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Hare dream meanings


Beyond the symbolism a dream of hares have several explanations. A hare in your dream means a bad woman who is lying, gossipy, and selfish.

To take care of a baby hare means you may have to raise a child. Eating hare's in your dreams is a sign of reconciliation; you will live in harmony with people around you. If a young woman dreams of a hare, then she will meet the one who will be her husband. A hare's hole or hutch seen in a dream foretells good luck. It also brings the possibility of becoming pregnant. The dream of a hare also has negative meanings, this is if the hare is trapped or it appears in your way.


In your dream you may have...

  • Seen a hare running.
  • Seen a white, gray, or black hare.
  • Seen a hare running towards you.
  • Run after a hare.
  • Seen a hare running down a valley.
  • Seen only a hare foot.
  • Fed a hare.
  • Shot a hare.
  • Eaten hare meat.
  • Killed a hare.
  • Caught a hare.
  • Seen a hare caught in a trap.
  • Hunted or trapped a hare.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • The hare is free/appears in the wild.
  • The hare is cute and cuddly.
  • The hare appears unharmed and healthy
  • You nurture a baby hare.

Detailed dream interpretation...

This dream of seeing a hare running foretells a small theft in the house. To see hare's in fields mean prosperity, fertility, and moving into a larger and more crowded city. A hare in your house is a sign of disease. Hares that are a strange color (such as red or green) are an omen of cancer risk and betrayal. If you dream of chasing hares it means that you meet interesting people, or it foretells a journey. To dream of hares hopping everywhere suggests that you have a good family life.

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A running hare indicates that you will be lucky, and that the weather will be as you please. If in your dream you eat hare meat, you are at peace and not afraid of anything. Catching a hare foretells marriage for a young man, and if the man is married it can mean that your wife is cheating on you. A baby hare featured in your dream foretells many children in your house.

A white hare is a sign of victory, success and friendship. If the hare runs towards you it foretells the visit of some close friends. A woman dreaming of a hare means she will soon bear a child. Running after a hare means marriage. A hare running down a valley is a sign of quarrels, but it can also foretell nice weather. If in your dream you are running fast to catch the hare, get ready for a wedding. A grey hare also means marriage.

A hare foot is an omen of luck. If in your dream you are feeding a hare this indicates good health. If you are shooting a hare it means long life and good luck. Eating hare meat can mean nostalgia and recovery after a disease. A black hare is a sign of lies, troubles and misfortunes.

Killing a hare in your dream indicates fraud, loss, and betrayal. Hunting hares mean worries and troubles. Catching a hare can foretell troubles with your life partner. If the hare is caught in a trap, this means risks are coming your way. A hare caught in a leash is the sign of a new business deal or a fight with your friends. If your path is cut by a hare you will encounter immediate dangers in your waking life. Keeping a hare as a pet in your garden is the omen of an illness in your family. If in your dream you see a limping hare this means a minor car accident.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a hareā€¦

Astonished. Confident. Happy. Bewildered. Surprised. Talented. Loving. Overwhelmed.

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