Dream meanings Acid

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If you dream of chemicals or substances this dream suggests that emotion is important in your life. Acid is corrosive, therefore this indicates that you have a close relationship that may be destroyed.

Another meaning of this dream is that you feel a situation is slowly eating you away. Seems like things are getting worse, and you can't find a solution to it. If that is the case, then the message is to look within. The way you express yourself will be important to define and decide on the next course of action.

The acid featured in your dream is similar to the wheel of fortune on a tarot card, meaning that the next stages in your life can be really good or alternatively bad. It is time to think about these areas, and look at your life in order to progress in whatever you want to do without any fear. To see someone with acid on their face indicates that you are trying to hide behind a mask, it is best to be yourself. A body corroding in acid indicates that you would like problems to just disappear. If you drunk acid this is a negative omen and means that a new start will be required. This dream is significantly rare, and it will need to be interpreted with all the other factors involved.

In your dream you may have

  • Used acid as a drug.
  • Your dream contained monoprotic acids or polyprotic acids.
  • Suffered neutralization reactions.
  • Mixed a weak acid/weak base equilibrium.
  • Conjugated acid/base.
  • Seen acid used in the form of a weapon.
  • A body corroding in acid.
  • Witnessed gastric acid.
  • Drunk acid.
  • Seen acid on your face or others.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The acid is used in for the greater good.
  • The dream was regarding solutions and ideas.
  • You were getting your life on track.

Detailed dream interpretation

To dream of mixing acid means that your emotions serve to heal emotional wounds, or to prevent ones from being inflicted in the first place. People prop-up in your self-esteem, regulate your sense of self-worth, and your self-image. This dream serves as organizing principles in social interactions. For example Granddad was a war hero and that is how he was defined in life. Mother always maintained her beauty, that is how people described her and how she was defined. If you see monoprotic or polyprotic acids then the distinction between reality and fantasy is rarely completely lost. Deep inside, the healthy dreamer will know where facts end and wishful thinking takes over. Granddad acknowledges he was no war hero, though he did his share of fighting. Mother understands she was no ravishing beauty, though she may have been attractive.

If you dream of being covered in acid, then this means your exploits are overblown, your brilliance exaggerated, and your sexual irresistibly a myth. Such distinctions never rise to the surface because everyone – the dreamer and your audience alike – have a common interest to maintain balance. If you dream of a murderer who uses acid, then this denotes you are worried about something in the future. To see a body murdered and then destroyed by acid means you may find someone who will try to implement an unsuccessful project.

To dream of acid as a drug suggests that the integrity of the dreamer, or the veracity of your emotions is about to threaten the very fabric of family and society. To see acid in the lab is connected to your sexual urges. Human intercourse is built around such entertaining deviations from the truth. This is where you have differed from others (from "normal" people), but that is not a bad thing. It is time to get your life on track, and decide what it is you really want. Then just go for it!

Dreaming of acid can refer to hazards, risks, tendency toward cynicism, offense, harsh criticisms, being careful with what you say, throw recklessness with words, and fear of being criticized by others. To dream that you drink acid indicates that you may be emotionally paralyzed, and you have to learn to express yourself.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of acid

Scared. Worried. Upset. Surprised. Sickish. Terrified. Abused.

By Flo Saul
Oct 3, 2012