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Typically, dreaming of the sun has been associated with achieving success.

Today, we tend to spiritually see the sun as a representative of intellect and awareness of what is going on about us. Additionally, we associate the sun with energy, warmth, and creative vitality. Being in the sunlight arouses thoughts of well-being and rest. The sun can represent itself in different ways during our dream. With the cycle of stars, the sun, the earth movements it spiritually indicates a journey from within. A journey that you are heading for enlightenment. The sun spiritually is scared in many parts of the world. Additionally, the sun represents our spiritual figure or personality. In my opinion, the sun for a basic dream level indicates that you are currently feeling comfort and safety. If you look at the picture of the sun in the sky we can often see a bright light of golden rays. The sun’s warm and gives us light. The sunlight itself will naturally purify anything that was standing away. Often, I believe dreams of a certain are associated with our pathways in life, we use light to see. I am Flo, and here I have given you the dream meaning of the sun -- so please scroll down to find your dream.

What is the spiritual dream interpretation of the sun?

These are the older, ancient dream meaning of seeing the sun. Some of these are far-fetched but I want to try to include them. Seeing the sun in your dream portends abundance, freedom, and prosperity. If the sun is darkened in the dream, it is a good omen, as you could spend money or obtain some new property. Seeing the sun falling into water is the omen for a long life. The sun seen through the clouds in the sky is too a good dream and it means to gain and good endeavors. Dreaming of the sun and moon in the sky portends problems, mainly in marriage. A red sun suggests danger, while a dark sun signals annoyances ahead. A bright sun indicates good relations with the people in your family, as well as at work. Dreaming of the sun being hidden behind clouds is the sign that you will have to make lots of efforts, but you will become rich. This dream is an omen for good weather the day after. If the sun is only partially covered by clouds, it means you will entertain a small financial gain. A sun hidden behind a cloud in a dream could suggest fear and sadness. Passing clouds on top of the sun portends winnings. If in your dream you see the sun in the sky, this means a war is coming close. The sun setting foretells sadness and bitterness, but it is also a sign of unexpected achievements. If the sun falls from the sky in your dream, this is also a sign of conflict and quarrels. If you see the sun falling into water, you will have a long life, but you will receive forsaken promises. I will now go into more ancient dream meanings of the sun. The sun hiding behind clouds in your dream for men is a sign that you are going to meet a woman whom you have not seen for a long time and had a great desire to meet her. A bright sun through the clouds is a dream which portends luck. Such a dream denotes that, you are going to manage your difficulties and troubles and they will all remain in your past. You are going to start something successful like a new business or even develop a loving relationship.

Seeing a clear sun suggests abundance, success, and good health. If you dream of an eclipse of the sun, this portends conflict, a painful experience in the family and your job may be threatened. If the sun enters your house in a dream, you will enjoy gains and various sorts of benefits. Seeing the sun darkened by fog means you will overcome some dissatisfaction's. A dark sun is an omen for sadness, while a clear bright sun is an omen for big joy.

If you see the reflection of the sun shining in the water, you will receive doubtful promises. A bright sun means spotless reputation. An unclear and dark sun indicates that your life could be in danger. Wearing sunglasses in a dream means that you are optimistic and have lots of good plans for the future. Basking in the sun on the beach warns you not to take hasty decisions. Catching the sun in your dream is an omen for a matchmaker in your waking life. Seeing sunshine means that you are protected by someone important. Seeing the sunrise is the sign of joy around you. But if you dream of a red sun, this is a bad omen, foretelling possible death or a big pain. Now I have given you a quick overview of what the sun means I will move onto the general meaning.

What is the general dream meaning of seeing the sun?

Seeing the sun in your dream is an indicator of enlightenment, peace of mind, goodwill, tranquility, insight, and fortune. The sun brings out the divine power and radiant energy to your life and thus making it a good omen in your life and especially if it is a brightly shining sun. Psychologically, the sun is a masculine symbol which is the intellect and the conscious mind. It can be a reflection of the true self and thus portray the intelligence as a separate entity from intuition. A hot and scorching sun is a representation of your intellectual powers which could be dominating the psyche and making to be in danger of your emotional life being destroyed.

In the mystical world, the sun was man’s first god because it drove away from the darkness which brought the night. For many years, the sun has been considered as a symbol of blessings, and that is why, during tarot card reading, the sun is a representation of exuberance and joy. To dream of the sun is a promise of happiness in your life. The sun in the sky in a bright day where there is no single cloud means that you are going to be successful with an acquaintance soul mate who is going to ask you for your hand in marriage. But if you are a man, it means that you are going to have a romantic relationship, but it won’t materialize into marriage. The sun setting in your dream could serve as a warning that, it is high time that you moved with speed because you have already passed your peak and if don’t take care, you are going to lose everything that you have worked hard for. All the fortune and success that comes with the rising sun will leave with the setting sun. The sun shining while it is raining is an indicator that, your life is going to change for the better and you will be successful in several areas of your life. Seeing the high sun is a sign of satisfaction of limitless possibilities and ambition. To not see the sun in a dream indicates that you need to develop and improve your potential which in turn will help you when it comes to achieving greater heights in your life endeavors. With such a dream, you should know that nothing is impossible in life.

What are the facts about the sun?

I am going to briefly go over some facts about the sun. This is important to gain a greater understanding in the dream. According to an astrologist, the sun is a star meaning it doesn’t have a solid surface, but it is just a bowl full of gas, i.e., 7.8 percent helium and 92.1 hydrogen gas and it is held together via its gravity. The sun has various roles in the space and here on earth. It is the gravitational center of the solar system, making up to 99.8 percent of the entire system. Through it, the other planets are kept in their places in the orbits. Apart from the above, it is important to note the following facts about the sun which I feel is interesting in order to identify your dream meaning:

  • That it is so big that, one million of a spherical earth is what could fit and fill the sun. If the earth was empty without any wasted space, then 1.3 million of it is what could fill the sun to capacity. The sun is 11,900 times the surface of the earth.
  • The temperature in the sun can reach up to 15 million degrees Celsius. It is at its core that energy is generated by nuclear fusion; the hydrogen is converted into helium. Thanks to its gravitational force otherwise, because hot objects expand, the sun is that hot would have exploded like a giant bomb.
  • One of this fine days, the sun is going to be the size of the earth. After it is through with its red giant force, it will certainly collapse which will make it only to retain its enormous mass that is almost equal to the earth. When it happens, the sun will be referred to as a white dwarf.
  • When the hydrogen contained in the sun is burned down, it will go on for about 130 million years to burn the helium. During this period, it will engulf Venus and Mercury and the earth and become a red giant.
  • The sun is a perfect sphere which is only 10-kilometer difference in polar diameter compared to its equatorial diameter. Due to its vast expanse, it is the best sphere shape in nature.
  • The sun is 24,000 – 26,000 light years from the galactic center, for it to complete an orbit of the milky way center, it takes around 225 to 250 million years
  • Due to the fact the earth travels in an elliptical orbit around the sun, the distance between the sun and the earth fluctuates between 147 to 152 million kilometers. It varies throughout the year.
  • The sun is at 4.5 billion years; it has burned half of its hydrogen for the next around 5 billion, it will be able to burn the remaining hydrogen. So at the moment, the sun is middle-aged, and it is a star known as Yellow Dwarf.
  • During magnetic storms is when a solar flare occurs resulting in the formation of magnetic energy, causing sunspots, which are equivalent to what tornadoes do here on earth.
  • The sun is a stream of charged particles which are traveling through the solar system at 450 kilometers per second. And because the solar wind occurs where there is a magnetic field of the sun, it means the sun generates solar wind.

What does it mean to dream of a red sun?

Seeing a red sun in your dream warns of danger while the darkening sun is a sign of frustrating times shortly. You will need to keep your level of stress under control. The red color is normally associated with danger, and thus it could indicate that you are going to have a fight which will not be easy at all. There is a possibility that you are angry with something which is no longer relevant and that is why there is a need for you to channel this feeling out of you. This dream is a warning that you should look and evaluate how much time and energy which you have wasted letting this anger take control of you because you gain nothing. A red sun portrayed in your dream could mean that you will have it hard shortly as you will get so ladened with burdens that will be too much for you. But the good news is that it will just be for a short while after which, you will recover and continue with your normal life

Alternatively, the red sun in your dream is a negative omen as it denotes difficulties or transformation. I would say, such a dream means that something inside you is going to die; a relationship, a passion, a period in your history, a phase in your life, and it is going to cause you emotional pain as you let it go. On the other hand, it could be that you are fearful of something in your life like fear of the unknown or an abrupt change which you least expected. Are you afraid of things you don’t have control over? The change of the sun’s color to red could be symbolic of the changes currently happening in your life. A red sun is an unusual sight and it could indicate that there is something in your real life which has jolted you because it is extraordinary. Or it could be that you have become complacent and you require someone or something to cause such an action in your life.

What does it mean to dream of a black sun?

A black sun in your dream, according to ancient dream books is indicative of melancholy, crazy moods, and despair. It is an indicator that you are supposed to notice the health of your loved ones or even yourself as you might be having a minor illness. You don’t need to worry too much about it because it won’t last for too long and the good part of it is that, it is not a serious illness. Alternatively, it could mean that you are going to experience some changes in your life like interferences in your marriage, economic losses, or some momentary hardship making you upset. For a woman, such a dream could denote your husband’s salary going down or your son becoming sick.

What does it mean to dream of the stars were moving around the sun?

A dream where you see the stars moving around the sun is a great, lucky omen. It symbolizes a good fortune, lofty ideas, good luck and excellent as well as success and achievements. It denotes that you are thinking about success and your true goals and likes. To us, the stars normally represent heavens as they are more remote and greater than human beings. The dream could mean that you are raring to go and are ready to trust your life in the hands of fate. On the other hand, a dream where stars are moving around the sun could be a representation of people that you admire - those that have fortune and fame. Stars can be a little blinding, and that is why when you are in love, you are said to have starry eyes. You might be having desires and hopes which are not practical or realistic

What does it mean to dream of seeing more than one sun?

The sun is a symbol of consciousness and also a symbol of God and the King, the more than one sun in your dream could be a representation the unconscious side of life which includes source of life that will one day return. The other sun could be representing your outer life that includes the ego consciousness of your human nature. When you are in the dream state, ultimately the unconscious, you will tend to identify with the larger which means you will be full of yourself and have a godlike behavior and feel entitled. Freud believed that a smaller sun in dreams is a representation of ego consciousness. If you undervalue the two suns, negative inflation will occur. After such a dream, you will need to reflect on how these two suns are related to your personality or how your personality related to the two suns.

What is the dream meaning of a sun shining at night?

A sun shining at night is an indication of comfort and protection. Do you have this feel-good attitude around you? You are going to get a lot of guidance to come out of the problems in your waking life. Are you are contented and happy with the way your life is proceeding? Seeing a sun at night in dreams often denote a new start.

What does a dream about sunshine mean?

A dream of the sun shining is indicative of an omen for the matchmaker in dream lore. It denotes that there is someone who is protecting you and the person is very important in your life and the community at large. It can be indicative of happiness, vitality, youth, and good health. When the sun shines, it is symbolic of new ideas or good news. If the sun keeps on decreasing, it symbolizes lessening of positive aspects of your life. If there is too much sunshine in your dream, it could be a sign of the destruction of health, overexposure, property or conditions.

It is a well-known idea that sunshine provides warmth and if combined with water, plants can manufacture their food through photosynthesis. Meaning, without the sun, humans will be desperate because there will be no plants for food. Those people who live under extreme weather conditions seem to be unhappy with life. Sunshine gives us vitamin D nutrients which are important for bones building and strong teeth. Low level of vitamin D can cause rickets, some cancer, and multiple sclerosis. If you see yourself standing in the sun in your dream, it means that you feel cared for and very happy and all your needs are being met. Your life is a blessing. If the sun breaks in the clouds, it implies that you have a hopeful outlook even when faced with difficulties. If you are unable to find the sunshine in your dream, then it implies that you are busy looking for relief from strive, but you are not sure if you will be successful or not.

A dream where you arrive at a location filled with sunshine means that your new ventures are going to be successful. If you see yourself set to a location where there is sunshine, then it implies that you are taking the right steps in your life to make sure that you get a favorable future. If in your trip you are leaving the sunshine behind you, then it means that you are headed for misfortune, or your successes are likely to be dampened shortly. When you see the sunshine and children can symbolize your youthful, carefree lifestyle, or you are likely to be blessed with a child. Seeing yourself and a lover or a mate walk in the sunshine is a positive and a good relationship shortly. If in your dream the clouds suddenly appear while you were enjoying the sunshine is an indicator that, there are problems in your relationship. If you notice a lack of sunshine while you are out with your lover could be a sign of restlessness or boredom in your current relationship. After such a dream, it will be best for both of you to let the sun in by doing things which can remove the boredom like going on adventures.

What does it mean to dream of seeing the sun explode?

A dream where you see the sun exploding is an indicator of a devastating or traumatic end to a relationship or situation. You are having this feeling that there is an important part of your life which has come to an end.

What does it mean to dream of the sun and moon together in a dream?

A dream where you see the sun and the moon together can denote that there will be problems in your family life. It might be that your marriage will collapse. After such a dream, you are going to have to commit more quality time with the people who are important to you.

What does it mean to dream of a rising sun?

A rising sun in your dream could denote the beginning of something while a sunset represents the end of something.

Your dream

  • The sun is covered by clouds.
  • The sun is only partly covered.
  • The sun in the sky.
  • The sun setting.
  • A sunset.
  • The sun falls from the sky.
  • An eclipse of the sun.
  • More than one sun in the sky.
  • The sun enters the sea.
  • The sun’s reflection in water.
  • Sunglasses.
  • You are basking in the sun.
  • A red sun.
  • The sun is shining.
  • The sun and the moon in opposite sides of the sky.
  • Sunshine.
  • A sunrise.

Advice from your dream

You enjoyed the sight of the sun. The sun was beneficial to you. You had a spiritual encounter with the sun.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of sun

Happy. Energetic. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Full of joy. Full of life. Relaxed. Grateful. Appreciative. Generous. Secure. Warm. Protected. Hot.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012