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In real life the throne symbolizes power and prestige.

Whoever is enthroned has a kingdom where one rules and lives. This person has authority over his/her people. What does it symbolizes when you dream about a throne? Be aware of your dream’s meaning for it can greatly help you improve your well-being. 

In your dream you may have…

  • Seen yourself sitting in a throne.
  • Seen a throne that is not occupied.
  • Seen someone occupying a throne.
  • Been standing in front of a throne.
  • Descended from a throne.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You dreamt of sitting in a throne.
  • Seen a vacant throne with no one occupying it.
  • Someone has happily stepped down from throne.
  • You dreamt of being enthroned.

Detailed dream interpretation…

Seeing a throne in one's dream speaks of opportunity for success. A throne is a seat where only the powerful and dignitaries can sit. Generally, to dream of a throne speaks of one's social status. It also symbolizes a build-up of desires and emotions that only the dreamer's close relatives know of. This dream has the distant feeling of a secret expectation of others. It means that one will be succeeding greater responsibility in life. The throne means that you have been chosen.

To dream that you are sitting on a throne is associated with reaching success and experiencing prosperity. This is a wonderful gift for the dreamer. It is important to note of thinking about the power behind the throne. If you dream of a coronation or being crowned in the throne it means that one must give the best in all future pursuits. A very promising future awaits you…success and fulfillment of your dreams. To be sitting on a throne means that you are a person who greatly values authority and sees yourself as a person whom is comfortable having authority over others.

If you dreamt that someone descends from throne without any bitterness, this indicates that you desire to live a better lifestyle. Perhaps, honorable recognition is awaiting you. If in your dream you are the one stepping down from the throne, disappointments and worries may come your way. Let this serve as a warning for to become cautious in your actions and decisions. Be clear in your goals to avoid disappointments. If you are taking on a business then beware of your partners and friends for they may weaken you.

The dream of seeing someone familiar sitting on the throne means that you accepted and acknowledged the authority of that person in waking life. The person may be someone whom you compete with - or someone famous. Your dream is telling you to recognize this person’s ability.

If you see yourself standing in front of a person on a throne, symbolizes your current relationship with someone who is superior to you. This shows you that you may be having unsuccessful communication or relations at this time.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of throne…

Prosperous, happy and glorious, enthralled, cautious, disappointed over people causing defeat and honored.

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