to learn from the bookstore. Adoring. Happy.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012