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Maniac as defined by the dictionary is a person who shows an extreme desire for something.

Dreaming about a maniac suggests a different interpretation. It simply means that you are in the verge of breaking down; you think you’ve had enough and you simply want to quit.

Dream concerning Maniac...

  • Dreaming about a maniac.
  • Dreaming yourself as a maniac.
  • TO dream of someone suddenly acting like a maniac.

Quick Interpretation...

  • Depicts an event in your life that made you drive over the edge.
  • You are exhausted from suppressing your feelings and also from excessive work.
  • It means that you are starting to feel angry over life.

Detailed explanation...

When you dream about a maniac, it probably means that you are experiencing a certain level of distress.  You feel like you’re going to be insane if that situation didn’t stop.  A good example would be the time that a family member is seriously ill.  Pray to God and ask for guidance, also look at a brighter side. A situation like this can bring the family closer together.  Deal with this problem as a family.  Always look at the lighter side, keep life as simple as possible. Do not make it complicated.

To dream that you are the maniac suggests that you need a time to relax. You have been very busy these past few days and forgot the time to unwind and enjoy your life.  Your dream is basically a manipulation of your inner thought that you want to break free and savor the good times in life but your work schedule and current commitments deprive you from doing so.  I suggest that you finish all your responsibility first and take a time off.  Bring your family and enjoy a quick vacation.  Sometimes work can be so toxic, that’s why we are given the chance to take a breather.

When you dream about someone showing an extreme sign of enthusiasm, it means that the anger you have in your heart is starting to build up.  You are beginning to look towards life in a bad way.  Maybe this is the result of years of agony and covering up your true feelings.  You hesitated to ask for support from your family and friends and made your life miserable.  This is a dangerous feeling, and in some cases it can result in suicide.    In my opinion, it’s not yet too late to ask for help. Your family will always support you no matter what.  Your friends might turn their back on you for acting a bit hypocrite, but your family, never.  But if you are still unsure whether to ask for their help or not, I recommend seeking a professional help or undergoing a group of activities that can help you change your outlook in life.

When you feel like you’ve had enough and you’re thinking of giving up, don’t.  These things are a test for you to cherish the sweetness of success.  You’ll never know how it truly feels to be happy if you’ve never experienced sadness.  We must always remember that dark and light co-exist for a reason.  It happens to all of us. Don’t think you’re the only one undergoing that kind of stress.  You might not know why it’s happening today, but if you surpass it, you’ll look back and just laugh at it.  Keep smiling!

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