Bag Dream Meaning

A bag featured in the dream suggests that you will hide something away from others.

It can also suggest that there appears to be a blockage in your life. Consider whether you are too emotionally involved in a situation in order to offer advice.

A bag is used for carrying items while on a journey or as a storage container. In most cases, a bag carries several items mixed altogether. If you happen to see a bag in your dream, it can indicate that there is a lot of responsibilities bestowed upon you. This has caused unnecessary anxiety.

In the dream

  • You are carrying a bag.
  • You see others carry a bag.
  • You see a punching bag.
  • You see a handbag.
  • A bag is hidden.
  • A bag contains a bomb.
  • A familiar person may be the one carrying a bag.
  • A strange person may be the one carrying a bag.
  • You see an empty bag.
  • A bag full of shopping is featured dream.
  • A grain bag is seen in your dream.
  • A bag that contains vegetables is in your dream.
  • Losing your bag.
  • Losing your handbag.
  • A rucksack.
  • A terrorist carrying a bag.
  • Something falls on the floor from a bag.
  • A split bag.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

If you happen to see yourself carrying a bag in your dream, it implies that you feel heavy. There is a load in your life, and you need to remove that load. To see others carrying a bag suggests that you will reach some emotional standing in a relationship. You have the resources necessary in order to shape the relationship to how you see fit.

If you see a punchbag in a dream, it means that you are anxious and angry about a situation in life. You are so full of compassion but also anger when you will draw like-minded people towards you. To see a handbag, especially designer handbag is an omen of financial bliss. If a bag is hidden from view or full of money it denotes that you are going to commit yourself to helping loving somebody close to you. You are expressing your own emotional needs to this person.

If a bag contains a bomb in the dream, this is an indication that you need self-awareness in order to tolerate other people. The bomb can be a sign that greater things are going to happen in the near future. In a literal sense, this can also be associated with an alarming time in life. It is, however, a positive omen but remembers it is energy that you transfer to others which will enable you to overcome such difficult times in your life. It also implies that you've reached the end of a cycle in life. A familiar person carrying a bag indicates confusion. Likewise, terrorists carrying a bag indicates an issue of self-development that needs to be considered.

It may be obvious in your life, but perhaps you need to educate yourself in a new field. If you see a strange person or even an animal carrying a bag, this suggests changes is coming your way. The bag is a symbolic representation of new beginnings. To see shopping bags in one's dream is an indication there is a strong physical attraction to the opposite sex.

A bag that contains grain indicates that a new start new beginnings are on their way, additionally, if the bag contains vegetables, then this indicates that you will soon be able to master your own goals in life. Losing your bag can be quite a disturbing dream, and it represents that your own emotional needs are not currently being met. This could be in a relationship that has gone stale. Maybe you feel trapped and that your security is in this relationship. Normally, people dream of losing a bag when they are about to consider divorcing or splitting up from a loved one.

To see a rucksack in a dream is in association with working hard on all aspects of yours. The advice is to preserve your projects and doesn't sit around waiting for things to happen. Terrorists carrying a bag that contains a bomb is associated with a situation that is going to turn out adverse. You will undergo a change of mind and have to readjust your feelings towards others. If anything falls from your bag or you find more than one bag suggests emotional problems. A splitting bag denotes that emotions are strong.

To see a leather bag suggests trying to plan your life better - do one thing at a time; learn to say no when necessary so that, you don’t keep piling other people’s responsibilities.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Achiever, hardworking, successful, burdened, worried and wondering what will happen next.

By Florance Saul
May 6, 2017