Missing Flight

Missing Flight

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This dream raises so many questions, so If you cannot get your seat in time or you dream of arguing with the gate agent then read on!

A missing flight is connected to feelings inside, such dreams can reflect feelings of regret about actual occasions or people you've lost but more frequently they're an emblem for something missing inside your existence possibly direction, confidence or intimacy or perhaps a feeling of personal identity. Another explanation of a missing flight in a dream is really a warning that you're at risk of losing something important. Possibly you haven't been pricing or appreciating people around you. To see a flight attendant wearing a famous uniform in a dream can indicate that you have a tendency to judge others. To be bumped on a flight indicates that you are feeling left out in social gatherings, the actual "bumping" of the flight is a sign of the feelings of rejection in waking life. If you are arguing with the gate agent this can illustrate that despite everything you will fight for what you believe in real life. Scroll down for a more detailed dream interpretation of missing a flight.

What is the general dream interpretation of missing a flight?

Losing something or someone important may also suggest lost possibilities, past associations or, according to Jungian analysis, forgotten facets of yourself. Your individual associations to the one thing you lose provide you with clues regarding the emotional meaning and possible interpretation of the dream. Dreams that give you a feeling of frustration or anxiety are extremely common and you will likely experience this type of dream and some point or another, especially throughout occasions of stress in waking existence. The strain might be triggered by a test, an interview, splitting up from a partner or fears of failing. This stress can express itself in hopes of falling or just being limited, or hopes for feeling annoyed by a piece of equipment that does not work or ending up flying the plane yourself.

What does dream psychologists say about missing a flight?

Based on Freud, such dreams are inspired by sexual frustration or anxiety, but many dream experts think that they originate from deep-sitting feelings of inadequacy or frustration in most regions of your waking existence, not only the sexual. Another factor to consider is whether or not the frustration within the dream was 'because' of something. Quite simply, made it happen since you required an incorrect direction since you were flying with others on this missing flight, maybe you are not paying attention to advice? If you can to pinpoint an underlying cause or reason attempt to define exactly what the 'because' factor is in your day-to-day existence.

However, disturbing, upsetting or frustrating such dreams could be they aren't designed to cause more anxiety. Your dreaming mind has created these images to enlighten and strengthen you. Whenever you've got a dream that leaves you with feelings of loss, regret or frustration, attempt to understand them more.Your dream denotes you’re feeling stressed, frustrated and wish to hide from the world. To dream of being on a missing flight has a different meaning.

What does it mean to dream of being late to the airport?

If every conceivable travel misfortune is thrown at you in the dream this can indicate that you need independence. Being late for the airport in real life can be a stressful experience. However, in dreams, it can take on spiritual meaning. If being late for the airport is your fault in the dream it can signify that something will be canceled in life. This could be a minor event through to something significant. Generally, being late to the airport but making your flight in a dream indicates that you’re going to confront a problem in the near future, it will, however, be resolved quickly. The feeling of being later dream can be somewhat disturbing. Perhaps you are stressed out, it is really our subconscious mind trying to tell us that we are likely to feel issues and problems in waking life and just slow down.

What does it mean if you lost your airline ticket in a dream?

If you dream of missing your flight due to a lost flight ticket reflects your current mental state and inner issues. To be running for a flight but it leaves in front of you indicates that you wish your problems will be solved. Yet, our problems will never go away unless we take action. Instead of listening to other people’s advice and what’s best for you, ask yourself what you actually would like to achieve from life. Are you satisfied with everything? Is your job going well? If not, it’s time you start listening to your inner voice. Dreaming that you’ve had your airline ticket stolen in some ancient dream dictionaries can indicate under pressure and you feel trapped. It can sometimes mean that you hope for a miracle but you feel trapped in imaginary chains.

What does it mean to dream of trying to catch a plane?

If you’re trying to catch a plane in the dream and have a number of obstacles in your way this dream can suggest a change for the better. On a positive note, you are rather adaptable and the fact that we were trying to achieve the goal of making a flight illustrates that there are many different options open to you. More broadly, it can also suggest that you're going to lack preparation in a situation that work.

What does it mean if someone you were waiting to arrive missed their flight?

If you are waiting for someone to arrive in the dream and the person missed their flight this dream foretells a complicated situation in the future. Don’t expect much from people in life.

What does it mean if you were on a missing flight and it was/wasn’t found?

If you were on a missing flight and the flight was found, it portrays your insecurity and need for protection. Generally, we have this dream when we want someone to take care of us, but my question is: why not take care of yourself? Yes, it is nice to have someone who cares enough to look after you. If you were on a missing flight and the flight was not found it highlights your inner security. Maybe there are some conflicts in life that you desperately want to solve.

What does it mean if you felt relieved because you missed your flight?

If you felt relief knowing you missed a flight in your dream it reveals the tension or stress you’re feeling in daily existence. You’re under a lot of pressure. People expect things from you but you’re not sure you can carry on. To miss a flight due to being too scared to fly in a dream illustrates that even though we all have obligations in life it is important to take the time to relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. This dream can often occur when you are burning the bridges at both ends. You need to think about self-care and try to balance your stress and emotional anxiety in life. In order to gain a healthy psyche - put yourself first.

Other flight dream meanings: The flight of a close person went missing in your dream:

It denotes you take care too much of the person. However, the person might feel suffocated by your protection and constant care. Let people breath. You’re also afraid of losing people under circumstances you can’t control, besides we can’t control everything in life - except the fact that things are what they so don't worry too much.nYou were stuck in traffic and missed your flight in a dream: It implies to the whopping great stress in your life right now. You’re always busy with something or going somewhere. Your dream is portraying your mental condition. My advice is to simplify your life, reduce your obligations. Otherwise, you will never stop.

Flight that later crashed and the passengers died:

Dreaming that your flight went missing and crashed symbolizes your self-doubt and lack of confidence. There’s a saying I want to share here – “If you don’t believe you don’t deserve it then you really don’t deserve it.” There’s a clear point in this quote that screams – TRUST YOURSELF. Without a positive mindset and believing you can do it, you can never really get to where you want to be. Take some to overcome your fear of failure and conquer the world. Now, on a positive note, this dream also predicts a certain, unpleasant situation coming to an end in your life.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Missing flight:

Scared. Excited. Disappointed. Stressed. Exhausted. Afraid. Lonely. Anticipation. Anxious. Unhappy. Fear of crashing, losing someone close, fearing life in general.

By Florance Saul
Dec 23, 2012