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The presence of someone suffering from mental health in a dream can relate to the natural course of life, we all have ups and downs is the message.

If there is someone you know who is simply insane in your dream the can indicate that you may face some confusion going forward. To dream of fighting with a mad person can symbolize that you may have to think about your intense emotions. The fight and conflict in the dream is a representation of how you could possibly be feeling about others. People in essence don’t publish their flaws.

What did the dream psychologies say about dreaming of a manic depressive?

I often turn to famous psychologists to gain an idea on each dream. Freud said in his many books that sanity in dreams often related to our own ancient feelings in childhood. Manic depressive illnesses can sometimes appear in dreams. To dream of observing or having manic-depressive problems normally occurs when you need to make a decision that could not be favorable in the long term. In life, we often have struggles. To see someone with mania or an illness such as bio polar indicates the presence of a challenge going forward.

A "maniac" as defined by the dictionary is a person who shows an extreme desire for something. Dreaming about a maniac suggests there maybe some worry in your current life. I have seen on occasion that this dream can represent someone is having a depressive episode that is close to the dreamer it could mean someone is on the verge of breaking down. This dream can also mean that you think you’ve had enough and you simply want to quit. Sorry to say!

You could have found yourself:

  • Dreaming about a maniac.
  • Seeing yourself with mental health problems in a dream.
  • To dream of someone suddenly acting like a maniac.

Quick Interpretation

  • Depicts an event in your life that made you drive over the edge.
  • You are exhausted from suppressing your feelings and also from excessive work.
  • It means that you are starting to feel angry over life.

Detailed explanation

When you dream about a maniac, it probably is a reflection that you are experiencing a certain level of stress in life. Do you sometimes feel worried about a situation? A good example of the result of such a dream would be the time that a family member is seriously ill.

What happens if you are the maniac? To dream that you are the maniac suggests that you need a time to relax. You have been very busy these past few days and you may have forgotten about making sure that you unwind and enjoy your life. This dream is basically a manipulation of your inner thought that you need to break free and savor the good times in life but your work schedule and current commitments deprive you from doing so. I also suggest that you finish all your projects.

When you dream about someone showing an extreme sign of distress in a dream, it means that you may not trust yourself fully. This could be in relation to a bad habit in life. Maybe this is the result of years of agony and covering up your true feelings.

When you feel like you’ve had enough and you’re thinking of giving up, don’t. These things are a test for you to cherish the sweetness of success. You’ll never know how it truly feels to be happy if you’ve never experienced sadness. We must always remember that dark and light co-exist for a reason. It happens to all of us. Don’t think you’re the only one undergoing that kind of stress. You might not know why it’s happening today, but if you surpass it, you’ll look back and just laugh at it. Keep smiling!

By Florance Saul
Mar 17, 2013