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Missing Flight

Missing Flight.

A missing flight is connected to feelings inside, such dreams can reflect feelings of regret about actual occasions or people you've lost but more frequently they're an emblem for something missing inside your existence possibly direction, confidence or intimacy or perhaps a feeling of personal identity.

Another explanation of a missing flight in a dream is really a warning that you're at risk of losing something important. Possibly you haven't been pricing or appreciating people around you.


In your dream you may have…

  • Been on a missing flight.
  • Seen a flight missing.
  • Seen others on a missing flight.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • The flight was found.
  • No-one was hurt on the flight.

Detailed dream interpretation…

Losing something or someone important may also suggest lost possibilities, past associations or, according to Jungian analysis, forgotten facets of yourself. Your individual associations to the one thing you lose provides you with clues regarding the emotional meaning and possible interpretation of the dream.

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Dreams that give you a feeling of frustration or anxiety are extremely common you will likely experience this type of dream at a while or any other, especially throughout occasions of stress in waking existence. The strain might be triggered by a test, an interview, splitting up from a partner or fears of failing. This stress can express itself in hopes for falling or just being limited, or hopes for feeling annoyed by a piece of equipment that does not work or ending up flying the plane yourself.

Based on Freud, such dreams are inspired by sexual frustration or anxiety, but many dream experts think that they originate from deep-sitting feelings of inadequacy or frustration in most regions of your waking existence, not only the sexual.   Another  factor  to  consider is whether or not the frustration within the dream was 'because' of something. Quite simply, made it happen happen since you required an incorrect direction, since you were flying with others in this missing flight, maybe you are not paying attention to advice? If you can to pinpoint an underlying cause or reason attempt to define exactly what the 'because' factor is within your day-to-day existence.

However, disturbing, upsetting or frustrating such dreams could be they aren't designed to cause more anxiety. Your dreaming mind has created these images to enlighten and strengthen you. Whenever you've got a dream that leaves you with feelings of loss, regret or frustration, attempt to understand them more.

Feelings encountered during this dream...


Fear of crashing, loosing someone close, fearing life in general.

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