Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

An image of a tower represents that you are going to be engaging in some highly challenging objectives in the future.

If you climb the tower, then you are likely to succeed, however if you cannot reach the top of the tower, then you may encounter disappointment.

In your dream you may have

  • You see a tower.
  • A tower with a bell.
  • A golden tower.
  • A ruined tower.
  • A bell tower.
  • A very tall tower.
  • A tower from which you hear bells ringing.
  • You want a tower.
  • A tall tower.
  • Going up in a tower.
  • Lots of towers.
  • The towers of a castle.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You communicate better.
  • You harness your skills in a work situation.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming about a tower housing a treasure suggests spiritual richness. An illuminated tower is the omen of a spiritual struggle. If the tower in your dream cannot be seen clearly, this foretells a struggle for eliminating illusions. A black tower suggests that you have some good foundations in life. If the tower is ruined, but still pretty, this omens disillusions and frustrations.

Seeing a tower with a bell means good relationships at work. If the bell in the tower rings from young people in love, this means marriage. If the bell rings for a dead person, it means that someone with authority is interested in you. Ringing the bells of a tower yourself indicates that you will make a special friendship. Seeing someone ringing the bells is the omen of gratifying news.

Building a tower in your dream means that your arrogance will lead you to decay. A besieged tower suggests victory over your enemies, and that you might be involved in an issue about freedom. A burned tower portends a misfortune. If in your dream you hear about a tower, this means loss or death are ahead.

Demolishing a tower in your dream refers to the loss of power and honor. A demolished tower means quarrels started because of you. A large tower in your dream means unexpected happiness, while the tower of a royal castle suggests unforeseeable luck. If you visit a tower in your dream, it indicates that you are content, but also that you might encounter troubles and misery ahead.

If you dream of a skyscraper, then this reflects your ambitions in a work situation. It is important that you stop and understand your spiritual development going forward. How you communicate with others and your function in the waking world above all it is important at how this will affect your future successes. Dreaming about a tower foretells rain or hail ahead.

A golden tower in your dream foretells quarrels and unpleasant moments. If the tower is ruined, this suggests tiredness and stubbornness ahead. If the tower is very tall, this means you are involved in a compromising situation. A tall tower portends that you are going to win over your difficulties. Seeing a tower means success ahead. To dream that you see a tall tower, or if you dream you watch from such a tower it means that false friends are trying to deceive you.

If in your dream you see a tower with a bell, this indicates good relations at work. If you here the bells ringing inside the tower, this predicts good news. Being in a tower means you might lose your freedom. If you go up the tower, you will fulfill and realize your projects.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of tower

Admiring. Happy. Content. Relaxed. Joyful. Charmed. Enjoying. Jolly. Surprised.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012