Dream Wedding Rings

Dream Wedding Ring

Dream Wedding Rings And What It Means

Does this dream mean that your other half will cheat? Does it mean you will marry or divorce? Does it mean if you are single you will find love? I’m here to help you decode the dream of the wedding ring from a spiritual perspective.

Wedding rings featured in dreams are soul symbols that reflect all the lovers in the world. Rings in most movies or stories in are about the unbroken circular energy of the ring, which indicates that love is infinite and eternal. Wedding rings in dreams are also signifiers and semiotic objects, they are spiritually an invisible cap of our love to another. The ancient Greeks used rings as love tokens but were not used for marriage.

Wedding rings are traditionally created as bands without a gemstone. The concept of the wedding ring comes from Roman mythology. During Roman times rings were not classified as a long-term commitment but a token of love. However, in Latin, a wedding ring was known as “anulus pronubus” which translates to "the finger-ring for marriage" this was adopted by the Christian Church and the "ring" was approved as a token for marriage. 

Dream of wedding ring quick snapshot

  • Dreams of wedding rings, in general, indicate commitment and love.
  • Dreaming of wearing your existing wedding ring equals commitment in a relationship.
  • Dream of seeing a wedding ring on someone else can suggest that another will marry or you are worried. about commitment in life.
  • Dreaming of a man wearing a wedding ring for a woman can predict a new love.
  • Dream of women wearing a wedding ring for a man can equal an affair.
  • A lost wedding ring indicates a commitment is required in a relationship and there are issues about wanting to commit to another.
  • A spiritual message will be yours to dream of two wedding rings (see below)
  • A golden wedding band indicates riches, prosperity, and good times ahead.
  • A silver wedding ring indicates reflecting on your relationships.

Dream Wedding Rings Answer This

  • Are you married now?
  • Have you been married?
  • Are you in a relationship?
  • Are you getting married?
  • Are you single?

Your personal relationship status is important when interpreting this dream as it can take on all different meanings depending on your current situation in love. It is not uncommon for this dream to be a prediction of marriage. Yes, many dream meanings in older dream books state that marriage can come from such a dream. This dream is also about commitment in relationships. It's not surprising to dream of a wedding ring when you are planning a wedding or actually getting married. If you're obsessed with marriage or even longing to get married then this dream will normally appear. Wedding ring dreams are richly symbolic of our own lives and where we are in our love relationships. I often think that this dream is a subconscious message in regards to the need and want of falling in love and settling down. 

What does a dream of a wedding ring mean if you are married in real life?

Wedding rings can reflect our own commitment and anxiety in one's existing marriage. At times, dreams of wedding rings might make us question our marriage. Good relationships often take work from two people and often survive many ups and downs. There are some large compromises that will need to be taken into account and self-awareness is also needed. If you are finding it hard to trust your wife or husband you may dream of your spouse giving someone else a wedding ring - or cheating. This does not mean that they will have an affair or you. It is a dream about how to learn to take on board people's characteristics. Remember there is no perfect partner. Experiencing a dream of a wedding ring when married can make you feel uneasy or alternatively solidify your feelings in a relationship, depending on the context of the dream.

When relationships are in disarray, there may be misunderstandings and arguments and you can dream of the wedding ring as a source of your own commitment to that other person. In some aspects, the dream of a wedding ring is a notion of amplifying the word of “commitment” and represents the honor to a partner that you currently have or will have in the future.

What does a wedding ring dream mean if you are not married in real life but in a relationship?

You could be unmarried but in a long-term relationship and now is the time for commitment or break up spiritually. Is often connected to the fact that we are re-evaluating the relationship that we have in waking life. If you are with a long-term partner, or even a new love it predicts that the commitment that you need should be reciprocated. It’s so easy in the modern world, especially dating to carry on and not seek a commitment from somebody. This is especially true if you actually enjoy the company of another but they won’t give   you the commitment that you require. At that point, you really have to decide whether this is a relationship you want to continue with. Ask yourself is it worth it? These could be thoughts that are going through your mind and the fact that you have dreamt of a wedding ring can often mean that you are re-evaluating the commitment in your waking life. If you haven’t thought about commitment or perhaps you are not thinking about commitment to your current partner such a dream could often signify that difficulties might materialize over the next coming weeks.

What does a wedding ring in a dream means if you are divorced?

It does not matter if it happened last week or five years ago divorce itself is an emotionally stressful and unsettling experience in our lives. Dreaming of your wedding ring when you are divorced is often a dream whereby your spirit guides are showing you the conclusion of this relationship. Often people say that dreams whereby we are with our ex-partner often signify the wanting of being with this person, I don't necessarily agree. I believe that if you dream of a previous wedding ring, or alternatively you see your ex-partner marrying somebody else - then this can indicate that there are still volatile emotions connected to your relationship with this for the soul. My advice here is that you need to cut the cords to this soul in order for you to move forward. The wedding ring during the dream of an ex-partner is a symbolism of your connection not only spiritually but also emotionally. It is important for us to recognize while having a dream of a wedding ring connected to a previous partner that we need to be able to make the best of stressful situations in life. 

What does a wedding ring mean if you are single?

If you are finding it hard to find real love (even if you are in a relationship) and you dream of wedding rings this could predict love ahead. If you are single, the spiritual message of this dream is about putting yourself in the pathway of opportunity. When you see people who have been married more than once or even three times and seem to have luck at finding someone they connect and love, but you are not in this position or have not been married before, having this dream indicates your subconscious is feeling there is something wrong. Finding a perfect marriage partner really comes down to luck. Things like childhood traumas often affect someone's ability to settle down in marriage. Think about love as a horse race. You bet on a horse to win but they don't all win. It is also about being open in life. Are you open? Are you accepting of marriage? To make it easier on you to find out what you want from a partner I urge you to create a list of all the negative things in your life that could be affecting the balance of your relationships. You may only wish to address a handful of points, but you can keep the list for later. Find somewhere quiet to sit down and ask your spirit guides for guidance. The other side of the dream of a wedding ring when you are single is feeling lonely. We all feel like this sometimes when single.

Maybe you feel that you do not want to be alone right now, if you are in a non-committed relationship you could easily be waiting for years for the person to commit. Clearly, when we spend time with someone we either want commitment or not. There is often a sense of avoidance in our modern dating world. As human beings we absolutely have some form of commitment otherwise it will not be a productive relationship, which is kind of against our current hook-up culture. If you have been with someone who has said they can't move on with you right now or are not committing to you - then dreaming of wedding rings is common.

You must realize that there is a time limit on how long you will go down this road for what you need if you are in casual relationships. The more we spend time with each other (energy ties) we get closer and closer which means that in relationships we set ourselves up for a dangerous situation of getting hurt if the commitment is not there. If you find yourself in waking life investing in someone and wondering if this person is about to give you what you need then dreaming of marrying them is common and is a wake-up call to evaluate the relationship and put a time stamp on when they need to commit to you - so you are not wasting time! Love will be yours soon as the wedding ring dream is a positive omen of new love.

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming of a wedding ring?

Well, generally speaking - this is a great dream to have. When we look at a wedding ring we see the shape is a circle. This is spiritually important. I will explain why. The circle of the ring is a direct indication of timelessness, movement, infinite and masculine power in life. If you think about how something moves the circle doesn't have an end and spiritually this dream is about self-realization in regards to love relationships. The wedding ring is culturally about committing to another and providing faithfulness to another, this is why when affairs are carried out the person normally removes their wedding ring, the absence of a wedding ring in a dream can indicate noncommitment. 

Remember the simple electrical circuits that we made in science class. The lightbulb would not work if there were any 'faults* or tiny holes in the circuit. This simple experiment can be used as an analogy for the meaning of the dream of a wedding ring. It is a spiritual message that you should not be afraid to express your love our fears. Negative memories and assumptions in your love life can cause faults in your personal energy circuit that will prevent you from receiving loving blessings. After having a dream of wedding rings, it is important to clear your energy circuit from any faults. I like to call these your “love lightbulb moments”. I hope you find the dream meanings below inspiring and will enhance the communication between your spirit guides and your love life. 

What is the general dream meaning of a wedding ring?

I've spoken at length already but the purpose of a dream of wedding rings is to remind you of the unending union. The wedding ring should inspire you to realize that you have a choice in life to experience unison with another person or a commitment to something important in life such as a career. 

If there is anything negative in the dream of a wedding ring it is about the due allowance of human imperfection. We are not perfect is the message of the dream. 

Wedding rings in dreams are about the glue that holds us together. Seeing a wedding ring during your dream indicates that you need to program every cell in your body to help you become your best self. The dream of a wedding ring is a reminder, from the spirit of how we strive to improve ourselves as human beings and attract others who can help us. Like other animals in the animal kingdom, procreation is necessary to sustain our existence. However, what sets us apart from them is our ability to learn so much about ourselves through relationships. Our relationships with others are what encourage us to live a better life, build stronger relationships, and realize our dreams. The dream of a wedding ring is about how you navigate your relationships with others.

What is the spiritual prediction of dreaming of a wedding ring?

Does the wedding ring dream mean you will find love if you are single? Finding someone to marry is often a complex subject, some find it easy some don’t. How do you know someone is the right one for you to marry? The dream of a wedding ring can bring all sorts of questions into the mix, including wondering if this will happen in waking life. You might ask yourself if there's a certain series of events that you need to look out for if you are unmarried. So the question here is does the dream predict that you will get married in the future if you're single? Sometimes is my answer. You know that a person will be the right one when you love them. This means that you will make a sacrifice for their own happiness. There are many different aspects to the dream when realizing that there may be a prediction of marriage. If you know the person getting married in the dream then this is positive and can predict a marriage between you and someone you know. 

What do different types of wedding rings mean in a dream?

The most popular wedding ring in the world is matching bands and those that have a diamond solitaire dreaming of either of these rings indicates that you will soon have a token of commitment. You may have dreamed of metal designs that are not the conventional type, or a rusty old wedding ring. If this is the case, the dream is about our internal perception of what we can get from others and what alters the reality of what we can create with other people’s assistance. 

What does dreaming of a gold wedding band mean?

A gold banded wedding ring in a dream is the most popular, as these are the most traditional wedding rings. Gold in dreams is a positive omen that represents prosperity and riches in daily life. This dream of a gold ring is a message for people who feel lonely, alone or misunderstood at times and wish to find deeper meaning in their lives. To place the gold wedding ring on your finger in a dream is for those who have experienced relationship cultures, been subject to difficult behaviors, suffered from addictions, or want their lives to be more exciting, adventurous, and fulfilling. 

There are going to be much better times ahead is the key message of a dream of a golden wedding band. Gold spiritually is connected to helping various illnesses in dreams such as autism disorders, coordination, dyslexia, anxiety, epilepsy, heart disease, hypothermia, and anger. Equally, gold is associated with helping negativity and nightmares tension. In spiritual terms, gold as a precious metal unlocks the third eye and crown chakras. The dream of a gold wedding band is also connected to the astrological sign of Leo. We all know that gold is one of the most popular (and expensive) minerals found in the world because of its value and special properties Let’s quickly look at how gold is created, it is normally crushed and separated during the mining process into gold nuggets and is known as being one of the most resilient metals. Think about it. Seeing a gold ring in a dream invites good fortune and success into your life. When one dreams of a gold wedding ring it means that your spiritual development will grow.   Seeing a gold ring on your left hand in a dream is connected to spiritual growth.

The dream advice for those that dream of a gold wedding band on someone else’s hand is that you need an intuitive understanding in life. Your own spirit guides will strengthen your relationship with others, as well as help those who are ready to open up to their angels to help them in all aspects of their lives. Dreaming of placing gold rings on fingers (either yours or someone else's) indicates that you are seeking inner and outer peace after a difficult time in love. 

What does a dream of a wedding dream falling off mean?

To dream of a wedding ring falling off your finger indicates that you can love but not take. While we may think we can manipulate love, the very nature of it all means that we cannot. To fully understand and follow the laws of nature, you must surrender to its true essence. If you lost your wedding ring on the floor indicates that you may find relationships with your families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues will prosper. 

What does it mean to dream of losing a wedding ring?

Losing your wedding ring in a dream is about anxieties around commitment. If you are in an exclusive relationship then the dream of losing your wedding ring could be your fear of breaking up, if you are single or in a difficult relationship then this is about wondering if someone will commit or not. 

In life, you have to make yourself a priority and certainly not set yourself up to be in a difficult “love” situation where you are wasting your own time. The dream can mean you need to go full out and look after the person you are with or demand commitment. If you are single, the dream means you need to avoid unnecessary pain and choose someone/date someone that will not hurt you - easily said than done I know. 

What does it mean to dreaming of two wedding rings?

We are all connected by an energy force that binds those close to us together - known as energy cords. If we struggle alone in this world and rely only on the limited resources available, we create a reality that is not true to ourselves. If we accept our divinity and are open to receiving the help of spirit to love, then we can begin to remove the toxicity from our lives. We can also build positive foundations and connect to the bigger picture. We all have the potential to do this but only a few of us take the time to explore it. When you dream of two wedding bands (male and female) this means you are reminded of opening up and building a relationship with your love, over the coming weeks you may start to notice a shift in your reality. Dramas diminish, healing places appear, your senses increase, and your outlook changes. This is a positive dream, especially if you also saw a wedding ceremony along with the two rings.

What does a broken wedding ring in a dream mean?

Some people have contacted me about dreaming of a broken wedding ring. If you dream that your wedding ring snapped in half or is broken at the altar this can often symbolize that there is going to be a challenging time ahead in a relationship. Anything that breaks in dreams often represents broken emotions and thoughts. There are many ways that a wedding ring can break during the dream and if this is the case it is important to understand that we can always patch up elements of our own life, not only that but also our own relationships. If you see yourself trying to get a wedding ring repaired (or see yourself with the broken ring in your hands) during your dream this could indicate that you are trying to repair part of your spiritual connection to another. If the wedding ring breaks or you lose them in the dream, old superstitions around dreams can indicate an illness will commence. 

What is the biblical meaning of a wedding ring in a dream?

The wedding ring is used in ceremonies of Christian marriage and can be made from metal such as gold, silver, copper, iron, or even brass. I'm not an overly religious person but I think it's important for us to understand what a dream of a wedding ring means from a biblical viewpoint. Within the Bible, there are many different psalms related to the wedding ring. The wedding ring itself is a symbolism of favor as outlined in Luke 15:22 In addition it is also classified as a symbolism of authority. In Genesis 41:42 for instance Pharaoh provided Joseph with a signet ring to watch over Egypt. After looking through many verses and psalms the wedding ring itself symbolizes structure, commitment, timeless love, eternity, and agreement between two people. Often, from the biblical point of view, this dream can symbolize commitment on the level of God. This is not necessarily committed in a love aspect but can also be a commitment to spiritualism. The wedding ring is a symbol of love to individuals and this is why we see it in many Christian weddings. From a dream biblical point of view, the ring itself points to marriage bonds and the fact that there will be some full-time commitment to honor God in the future. 
Interestingly, the Bible gives no indication that finger rings were used during those times only signet rings were mentioned. This is clear when Abraham's servant gave Rebecca a nose ring which was a symbol of authority, dignity, and social statics. In the bible, I have already mentioned that rings are a symbol of authority. In our modern world,   the custom of the wedding band is seen as a symbol of two people sharing a commitment to a marriage of being faithful and a lifetime commitment.

What does it mean to dream of a wedding ring on the wrong finger?

In Western cultures the ring finger is the fourth finger on the left hand, this is a traditional wedding ring finger and this originated from the superstition that the ring finger has a vein that directly connects to our human heart, and therefore wearing a ring on my finger will create a deeper connection to a lover or spouse. It is interesting to note that this is not the same in all countries, for example in Germany, India, and Spain the wedding finger is often worn on the right-hand side. If you believe you are wearing a wedding ring on the wrong finger in dreams this indicates that you will have personal choice in your love life. There's an old wives tale that says that wearing a ring on a finger that is not committal means you will never marry, this is not true for dreams. Dreaming of wearing a wedding finger on the opposite hand can indicate spiritually you may find some issue with commitment in the future.

What does it mean to dream of a stolen wedding ring?

To dream your wedding ring is stolen in a dream can suggest you are feeling uneasy in relationships. If you're single, the dream can predict a new love. Who has stolen your heart? The dream can also indicate cheating if you are with someone. When a partner is cheating this always means that there is a problem in a relationship. There is clearly something missing in the relationship, it could mean that you need to talk to your partner (if you have one) and share your feelings but if you do not have the chance to show your feelings then a dream of someone stealing your wedding ring can appear. Think about what you are getting and what you want out of your relationship. The next aspect is who is stealing your wedding ring. Dreaming of a wedding ring stolen from your finger can indicate that you may face some conflict in the future from a partner. 

What is the dream meaning of a silver wedding ring?

Silver wedding rings in dreams can indicate a time of reflection and meditation. Silver wedding rings in dreams indicate that you have a great immune system to fight off illnesses - take note if the dream occurred in winter. In ancient cultures, silver was used to basically purify water. Think about this in relation to your dream, it prevents infection. This dream, if you are married, can mean your existing relationship is protected. Spiritually seeing a silver wedding ring means that you are protected from difficulties.   To wear a silver wedding ring in dreams can indicate that you will repel negativity and maintain emotional balance. The silver ring in dreams protects you from difficult communications as silver is related to the crown and the throat chakra. The astrological sign for silver rings is Aquarius and cancer, therefore, a silver wedding ring dream can suggest that this is a great time for meditation and astral travel. Silver connects to the energies of the moon and is connected to both full and new moons as silver is a reflective metal - the more silver you see in the dream the more positive the meaning. Silver is a great antibacterial disinfectant for the body. If you see another person wearing a silver wedding ring in a dream it can indicate you are clearing away negative energies. 

What does giving or receiving a wedding ring in a dream mean?

Seeing others giving a wedding ring can often mean that it is time to think about what you want in life. If someone is giving you a wedding ring the dream indicates it is best to be your best self. Think about it, we all have the potential to discover our true selves and find our way in the waking world.   If we are attentive, we can find our peace in the world, with our friends and family, and define our purpose. The power of love can help us realize our potential for the good of all, and receiving a wedding ring from another can indicate that a new love will come into your life that will equal harmony. 

What does it mean to dream of something strange regarding the wedding ring?

In dreams some wedding rings can take all sorts of forms such as invincibility, memory, and hold magic powers in a wedding. Wedding rings can be destructive as poison or even spy rings. To dream of something strange happening connected to the wedding ring can simply indicate that you are. A dream of something strange happening with the wedding ring means that you want clarity or you are making a comparison in your love life. If you are focused or are serious about someone then this can indicate that you are not feeling important or that you are working on a relationship. The dream of a wedding ring burning indicates exclusively in a relationship, and how you will understand the confusion you may be feeling. It can mean you need time to work on your issues in life, this means if you are in a relationship when the person doesn't want to even use the word relationship. 

What does it mean to dream you are not wearing your wedding ring?

Dreaming of not wearing your wedding ring in life can indicate that you need to think about what your marriage means to you.   Everyone knows someone who has so many difficulties, so many dramas in their lives. It seems like they never get over the first one, if this has been you recently then dreaming of seeing yourself without your ring can signify that you are facing difficulties. I urge you to think about the law of attraction. The law of attraction is always in play. It's invisible, much like gravity. This affects our daily experiences and what we think about ourselves. This is also true for those we love and with whom we interact. Although people cannot see or know the truth about themselves, they cannot create an attraction to them. Our experiences will reflect what we believe about ourselves. 

What does it mean to dream of a female wearing a wedding ring?

If you dream of a girl/female wearing a wedding ring and you are a man it can indicate commitment in your love life. If you are women seeing a wedding ring on another woman generally means a new fresh start in a relationship. 

What does it mean to dream of a man wearing a wedding ring?

This is a dream about focusing on the needs and wants of a man in a marriage. To dream of a man wearing a wedding ring indicates that a man's needs are different from the woman's needs. We are often very aware that women need comfort, nurture, and security. However, in a culture where women have to work hard to be the same as men, women themselves have more power of choice in their lives and don't necessarily need a man for financial independence. 

Women have become independent and self-sufficient. When you dream of a wedding ring on a man's finger it puts forth that we all need to make an effort of admiring our partner in a relationship - if we have one that is. If you are single it can indicate that you are looking for a successful marriage, where both parties acknowledge their need for each other, which you may be finding hard to come by.

Women themselves need to feel emotionally connected to somebody in order to engage in intimacy. This isn't necessarily true for a man. If you are a man you dream that you are wearing a wedding ring this could indicate the need to feel more desired in your relationship. If you are a single man and dream of a wedding ring, it's a dream about preventing affairs or infidelity in the distant future, and above all committing to a woman. If you are a man who is married in real life and see a wedding ring it indicates that you will experience a harmonious time in your marriage. 

This dream is about considering your own lifestyle and is associated with activities that you partake in. For example, if your finger swells and you're unable to put your wedding ring on during the dream this can suggest that you are overburdened. In a spiritual context, the dream about a wedding ring suggests that you're putting in a lot of work in a relationship going nowhere. Perhaps you are single and you're frustrated, the dream of a small wedding ring means that you are shrinking your responsibilities. Think about how you can share the burdens going forward. 

What does dreaming of a wedding ring with gemstones mean?

It is unusual to find gemstones in a wedding ring. To dream of gemstones within a wedding ring is a positive dream, in my view, it can suggest everlasting commitment. Love is infinite and unlimited. It touches our spirit, mind, emotions, and bodies in a way that is both expansive and limitless. Man has attempted to understand the many complexities of love through science, religion, and cultural beliefs. This has been done through philosophy and many other ways, and the gemstones in this dream stand for our inner love. However, it is clear that every person spends their whole lives learning and experiencing aspects we can't see. Our being is full of love, which can guide us through the complexities of life, and we can also call upon certain archangels to help us with specific issues in self-love or relationships, these gems that appear in your dream are calls to help us with issues we have in life. 

What does a diamond wedding ring in a dream mean?

In Buddhism diamonds is a symbolism of pure truth. What truth do you need to learn? Diamonds in dreams are a positive omen that is connected to riches and happiness. Diamonds are precious and often sparkling. Diamonds in dreams are a symbolism of being faithful, pure love, innocence, and also relationships that make you happy. The dream itself is about being dependable upon another. Seeing a diamond stone in a wedding band is a symbol of a beautiful relationship. This indicates brilliance and also purity. If we look at diamonds they are composed of pure carbon, and they are also reflective. In ancient times magicians believed that diamonds allowed us to be invincible to others, and they have the power to drive away difficult people.

What does it mean to dream of a wedding ring when you are in a non-committed relationship?

This is a very difficult situation to be in, this is a common dream where you see a wedding ring but in real life, you are having an affair. What does it mean? If you are in a difficult or confusing relationship in real life, this dream can be tormenting and a sign of reality. It is a time to think about what you want. As human beings, we are not really taught how to handle situations such as these and our feelings get in the way. The best thing to do is to understand your own emotions. There is a very simple approach to this. Relationships generally have many nuances and do not offer simplicity. If a man or woman will leave someone to be with you you have to let them do that at the right time and what that means is that they are actually going to make a decision at some point. This decision is what is right for you based on your own conscience. Don't try and maintain a relationship with someone who is in a relationship. This might be going around your head at the moment. Maybe you are sick of being in a triangle. In order to have a committed relationship in the future, you need to give an ultimatum.   If you are going through a period of metabolism, maybe you have taken a stand where you have fully let go of the person (that you may or may not be in love) and fully process the relationship and give an ultimatum. The dream of a wedding ring, when you are with someone and your love is not reciprocated, indicates the need to pull away even in your mind if not physically. 

What does it mean to dream of a wedding ring that does not fit?

The question in this dream is if you feel your love life fits with you. Like love, adventure is deeply ingrained in our brains and can give rise to a similar feeling called euphoria. Through adventure, we find our "love of life", which allows us to fully integrate with our environment and fulfill our potential. If you take a look at the way adventure stimulates your emotions, you will see that it excites and stimulates, but you also feel fearful as you venture into unfamiliar territory. Extreme sports such as skydiving, snowboarding and bungee jumping activate the amygdala, which is the brain's connected limbic system that regulates emotions, survival instincts, memory, and emotion. 

What does it mean to dream of buying or shopping for a wedding ring?

If you are dreaming that you are sizing your finger for a wedding ring you may need to look at the shape and size of your finger during the dream state. Are you in a store trying on wedding rings? Did you actually buy a wedding ring? On an emotional level, men are often sometimes somewhat clumsy compared to women. Perhaps you are in a relationship where the other person is not telling you how they really feel, the wedding ring in this instance means that you are not sure where you stand. If a ring is too big in your dream it can suggest that your other half (if you are in a relationship) does not know how they are feeling.

What does a damaged wedding ring mean in a dream?

Dreaming of a wedding ring that is squashed, damaged, burned, dirty, or damaged in some way is a reflection on how we are feeling. Consider the external circumstances and people around you, and look at what is happening in your life. Do you feel like you have missed out on opportunities or experienced bad luck in your career and relationships? Recognizing that your inner dialogue can sometimes pull you on the wrong path in love is a sign when a dream of a damaged wedding ring appears, you must remove that part of yourself from your daily life. Do you chastise yourself for failing and judge yourself? To dream of wearing a damaged wedding ring can mean that you never seem to be content that you are doing your best. Remember you are!

What does it mean to dream of throwing away your wedding ring?

Throwing away a wedding ring in a dream can indicate that it is time to let go of toxic relationships in your life. Maybe you feel you are putting on a mask to pretend you're someone else, in order to appear more authentic? Remember that a relationship with a partner should be based on you feeling complete and secure. If you are not happy with your existing partner or love life focus on what you are not getting, what they are not doing for you, and not what you are giving.

What does it mean to dream your spouse is not wearing a wedding ring?

This is an interesting dream. If we want to find peace, happiness, joy, and confidence, we must first invest in ourselves. Only then can we learn who we really are. We are more capable of attracting loving relationships and situations that support our highest self more than we realize. Reconnecting with ourselves enriches our lives and creates ripple effects that are far-reaching, and for your spouse to not wear the ring indicates we need to connect with our “inner” motives and be more. 

What does it mean to dream of someone proposing with a ring?

This is a wonderful, loving dream. People seek adventure stimulation, whether it's a walk in a foreign country, singles' travel, or learning a language. Think about how our brain releases hormones when someone proposes to us in real life. In dream terms, someone proposing can mean that you will fully engage in external activities and help others on your way. We all embrace new experiences when we find them. Our brains are in the final stages of development so we are wired to seek out new experiences. The dream is telling you to take risks and try new sensations. In some ways, this dream can also be a prediction of someone proposing to you according to some dream meanings.

What does it mean to dream about rejecting a wedding ring?

Dreams about wedding rings as I've already mentioned are about commitment. Therefore, if you are finding that you are planning a wedding or embarking on a new life with somebody in real life and you reject the proposal of marriage in a dream then this can suggest that there is going to be an obligation or commitment that will enter your life soon. This could be playing on your subconscious mind. 

Dreams about getting proposed to, are often similar to dreams of getting married so these can symbolize that you might be at a different phase of commitment than your current partner. If you are single it could just be the fact that at the moment you're rejecting any advances from other people. Perhaps you'll still be figuring out whether you actually want to be in a relationship or not. The dream about rejecting a wedding ring is centered around feeling prepared in your love life. Are you prepared? Typically, these dreams often occur when we are questioning our love life.

What does it mean to dream of your own wedding ring?

Wearing your own wedding ring in a dream indicates that you should not change your emotions. Your emotions will magnify and perhaps you will feel like you need to mirror your partner's emotional state. The dream is about enhancing your own personal and positive energies in your marriage. If this resonates with you then the dream of your own wedding ring holds the clue to your hidden energies that should guide and nurture you in your daily life. Equally, wearing your wedding ring if you have divorced can indicate that you need to cut the energy ties to your old relationship. A wedding ring of a spouse that has passed over can be a visitation dream and indicates that a message from spirit will soon come to you. 

What does it mean to dream of wearing a wedding ring on different fingers?

I've explained above the finger your wedding ring appears on depends on the country you live in. In the United States and the United Kingdom, the wedding ring is traditionally put on the left hand on the fourth finger, but there are many countries that put the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the right hand. For example, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Greece, Germany, and Russia. In some countries, you switch the finger of the ring wearing spouse. 

What does it mean in dreams of wearing the ring on different fingers? Simply in dreams where the ring finger is on a different finger than your tradition can mean a problem with commitment. Such a dream can mean that things are getting really complicated in love, maybe you are in denial about commitment?

This dream urges you to look at your own relationships. Maybe a connection you have with another is incredible and you feel guilty about a relationship. If you're dating a taken person right now you can walk away knowing the direction you should be going. Sometimes stuff happens in love you didn't plan. Life is not neat and tidy or convenient. Seeing wedding rings on different fingers in a dream is about your own primary relationship or the lack of one and that things in life can just turn out untidy, it is about knowing you have yourself.

What does it mean to dream that a wedding ring is too big?

A large wedding ring that slips off your finger or is too big can indicate that you are not feeling secure. Think of the ring as being a security omen. Our adventurous spirit can be harnessed to allow us to share our passion for life and open our hearts. Each of us possesses an inherent explorer in us all. We each know at a subconscious level what the journey will entail, what lands we wish to explore, and what discoveries we desire to make. The angels of love can help us navigate our way through the unknown. This will allow us to enjoy all aspects of the adventure that lies ahead. These feelings include wonder, fear, and even uncertainty. However, they will help us to grow spiritually and expand our awareness so that we can take on greater adventures, when the ring is too big it is time to take on this adventure and feel more secure in our love life. 

What does wearing a wedding ring mean in a dream?

Wearing a wedding ring in a dream can denote you are looking for commitment in a relationship. Wearing a ring in a dream is a status of being happy enough in a relationship. Not everyone is happy all the time. Everybody wants to create structure in their own environment. Wearing a wedding ring in a dream can suggest that you need to think about communication and how you attract and let them know your needs and standards. Learning the language means you need to focus on how to learn this. Confidence is another value that you need if you see yourself wearing a wedding ring. 

What does not wearing a wedding ring in a dream mean?

If you dream of a man who is married but does not wear this in his dream can indicate that someone is not tied to you. Not wearing a ring can often mean one is "available" and can be approached by others. The dream is about trying to create a situation in your life that you are not depending on a relationship. Think about your skills, your own life, and that we are communicating with others. Are you happy? Are you strong? This dream often comes when there are issues or problems with making your life enriched. Don’t stay in something too long that does not make you happy. When you see yourself not wearing a ring in a dream but you are married and normally wear one in waking life, this can indicate that you are finding you are not understanding a lover or partner. If you are single but dream that you are not wearing a wedding ring (when you should be) is associated with the fact you wish to change the patterns in your relationships. This will allow you to reclaim power and empower yourself to make the right decisions and make the necessary changes to attract the best relationships for your highest good. It does not necessarily mean that we will have more difficulties in our relationships. These are simply the spirit guides attempting to get our attention. They want us to see the root cause of the negativity so we can move on from struggle to love.

What does it mean to dream of a wedding ring from an ex?

It is natural to keep photos, letters, and other gifts from past relationships out of a sense of nostalgia. If we want to encourage new relationships or mend broken relationships, it is important to search your home for any items that 'attach' you to negative energy or the energy of past relationships. This is especially important if you keep these items in your bedroom. It will be a blessing to remove them. Let go of any past or negative energy that may be holding you back, and make room for loving and healthy relationships.

Summary of dreaming of wedding rings

Wedding rings are a beautiful reminder of the marriage covenant and the extension of a committed relationship, therefore, such a dream makes us question our own marriage or love life in general if we are unmarried. Wedding rings in dreams are about commitment, but this could be a commitment to love or something else in life.

In dreams, our inner world is an extension of the outer world. If you want to attract loving experiences with people who share the same things as you, this is the point of the dream. The dream is urging you to understand that your lovelessness is not due to your age. If you are going through a challenging time and feel your love life is not blessed - even thinking that everyone else is to blame, the dream is a sign that it is time to think about your love life. It is possible that due to fate you could experience some negative situations if the dream is negative in any way. Other people's destructive behaviors that are often imprinted in the behavior and approaches to love often affect our own love lives. 

The advice from a dream of a wedding ring is about our spiritual energy and how we communicate with others, remember we are composed of energy first and foremost and we are attracted by law attraction (i.e. We are first and foremost composed of energy). Inside we all attract what we give out (i.e. Happy, harmonious couples can overcome all the challenges in their relationships. If we notice that we are attracted to negative people in love, we can look within to find the root cause and too often heal it. Communicating our standards is one of the most important and attractive things we can do - but some find this hard and may have this dream. Each connection with another person is unique. Therefore, going within will help us to find the solutions and learn lessons of this dream meaning. 

We are taught to let go in order to free ourselves and others from disharmony. This can be either in a long-term loving relationship or just a moment between friends. Each of us communicates subconsciously through our energy fields, which act as a mirror to the other. These moments seem to have everything going at once. We communicate with our logical minds and bodies by listening and speaking. Then, we use our body language to pick up subtleties and communicate our feelings and thoughts to others.

Finally, we reflect back to them how we feel about ourselves, so that we can align ourselves with our true nature. If we are able to see our true nature (i.e. self-love, love of life), we can take action with any reflections. If we are not in balance and we aren't protected, in the dream world we will react to the things we don't like about ourselves and often can see dreams of wedding ring disasters. In our dream minds, we are sometimes in conflict. The cycle of deprivation is also a source of conflict when people can't see what they see in their dream mirrors.

Strange fact: In Ireland dreaming of wedding rings are supposed to clear warts, especially if rubbed on a stye on the eyelid. 

By Florance Saul
Nov 28, 2021