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Dreaming of a road indicates the momentum and direction that your life is taking right now.

Dreaming of a road or traveling on a road in a dream is a direct sign about what is going on in your life right now. The road needs to be reviewed. Was it windy? Was it straight? Was you driving along the road or walking? Think about the kind of road, as well as the direction you are going in your dream. A road in ones dream has a direct correlation to how you are feeling in the waking world and can represent the different issues that we face in life. There are many different dream meanings such as: To break down in a car on a road means that people are going to ask your advice. To go on a road vacation means that you are trying to escape from something in life. Walking a long distance means that you are heading in a positive direction. To see a dead end means that people will ask you to complete a task soon. I am going to try to cover your dream of what a road means. I have broken this down below and hope you can just use the scroll to find your dream. Here are many of the common road types you will see and their meanings:

  • Alley: lack of momentum – indicates a stagnation in your life. Especially if the alley is narrow or run down, this indicates that you are feeling unmotivated in your own life.
  • Bend in road: a sudden change is coming your way – be prepared. To see a bend ahead of you, or to park near a bend is an omen of great things to come.
  • Black road: this is an indication of tough time ahead – beware of potential pitfalls in finance as well. There is likely to be something on the road that you will hit when least expected. Black ice, skidding, or a pot hole is an especially bad omen.
  • Carpool Lane: an omen about marriage, coming together, and working with others. This is a positive omen for socialization and love.
  • Crossroad: a sign that change is coming, and that you are going to have to make a choice which usually requires a sacrifice of something in your life for the greater good.
  • Cul-de-sac/dead end: you have come to the end of the road and it is time that you make a decision in your life – usually about a relationship or emotional endeavor.
  • Detour: expect the unexpected – do not be too strict on your definitions of what you think you need in your life right now.
  • Dirt road: following your instinct or your gut or repeating old patterns – can indicate the rekindling of an old relationship or someone from your past coming back into your life.
  • Fork in the road: Another sign that you need to make a decision and the choices you have will dictate your direction in life. The decision you face is a difficult one but understand that either path has its rewards.
  • Black ice: to slip on black ice is a warning that you need to keep on top of all your work at the moment.
  • Trapped on a road: to be trapped in a traffic jam means that good things will happen but it will take time.
  • Going the wrong way up a one-way street: You are determined and can overcome obstacles – do not allow others to dictate your path.
  • Mountain Road: A windy, scary road in the mountains indicates a road less traveled. This is a sign to simplify your life. Try to get back to the basics in your life. Even connect with nature and the countryside.
  • Road under construction: your life is under construction right now and this is a reminder to be gentle with yourself. Now is the time to allow for mistakes and understand that change is happening in your life and that it takes time.
  • Running into road: playing chicken in a road or running into a road is a sign of defying the odds. Now is the time to create your own life and go after what you want.
  • Accident on the road: to witness a car accident on a road means that you need more direction in life.

What does crossing a road in a dream mean?

Crossing over something in your dream symbolizes your need to upgrade your success and cross over some mental barriers in waking life. To understand your dream better, pay attention to the details. If you crossed a road, it represents a certain goal that you want to achieve in the near future. You’re ready to handle a bigger success and take your personal life or career to the next level. Dreaming of crossing a road also indicates danger. Be careful with your next steps. Look at the ground you’re walking from time to time. People don’t stumble on mountains, but little stones.

What does it mean to cross two roads in a dream?

As I mentioned, to cross a road in your dream means you’re ready to enter a new phase in life. However, if you crossed two roads in the dream, it means you’re having second thoughts about something important – maybe a decision needs making. Are you ready to handle the pressure that comes along with the success you desire in life? Try to follow what your heart tells you. You can never go wrong when you listen to your heart.

What does it mean to dream of walking with someone?

If you dream of walking along with someone you know in the dream, it means you wish to take your relationship with the person to the next level. This dream also reveals your wish for a peaceful life and harmony. To dream of seeing people walking in the park indicates that you will encounter a person that has a complicated mind. To be walking the dog in a dream indicates that you will encounter drama and complicated situations but things will be fine in the end.

What does it mean to walk with someone down the street in a dream?

If you walked with someone down the street in your dream, it denotes your effort to help the person improve their life and upgrade it to the next level. There is a message hidden in this dream try to let others take care of their own business and you take care of your own. No one’s going to thank you for your help at the end, as you like to think.

What does dreaming of the road mean?

The road in a dream has a spiritual meaning related to the your life path in reality. The road is a symbol of self-realization, adventure, life journey and directions you must follow to succeed. If you felt happy while seeing the road in your dream, it means you’re ready to walk toward your goals and realize your wildest dreams. If you’re scared, or nervous, maybe tired, it’s a sign you should give yourself a break and question your wishes. Do you really want what you plan to achieve? There is focus on wasting your time and the need to find something that makes you happy and you feel excited about. The road in your dream also symbolizes the life path you’re currently walking. I will also say this - pay attention to the road signs. They might reveal the directions you need to respect in waking life to gain your success.

What does a dream of walking in the dark?

To walk in the dark is a common thing in dreams. It represents your deepest fears and your ability to confront everything and everyone, just to get what they want in life. There is a spiritual message: be brave and fight for what you believe in.

What does road construction mean in a dream?

To dream of a road construction or if you are working in road construction means you’re ready to build a new life for yourself. You will use your current assets to get what you want in life. Dreaming of building a road also symbolizes that you have been overthinking about “building” something in life. It’s time you try to figure out what’s best for you. This dream implies that you are going through a transformation. Your past is something you no longer wish to think about. In simpler words, you’re ready to create the “new” you!

What does it mean to be in an avenue in a dream?

An avenue in a dream signifies a journey. Are you thinking about making a life change? If yes, it’s the right thing to do. Changes are welcome in each person’s life. We’re made to constantly change and experience new things, instead of wrapping ourselves in comfort.

What does a sidewalk mean in a dream?

Seeing a busy sidewalk in a dream indicates that you need to step outside your comfort zone and accept that you’re changing. If the sidewalk in your dream is long, it means you will live a long and fulfilled life. If it’s short it represents a short luck, however, don’t be disappointed because you will get a chance to create your own luck in the future. Life is good. Enjoy.

What does it mean to drive down a road in a dream?

Driving in your dream is nothing unusual. It’s a common dream and can affect your mood in a positive sometimes I feel these dreams are about setting goals – getting on the right road in life. It represents you driving through life and how you handle things. However, to dream of driving down a road means you’re taking a step that might be too risky for your safety and future.

What does it mean to see roadworks in a dream?

To dream of road denotes your life path and the decisions you’re making. However, if you saw roadworks in your dream, you received a message from your subconscious. Pay attention to how the roadwork was displayed in the dream. For example, if you saw the roadwork that says “stop”, you need to make a pause and see where you’re going in life. If you saw speed roadworks, it denotes you should pay attention to the moves you’re making. To dream of working on the road can denote great times in life. To dream of many roadworks can indicate a new start in life.

What does it mean to dream of windy roads?

Windy roads are a symbol of emotional distress and disharmony but in the end everything will work out well. Your dream is directly linked to what’s happening in your waking life. Are you feeling distracted and sometimes depressed? To dream of walking down a road that is windy indicates that you have lost your path and inner peace. Maybe it’s time you change the road and find somewhere more peaceful to go! In my view, try to avoid situations that make you feel confused and unhappy. Your dream delivers a message from your subconscious mind. A windy road is a sign of your emotional breakdown. In time, you will find your way again, and you will feel free and easy again. Just ignore the negative.

What does it mean to dream of a never-ending road?

We’re driving to reach a destination. However, sometimes we just drive to calm our nerves or take a break from life and just become one on the road. Often, the road seems neverending. Oh…and so do problems in life. To have such dream of a neverending road means you feel highly disturbed by your recent problems. You feel like negative events will never end. However, you’re wrong. It’s just a phase like everything in life! Everyone feels like they can keep their head above water sometimes. There is a message that you will pull this through. Just keep on driving. You will get where you need to be eventually.

What does a dream of road construction signify?

To dream of a road construction implies major changes you’re going through recently. Your mind is busy trying to understand a situation, or an idea, or a change you’re going through, Give yourself some time. Your dream signifies a transitional phase in your life. And it will recreate you.

What does dream of walking down a long road denote?

Sometimes, a long walk is all we need in life to clear our minds and see where are we actually going. To have such dream means you’re in need of a long walk in waking life. You feel like you need someone to guide your way. Yet, with time, you will realize that no one can tell you where to go if you want to get where you imagine. You will have to find your own way to your promised land. And once get there, you will realize that most times the journey is more important than the destination.

What’s the dream interpretation of a highway?

A highway is a main road, especially the one that connects bigger cities or major towns. It’s a public road and serves a great purpose – connecting the world, and the people who live in different parts. Dreaming of a highway represents the parts of your life perfectly connected, and moving forward. Yet, you’re surprised by how life’s passing by so quickly. You feel like you’re missing something. Is there something that has taken off unexpectedly? Do you have trouble keeping track of your life events? Or people walking in and out of your life? Do you feel like you’ve lost control over your life? Your dream delivers a message from your subconscious. It’s a very important message – you can’t control everything. Just let things happen on their own and see how you feel about it. If you don’t like it – change the highway. If you do – just enjoy the ride, along with the wind blowing your hair.

What does a broken road signify in a dream?

As I mentioned, the road represents your lifepath in reality. How you see the road in your dream, signifies how you see your life recently. To dream of a broken road denotes problems you’re facing right now. You see your situation as very complicated, when in fact – it isn’t because all you have to do is change your perspective. Each problem has a lesson to teach you. And each dream has a message to deliver. The message of your dream is to find a way to overcome the life challenges. They’re a part of life. Look at problems as challenges and dare yourself to overcome everything you think you can’t endure. You will be surprised by the inner strength and feeling of absolute control that comes with overcoming a challenge. Be more gentle with yourself. Heal your wounds alone.

What does dirt road represent in a dream?

Dirt roads have nothing to do with their name. Sometimes, they are even more beautiful than the modern highways. Walking down a dirt road has the power to calm you down, and relaxing you when you’re feeling stressed or depressed. Especially because the traffic is reduced on a dirt road, and you don’t have to worry about any vehicles passing by every 5 minutes.

To dream of walking down a dirt road, or just see the dirt road in your dream, it means life is begging you to stop being so complicated and look at the dark side of everything. If you want a simple life – don’t complicate it yourself. The advice from this dream is to remove the drama and unnecessary worries. Just enjoy the walk. Your dream also denotes new opportunities coming in a natural way in your life. Spontaneous events will put a smile on your face. The dirt road is also a representation of your intuition. Follow it!

What’s the dream interpretation of crossing road?

Crossing a road signifies the same as crossing a road in your waking life – switching from one point to another, so you get where you’re headed. The dream interpretation is transparent. It represents crossing over something you believe in to achieve the long awaited success. It also represents your life goals at the end of your journey. Or in simpler words – what you want to achieve before you leave this world one day. It symbolizes your ability to change constantly and adapt to changes quickly.

What does a dream of blocked road signify?

To encounter a blocked road in your dream or a dead end implies to the obstacles you’re facing. You feel trapped and need help from someone, anyone. Why not rely on yourself and your potential? You have the ability to pull yourself through any type of situation. Even the most complicated one. If there’s a dead end or a blocked road, and you can’t see a way out – build a new road and keep walking. Your dream delivers a message. Learn how to pass over everything on your own in life. 

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Changing directions of your life.
  • Meeting someone new or falling in love.
  • Socializing.
  • Simplifying your life.
  • Defying odds.
  • Creating opportunities for wealth.
  • Feeling lonely or depressed.
  • Living your life as you want to live it.

In this dream you may have

  • Driven on a road.
  • Broke down on the side of a road.
  • Hit a dead end.
  • Had to choose a direction.
  • Been on a road trip.
  • Wished you could hit the road.
  • Gone on vacation.
  • Walked a long distance. 

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You find a positive direction.
  • You feel comfortable driving or walking – that you know what you are doing on the road.
  • You are safe on the road.
  • You remain and are patient during road work or construction.
  • You back out of an alley and get on a better road.
  • You drive a long windy mountain road with ease.
  • Driving in the carpool lane.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a road

Free. Bored. Excited. Lost. Confused

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012