Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

In dreams, we sometimes see rooms and sense the overall atmosphere inside the room. 

Maybe in the dream, you feel excited to find a room, or it is a room you have neglected for some time. You open the curtains and start to plan how you will clean and restore the room, or you keep on finding room after room with quiet amazement. Perhaps in your dream, you are in an unknown room or in your house (but your house might not be what it is like in the waking world) or you walk through many rooms. What does this dream mean?

What do dreams of rooms mean?

If you dream of a room or find yourself alone in a room this represents different factors of your personality within the waking world. If you dream of a small room, then this can indicate you are hoping to escape from reality, and go somewhere where you can find comfort and freedom. If you encounter more than one room in your dream, then this suggests different stages of your life. A dream which involves many rooms of your house can indicate the importance of family beliefs and occasions.

Dreaming of a foreign room means you will accomplish your plans ahead. A living room in your dream means troubles, unpleasant events, and difficulties in your daily life. A bedroom portends peace in your soul, harmony at home, and good relations in general. In the Persian tradition, a bedroom in a dream portends joy.

What is the spiritual message of dreaming of rooms?

This dream is a reminder that something you loved was lost or destroyed earlier in your life. The house represents you. The different rooms and attributes within the house represent your interests and capabilities. A positive thing is the discovery of a forgotten room. You could, in the dream found it unbelievable that the room had been neglected for so many years, and maybe you felt fun in order to get it back in order.

If you have lost an “inner” part of yourself then this dream is common. The dream can serve as a reminder to ground yourself with positive energy and, in essence, you still have potential within. The items in the room are a reminder of the bright, funny, and real you that was temporarily lost.

You can take a lesson from the dream and realize that you must stop comparing yourself with others or performing for their advantage. My friend had this dream when she was dating a married man, I know what you might think but they were truly in love but he would not leave his wife. This is why the dream was a part of “herself” that she needed to discover. You need to lose something in order to love yourself, that is the key message of the dream.

    Detailed dream interpretation of a room

    A room in your dream is the sign that you want to have someone to guide you. If you dream of a room and you are unmarried, this is the sign of marriage, or at least of marriage plans ahead. A room seen in a dream portends construction plans. A beautiful and attractive room means quietness and well-being.

    Dreaming of a waiting room foretells uncertainty in regard to a project that could go wrong. A ballroom means emotional problems. A bedroom is the omen of joy and good relationships in your family. A game room suggests that your ideas cannot be put into practice. Dreaming about a living room predicts unexpected guests.

    If in your dream you see an uncomfortable room, this means fears and frustrations. A humid room refers to your fear of luck. If the room in your dream has no doors, this is the omen of a future without luck and possible unhappiness. A room can also mean displeasure and poverty.

    Dreaming of an emergency room suggests that you will receive a visit from some of your relatives. A room with open windows and doors indicates that you will be freed from difficulties. If you see a children’s room, this means joy, health, and prosperity, and if you are married, the same dream predicts the birth of a baby boy.

    A dining room in your dream omens sorrow and poverty. If you see a thermometer in a room, it means you are very cautious when you make decisions. If you place things in a room in your dream, this means you are going to make marriage plans, but your family might be against them. A cleanroom suggests an incredible gain ahead. A room you can live in is the omen of unpleasant events.

    If you see smoke in a room, this means damage. A big room is the omen of wealth, while a small room indicates big losses. Dreaming of a dirty room means you are unsteady. If you see a room in your dream, this denotes that you might get married soon. A room for living is not always a good dream, as it can portend privations, poverty, and various troubles ahead.

    In your dream, you may have

    • You see an attractive room.
    • A waiting room.
    • A ballroom.
    • A bedroom.
    • A room with games.
    • An uncomfortable room.
    • A living room.
    • A humid room.
    • A room without a door.
    • A children’s room.
    • A dining room.
    • Many rooms.
    • A foreign room.
    • A dirty room.

    Positive changes are afoot if

    • The dream was a pleasant experience.
    • Seeing the room was enjoyable.
    • You are able to treat the condition successfully.
    • The dream resulted in peace and happy times.

    Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of rooms

    Happy. Relaxed. In control. Feeling good. Admiring. Pleased. Enjoying. Content. Joyful. Impressed.

    By Flo Saul
    Jun 14, 2012