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Baby carriage baby pram dream

Baby carriage.

A baby carriage as an old-fashioned term for a pram.

We have included this in the dream dictionary because of the ancient dream dictionaries that we have researched and sourced information have featured a “baby carriage.” A baby carriage signifies birth and regeneration. It is a positive dream to encounter and is associated with a new start in life. If you are pushing a baby carriage in your dream then this is a positive omen.

In your dream you…

  • Pushed a baby carriage.
  • Other people could see the baby carriage.
  • You bought a baby carriage.

Detailed meaning…

This dream can suggest that other people will need your help going forward. If you see a baby in the baby carriage and this is even more positive. Suggest that you will be taking some holidays and enjoying your life. If the baby carriage breaks or you cannot push the baby then this suggests that there are going to be obstacles in your way.

As we have already concluded the baby carriage is focused on rebirth. If you buy a baby carriage or pram in your dream and this can indicate that fertility is important to you. To rock the baby carriage is a positive omen. It indicates good luck.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a baby carriage...

Happiness. Rebirth. New baby and happiness.

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