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A tree is associated with your life.

The roots are your foundations of life. The trunk and branches are elements of your existence. In summary, a dream of a tree is a symbolic meaning of life. The tree is a representation of how life grows and the connection to your family and relatives. In particular, this dream represents different elements of your self-development through your experiences in waking life. The message is that everyone grows into something and the dream should be interpreted as a positive omen. This dream also denotes that you have grown from the past into the current time by using positive energy, and by allowing new people to enter your life and help you. The branches of the tree represent close relationships and the different directions of your personality. The roots in the ground express your grasp on things that affect you in life, like your family or cultural ties.

Detailed dream interpretation

This dream should be viewed in a positive light, as it can also suggest a new life and new opportunities which are coming your way. The branches show your ability to develop new relationships with other people, and the fact that they move in different directions means that there will be an opportunity of many new friendships. The tree should also be seen as giving faith to a project or business venture. A tree that is seen from above indicates that you have many wishes and that you need to project what your dreams are before you can achieve more in your life. To see a dead tree in your dream means you may be feeling that things have entered a climax, and you need to take action.

The type of tree featured in your dream

The type of tree is important when interpreting your dream meaning. If you dream of eating a fruit from a fruit tree, then it is a good sign that you will reap the benefits of a task at work. These benefits do not necessarily mean that things will remain positive in the long-term. If you are dreaming of an herb tree such as a bay tree, this means that you are going to feel trapped at work because of a lost opportunity. To dream of a cherry tree indicates that someone is going to be sweet to you shortly. If the type of tree featured in the dream does not bear fruit, it this may be portrayed as a reflection of your associations, and would normally refer to having to discover more about yourself. A dream of a willow tree it represents that growth will be accomplished through other people.

Elements of a tree and your dream

A leaf featured in your dream is associated with your emotions. It may represent how you feel about other people. If in your dream the focus is more associated with the leaves, rather than the whole tree, then it is connected to the feminine part of you. To see oak leaves denotes future nurturing and growth, as well as a possible pregnancy. The color of the leaves in your dream represents the productive energy. The greener and more radiant the leaves are in a dream, the more likely that you will have a baby soon. To dream of dried leaves means that you have been suffering from low energy.

Falling leaves, such as in autumn are associated with negativity. If in your dream you see falling leaves, the meaning is that you need to try to pick yourself up after an adversity. To dream that you are walking through falling leaves means that things need to be left behind, and you need to move on with life. If you see the tree’s branches in your dream, this it is associated with masculine energies. If in your dream the focus is on its trunk, your attention is called for in connection of unlocking an important message from your spirits. If you see the roots, there are many things you need to discover in order to get a happy life. Dreaming of being under the shade of a tree gives you a feeling of security for taking refuge under the protection of a more focused and advanced entity than an individual.

Climbing the trunk or the tree/falling

If you dream of climbing a tree on its trunk it denotes that an aggressive or negative energy within yourself is pushing you into a decision. You might feel ambitious to move up the ladder at work or to be more productive in a project. If you are climbing the tree it signifies there are secrets that need to be shared. To fall from a tree means that you are going to attract unwanted of unexpected loss of honor.

Cutting a tree/falling tree/tree stump

To see a tree cut down, or to cut a tree yourself in your dream indicates that you are going to be confused by someone's actions. It is important that you uncover the truth behind closed doors. Ancient dream interpreters would associate a falling tree with falling kingdoms. These days the dream can also mean a compulsory sacrifice for the good of society or a close friend. If your attention is drawn to the fallen tree’s stump, it means that sometimes you do not get the message that you like.

To dream of woods, forest or more than one tree together indicates that you will discover your own spiritual growth and happiness within yourself. As a wooded area is generally natural, it is a direct reflection on how you feel about your inner self. The dream is encouraging you to relax and be natural. To dream of burning trees or a wood fire indicates that you are feeling pain, and that you need to hide away to get yourself better. To be in a wood at night indicates that you hold deep emotions about exploring new possibilities, and you need to let yourself be happy. A dream of a Christmas tree indicates that you need to make progress, and happy times are ahead.

What is the symbol of a tree?

A tree is a symbol of life connection to all things. Thanks to the roots of a tree they can reach deeply into the ground to connect to Mother Earth and allow her to take care of their nourishment, while the leaves and branches stretch to the sky to connect to Father Sun. Spiritually speaking a tree can accept the energy that life is offering you as nourishment. The tree symbolizes a connection to the world around you and your ability to grow and your ability to grow and develop spiritually. In psychoanalysis, the tree is a symbolic reference to the mother, to death and rebirth, and to spiritual and intellectual growth. It also says that the shade, fruit, and protective nature of trees portray the woman. These features are seen as maternal or feminine symbols. However, at the same time, the upright trunk is a phallic symbol. According to the work of Carl Jung, the tree is a symbol of our higher Self – the equality and integration between the feminine and masculine principles, and individualization.

What does burning trees mean in dreams?

A tree is a common symbol in dreams and can have an incredible variety of meanings. As Carl Jung said in his book “Man and his Symbols” the tree might symbolize your personal growth, evolution or transformation, and psychological maturation. It also denotes death because of Christ’s crucifixion on the tree. However, it all depends on how you dream the tree.

For example, if you saw burning trees in your dream, it means your spiritual growth and development will be interrupted by someone or something. Fire is a symbol of destruction, passion, danger, energy, transformation, ideas, and the tree symbolizes security, growth, stability, protection, acquiring greater knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, your dream means you have to go through some difficulties and transformations to become the person you wanted to be and to accomplish your goals in your waking life.

What is a dream meaning of cutting tree branches?

To dream of cutting tree branches has a positive and negative interpretation, depending on how your life’s going in reality. Your dream either represents the connections you chose to cut off and everything else you plan on leaving behind in life. This is a great time if you feel that you’re doing the right thing, especially in a career. Pruning a tree is the positive dream interpretation. On a negative note, this dream can also be connected to your isolation from the world. If you are feeling depressed and you want to be left alone then the tree in dreams often appears. There is a hidden meaning here, don’t stay alone for too long because you might fall in love with solitude. That’s not a bad thing but you will miss the beautiful moments with the people you love if you pick solitude and retreating from the world.

What is the biblical meaning of a tree and how does this relate to a dream?

As I have previously mentioned, the tree is an important symbol in the Bible and has spiritual meaning because of Christ’s crucifixion on a tree. According to the Bible, trees are beautiful things given by God for the use of humans and other living beings on this earth. God made trees with seed-bearing fruit in order to help us increase their number with planting seeds.

In Genesis 2:8-9, we can notice that God planted a garden, while in Genesis 2:15, he or she gave Adam the responsibility to manage and take care of the garden properly. Meaning, with our help, trees could be of great use and may help us reduce global poverty. You probably have heard of the apple Eva ate and committed a sin. In Genesis 2:16-17, God gave Adam and Eva the first command and it was related to the fruit of the tree and they disobeyed.

If you dream of the tree, you’re probably afraid of a certain event in the unknown. You want to resist some temptation (like Adam and Eve) but don’t know how because you are meeting tempted by the situation for the first time this dream can indicate a move towards a greater good. This dream of the tree also represents your ability to provide for your family.

What is a spiritual meaning of an uprooted tree?

To dream of an uprooted tree means that your plans will fall apart. Also, think about movies you may have seen that had uprooted trees, this may affect your dream state. Sigmund Freud believed that images in films affect our dreams. The dream also denotes broken family ties and inner conflicts – rather much like things are uprooted. Before you connect with others, you need to connect with yourself first. I will say, that you will find it easier to love others if you love yourself more.

What is a spiritual meaning of the coconut tree?

To dream of a coconut tree means you’re feeling tired in dream lore. Even if you don’t have much responsibility in waking life, you’re still tired. Maybe it’s your soul is tired, and the only way to feel rested is isolation. I will say that this dream means getting away from everything and everyone who’s been draining you. Say “goodbye” to people who suck your energy. This dream provides time to renew your soul. If you dream of falling from a coconut tree, it represents problems in your sex life. The coconut tree can also symbolize that you are not interested in sex like you once were. Is it your partner or some inner issue?

What does it mean to dream of seeing the autumn tree?

To dream of seeing an autumn tree foretells a positive and profitable outcome. Seeing autumn in your dream indicates that you will be rewarded for your hard work. Autumn trees in dreams indicate an introspection time where you can take credit for your past actions. Things in life will mature and become more responsible and easier to manage.

What does it mean to dream of climbing a tree?

To dream of climbing a tree means that you’re living the life you want. This dream symbolizes even bigger progress and a successful career. Spiritually speaking, your flying high because you’re not afraid of falling. This is a great omen. To see yourself as a child climbing a tree in a dream indicates that you know that if fall, you will get up and rise again.

What does it mean to dream of an oak tree?

The oak tree’s spiritual meaning is related to durability, happiness, contentment, consistency, and purity. Back in time, the oak was considered a cosmic storehouse of wisdom. Ancient Celts indicated that the oak tree as a symbol of persistence and greater force that can’t be stopped in growing. To dream of an oak tree means you will grow spiritually. The oak tree, in my view, is a symbol of long life and productivity.

What does it mean to see a tree fall in a dream?

To see a tree falling in your dream indicates that you’re headed in the wrong direction. These types of dreams occur when one is walking along the wrong path to accomplish their dreams. If you are feeling misbalance in your life and you have no clue how to get back on track then this can be connected to 

What do chestnut trees in a dream mean?

Chestnut trees in dreams symbolize preparation, abundance, and harvest. If you are ready to collect your reward for hard work and efforts you put in the career you may need to focus and concentrate on what is important to you. The chestnut tree also signifies your opening to someone you love. A chestnut tree is known as the “chinquapin tree” and this dream is part of the beech family. In ancient times the chestnut tree encompasses many superstitions. They are indeed known as the horse chestnut. The spins on chestnuts are a sign of a cold winter if they are sharp. Folklore about chestnuts indicates that you will be lucky. There was a chestnut tree in Japan that is called the tree of the tooth marked chestnuts because when a Japanese emperor was ill she took him a chestnut and he bit into it and threw it away, and from then on, the tree neared marks of the teeth in all the chestnuts it grew. It is supposed to be very lucky to gain a chestnut from that tree

What does an elm tree mean spiritually?

The elm tree is often related to Mother and Earth Goddesses; however, it doesn’t refer to female spirit only. The elm tree symbolizes strength. Therefore, it leaves behind all other powerful trees such as Alder, Oak or Yew. The elm tree represents power and durability. To dream of an elm tree means that you’re a responsible and mature person who’s going to have a nice long life surrounded by the people you love. However, don’t forget to lose the love you have for yourself, trying to help others to realize the great value of self-respect.

What is the tree of life?

We all have seen people wear a symbol of a tree on their neck as jewelry but have you ever questioned the symbolism of the tree? The tree of life has long been an ancient spiritual symbol. This tree has different themes with different meanings, and one of them is the connection to your ancestors. The tree is a symbol of the family because of the branches that represent the family unit through many generations. This tree also signifies beauty and uniqueness.

To dream of the tree of life is connected to your internal personal growth and transformation. I like to say that this indicates building something small into a beautiful and one-of-a-kind situation. When trees are young, they look alike, but with growing, they all become unique in their own way. Just like us, people. On the tree of life is a Celtic knot which signifies the connection of heaven, earth and all living things on earth because of the branches that expand to the sky and the roots that dig into the earth.

What does seeing a white tree mean?

White trees can appear in many ways, it could be covered in snow or a beech tree. Painting a tree truck white indicates a sense of protection in folklore, it is not dissimilar in your dream. To see a white tree in your dream state means that your wishes are pure. A white pine tree in a dream means your heart and soul are pure and gentle. To plant a white tree means you are going to accomplish what you wish for so long.

In your dream you may have

  • You see a tree. Climbing a tree.
  • The leaves of a tree.
  • Cutting a tree.
  • Falling from a tree.
  • The branches of a tree.
  • The roots of a tree.
  • A fruit tree.
  • A dead and dry tree.
  • Various types of trees.
  • A tree house.
  • Burning trees.
  • A Christmas tree.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You could enjoy the tree in your dream.
  • Overall the dream turns out well - to enable you to learn an important lesson.
  • The overall dream ends on a positive footing.
  • You are ready for changes occurring at all times.
  • You understand that some friends might be unreliable.
  • To climb a tree in your dream suggests that you are trying to get away from something that requires your attention.
  • To dream of a tree house indicates that you have to be more assertive and outspoken in a situation.
  • Seeing or meeting someone in a tree suggests that you are going to have a house move shortly.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of tree

Having fun. Admiring. Anxious. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Concerned. Worried

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012