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Dream of Being Shot

Dreaming of being shot by a gun may symbolize feeling threatened or helpless. It may also indicate that you feel out of control or powerless. The dream may also be a warning from your subconscious mind about some hidden danger or problem. If you dream of being shot by a gun, pay attention to other symbols in the dream as they can provide additional insight into its meaning. For example, if the gun is pointed at you, it may suggest that you feel like you are under attack. The act of pointing a gun may also indicate that you are feeling aggressive or dangerous. Ultimately, the meaning of dreaming of being shot by a gun will depend on your own experiences and feelings in the dream. I have detailed many different types of dreams about being shot below in order for you to gain clarity on how this dream is a spiritual sign.  

If we turn to dream psychology and Sigmund Freud (the famous dream psychologist in the 1900s) believes when we are attacked by a weapon in a dream is associated with defence, fear, and control. The "gun" is a focus on people who are possibly controlling you in life, and yes, it can be quite a disconcerting dream.

Is this dream a warning? - Is this dream good or bad?

Millions of readers of my website have contacted me to ask if this dream is a warning of things to come in the future. Questions such as "will I be shot at?" "Is this the future of my life?; "will this person in my dream shoot me in real life?" This dream is unlikely to come true, only 4% of dreams are actual premonitions. In life, we have many ups and downs, experiences that come as warnings to us which trap us into negative thinking. These "danger" dreams are calling you to take proactive steps so that you can navigate your life better. If you feel a sense of having to do everything yourself at the moment - this is another reflective cause of the dream of being shot at. The details of the dream are equally important and I have covered most types of shooting dreams below. I would like to say to you, that there might be some life stages that you are encountering right now that focus on control but the dream of being shot at can mean you are feeling helpless, but more importantly that you could be ignoring something in your life, let's unlock your dream.


Quick dream meanings of being shot

  • Dream about being shot by a stranger - this is the most common dream, the stranger in dream psychology is often a representation of yourself. It could be that you are literally “shooting yourself in the foot.” It is possible that the dream's source may be in your distant past even if the dream material comes from your most recent experience. In Freud's view, almost all mental conflicts and the dreams that express them stem from childhood. Such dreams might indicate aggression. What is the root cause of your uncontrollable aggression? Do you become angry at yourself when you feel guilty? Does it spill over to others? We often don’t want to look from within but dreaming of being shot by a stranger can suggest that this is about you and your life. It can also suggest you are being too hard on yourself at the moment. Give yourself some slack - it’s okay to feel down but positive thinking is important. It is not uncommon, in my experience, to dream of a stranger shooting you when you feel overwhelmed by a problem in life. Especially, if you can see the injury in the dream.
  • Dream of your partner (wife/husband/lover/boyfriend/girlfriend) shooting you - this dream is connected to problems in your relationship. It can mean that you are reviewing where you stand in the connection that you have. If there was a death involved in the dream it can represent transformation. Gunshot wounds from our partner in the dream are normally associated with conflict and it is a sign to smooth things over, and appreciate your partner more. Maybe you have encountered aggression from him or her recently? It is your brain's way of processing information. Many of us, have to deal with this type of aggression at some stage in the relationship and it could be this dream has occurred because it is asking you for a "time out." in regard to the relationship. Conflict is often associated with both verbal and non-verbal communication, on another note, in some dream dictionaries shootings involving a loved one are about defending and self-control. Think about if there are any emotional triggers and your responses. I hope this resonates with you.
  • Dream of being shot by a friend - This dream is about understanding other people’s emotions and the difficulty of feeling angry with your friend, it can also indicate the friend may encounter a difficult time in the future. For a friend to shoot you in a dream can suggest that your friend may also need your help. If you have been friends with this person for a long-time it can be extraordinary that this would even give bearing in a dream. To see your friend with a dangerous weapon is about anger or reactions in your relationship.
  • Dream of being shot by a family member - Family members shooting you can represent conflict in real life. Even if you have had to work hard to live up to your parents' expectations, it can mean in your childhood perhaps your achievements were not remembered in the future. Can also denote possible family conflict.
  • Being chased and shot in the dream - You may encounter someone that feels superior to everyone around them in life, are more valuable, capable, and talented. This person may control the lives of those around them because of this unrealistic view of themselves.
  • Dreams of being robbed and shot - someone may take something of value from you and ask for your help. In older dream books it means moving towards a goal but worried about the outcome.
  • A dream of a police shooting - justice is required in a situation close to you.
  • Dream of a drive-by shooting - other people may ask for help it is up to you to ensure that you return the favour, cars are also about control, so could suggest a controlling situation.
  • Dream of close-range shooting - if you are being shot at close range then this can indicate exploring your potential and desire and instead of focusing efforts on pleasing another, it is a dream of multiple levels. There may be a sudden event. A person that shot you close range means a positive change coming forth in your life where you will be able to grow and gain in older dream dictionaries.
  • Dreaming of being hunted and then shot with a gun - someone may take your positive energy and replace it with negative energy. They make you feel tired and unmotivated.
  • To dream of war dreams and shootings - wars in dreams often represent arguments in waking life. Seeing a gun or being shot at during a war in the dream state can represent the ability to express yourself and doing things that are truly heartfelt can make a huge difference in someone's life who is going through a traumatic time at the moment. War in dreams can also signal an argument in the coming weeks.
  • Dream of shooting involving a sniper - The sniper is a long-range weapon and indicates that emotions work and so emotions can be very difficult to manage. To see a military marksman use a sniper in a dream can be connected to your goals and ambitions in life. Remember a sniper comes from the verb “to snipe.” it can indicate accomplishment and getting what you want in life. In some languages, the sniper is called a "hunter". Think about this…what are you trying to hunt?
  • Dream of being shot with a rifle - to be attacked by a rifle indicates acceptance, approval and validation. I have also encountered this dream about 5 years ago, I was shot with a machine gun and it was about how I was expressing myself to others. Yes, the dream of being shot at is a warning that emotions might be high and you need to restore your values going forward, relax and practise being resilient.
  • Dream of bullets firing - the bullet is a means of communication with others, this dream normally indicates that something is essentially "firing at you" think about what is associated with people and if someone has said any harsh words. Multi-bullets in a dream can suggest many verbal elements in life.
  • Dreams about a child being shot - In America almost 1300 children a year die from gun wounds or injuries, this is a shocking and alarming dream. The “child” in the dream is often connected to your own inner child and indicates you may have encountered problems in relationships. If you could see your own child being shot at in the dream don’t worry. This according to Sigmund Freud is about their milestones and the fact they are moving onto one phase or another. To see bleeding can suggest that you wish to keep a child safe. To dream of an unknown child being shot is more likely to be about your inner child. 
  • Dreams about a headshot - The headshot in the dream is a direct spiritual association of your mind. Think about the bullet entering your mind. This is more about you than the firearm in the dream. In general, the headshot is about other people in life, it is often a sign that you will learn something new, so this is a positive dream about expanding your mind.
  • Dreams about being shot and dying - Insecurity, vulnerability, and fragility may be symbolized by dreams of being shot and dying. The dream may also represent some actual pain or hurt you are experiencing in your life. A dream of being hurt can also indicate a fear of someone else harming you emotionally or physically. You may feel guilty or ashamed if you are the one inflicting hurt in your dream. Your subconscious may also be warning you to watch out for something or someone that could be harmful. The dream of death can symbolize the end of something in your life. A relationship, a job, or a phase in your life may be ending. You may also be trying to kill off some aspect of yourself through death. Negative emotions or bad habits could be the cause of this behavior. It is also possible that dreams about death are warning signs from your subconscious about something that is harmful or dangerous. If you dream that someone else dies, then it may represent some aspect of that person that you fear losing.

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  • Someone shooting you in a dream
  • Being shot in the chest, hand, neck, head, back, arms, legs, heart or stomach
  • Dreaming of being shot but not hit and almost getting shot
  • Multiple shootings, shootouts, and dreaming of being shot but not dying
  • The spiritual meaning of a bullet and guns
  • Gunshot and shot in a war zone shot with arrows or tanks
  • Dreams about being shot and dying or being wounded
  • Shootings at work, school, home

Sigmund Freud and gun dreams - what does he say?

I like to consider using psychology in all dream interpretations, as well as the biblical meaning. This expands on the spiritual meaning of the dream of being shot. As I have already mentioned Freud is associated with dreaming because during the war he helped many soldiers who had terrible nightmares about their experiences. Freud believed that the dreams we have are associated with what we are experiencing in daily life. Freud (1900) wrote many books and believed our dreams are associated with “organic stimuli” and provide us with mental images during our sleep.

Freud believed the items in dreams - such as the individuals, entities, objects, locations and names - derive mostly from the events of the previous day. Freud's claim seems exaggerated. There is nothing to worry about. Recent experiences often contribute to dreams. Children's dreams are essentially reliving their days. Nevertheless, man's dreams may include images from distant experiences.

Connecting spirituality and Freud, dream items can come from outside of the dreamer ​In Freud's view, our dream brain known as neurosis may begin in childhood, but can remain dormant until adulthood. It's akin to a gun that can be loaded for quite some time before it fires. Just like the gun that shot you in your dream. It's also important to mention that once an experience triggers the irrational tears, guilt feelings, or anger, other experiences are likely to trigger them again until eventually, almost any experience triggers them. In this way, neurosis is reinforced.

Being shot in a dream can provoke many feelings in waking life the next day. If you experience death as the result of the shooting such a dream can indicate being hurt by others in your waking life. Most dreams of being shot are a result of a shooting gun. These images can occur due to the internet, film, newspapers, and television. Sigmund Freud believed that our dreams are affected by “what we see” in waking life.

What is the biblical meaning of being shot at in a dream?

Scripture is something I like to consider when interpreting any dream. The bible does not mention guns but mentions weapons of war. If we take Ecclesiastes 9:18 it reads "wisdom is better than weapons" there is another scripture that points to swords and training hands of war (Pslam 144.1) from these scriptures the dream of being shot at biblically can indicate that this is gods way to bring you the wisdom of your own life. Matthew 10:28 states "..those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul." therefore, your soul will never die and experiences on this earth plane. I do believe that the biblically meaning of being shot at is about control, wisdom and making sure you follow your heart's desires in this world. 

What does it mean to dream of someone shooting you?

I have already run over the most likely people that could have been shot you above, but generally, If someone shot you in the dream this is connected to your relationship with that person or alternatively a target in life. This is about goal that you are working towards. A dream where you are seeing yourself “being shot at” with a gun is a sign of fighting for survival, problems or associations, and pain inflicted on you by others. The truth is that our dreams are affected by images of being shot in real life.

The situation that you are shot in the dream and in which circumstances are important to consider. Equally "who" shot you in the dream is important; "Do you know them?" "is it a stranger?" There are so many scenarios that play out in a dream, but to see someone shoot at you in a spiritual context is about: control, moving towards a turning point, past experiences, and self-destructive behaviour. If you know the person shooting you this is connected to your relationship with them in waking life. Such a dream can indicate feeling dissociated from both our spiritual natures and the world around us because we are caught up in the fast pace of daily life, rapid communication, and routine.

Gun culture is often exaggerated in news reporting and can at times have an effect on our dreams. There is, of course, the spiritual side of this dream. In this dream meaning, I am going to define what it dreams to mean that you dream of actually being shot. In psychology, being attacked with a gun during our sleep is connected to how we are feeling in life. In ancient dream books, a shooting indicates problems in one’s love life. I had a dream recently where I hardly knew what was going on, but there was a screaming woman with a machine gun, I was shot when I scrambled to a lorry. In my dream, there was a scurry of people and everything seemed confused and bodies were spread everywhere.

Sorry, I know this is rather worrying but I wanted you to know being shot in a dream is common. I decided that I wanted to uncover the spiritual meaning of what a dream of being shot could imply, I have studied around 80 ancient dream books. In a nutshell, when you encounter a dream about being shot, it spiritually means that you are trying to get remove an aspect of your personality - that you don’t like. In life, we sometimes try to understand everything we do and sometimes it is hard to and to be shot by someone unknown can indicate your feeling vulnerable in a situation in life. It might also mean that there are some elements of your persona that you are trying to reject.

American culture is connected to guns, I do think it is appropriate to look at facts, in 2010 alone about 124 million people owned 300 million guns. In the media, guns are often discussed along with shootings. In most cases when you keep having a dream of being shot, it spiritually carries positive energy and thus, there is no need to worry. The day after having this dream, you will need to think about your own goals and life and how you are planning to achieve them. It could be a sign that you are firmly fighting for understanding why some things have happened or that you are facing some sort of confrontation.

How likely is the risk of being shot in real life?

After encountering this dream you may be worried that you may actually get shot, and this may come true, bullets raining down on you or finding yourself in a shoot out unwillingly can leave one worrying if this would actually happen in real life. There are about 1 billion guns in circulation throughout the world. Let’s look statistically at how likely being shot will be in real life. In 2022 here is how many people own guns:

  • America 256 million people own guns (2022)
  • Great Britain 617,171 people own guns (2021)
  • Australia 3.5 million people own guns (2022)
  • 1 million people own guns in India (2022)
  • Other countries > 500,000 guns owned (2022)

If I have missed your country, please let me know but what can we take from this statistic. Statistically, in America, there is a greater risk of getting cancer than from being shot at. This is due to the low death rate, for example in 2016 only 34,000 people were killed by a firearm. Due to the statistics, those people who live in America are 25 more times likely to be shot at than in any other country - but it is rare. Road traffic accidents in 2017 were about 38,000. Also, another interesting fact, most deaths in America were suicide (nothing to be celebrated) but I wanted to reassure you that even though you have had this dream it is unlikely to actually come true due to the low percentage and the odds of getting shot at outside America is about 1 million to one. In America, for every one million people there are around 1,000 gun-related deaths but most of these are sadly suicide.* Therefore, statistically, it is unlikely and not a premonition. I hope that comforts you in some way.

What does it mean to dream of being shot in the chest or head?

The place where you encountered the gunshot is important. Most gunshot wounds are to the head, I do like to mention my statistics while I’m doing dream research, as this can pave the way to more of a deeper interpretation. A study by Molia reviewed 387 deaths due to gunshot wounds. The most popular place of the gunshot wound was the head (74%) followed by the chest (20%) and then the abdomen (6%). After this people were most likely to be shot in the face and then the forehead was (13%). The actual place where you suffered the gunshot can help analysis. If you suffered a gunshot to the head then this can symbolize that you feel you are not on the correct path in regard to your work or career. If the gunshot in your head kills you and agree it might be urging you to change aspects of yourself. Dreaming of multiple gunshots to various parts of the body indicates a lack of knowledge according to the spiritual interpretation.

If the bullet itself becomes fatal then there may be unusual circumstances in the future if the bullet entered your chest area. To dream of the bullet entering the face or forehead can symbolize naturalism. If the gunshot is made in anger and this can indicate that certain things will be getting out of hand going forward. It could be that situations are going to collapse. If the bullet enters the chest cavity in your dream then it can indicate support is needed. Sigmund Freud believed guns were a phallic symbol and that you are feeling threatened in life. Dreams about being shot due to suicide can indicate that you will encounter verbal attacks in the future according to older dream lore.

What does a dream about being shot in the stomach mean?

A dream of being shot in the stomach indicates your own qualities and capabilities within. In spiritual terms, the stomach represents the chakra that is connected to the feminine side of life. Seeing yourself shot in the stomach indicates you ask yourself what you are wasting your life. What energies can you draw up in order to carry out your own goals? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

What does it mean to dream about being shot in the neck?

A dream of seeing yourself being shot in the neck could imply that your heart and your mind are in conflict. Alternatively, it could mean that the person who is shooting you is the one who is, in real life, causing a lot of stress.

What does it imply to dream about getting shot in the back?

Dreaming of getting shot in your back could imply that, you feel that you have been betrayed. Think about this dream meaning deeper. Who is stabbing you in the back? It could be someone who is close to you and yet they are betraying your trust. Consequently, try to be more careful especially when you are around people you are “unsure” of - because you never know what is coming.

What does it mean to dream of being shot in the arm or hand?

Arms in dreams are connected to how responsible you are in life. Therefore, to dream that you are shot in the arm or your hand is shot during a dream can signal that you wish to be less responsible in life. Let’s face it - we use our arms every day, to help us in life. Dreaming of being shot in the arm or hand can indicate that you may encounter conflict physically, this could be in a place of work. And, going back to the analogy I mentioned in the opening paragraphs - the dream of being shot in the arm or hand is about predicting what is going to happen. 

What does it mean to dream of being shot in the legs, feet or kneecapped?

We use our legs and feet to help us get from A to B. This dream is about following the right path in your life, without life’s hassle. Mental and physical health are equally important. There is a widespread belief that either one or both of these are important for your well-being. The legs, feet or knees featured in the dream are connected to ensuring that negativity does not enter your life. Negativity is bound to follow us all, and if you are shot in the legs or knee caps it is about ensuring that you can move forward on the journey of life. If you are unable to walk due to being shot in the leg during the dream (which I guess is obvious) is about making sure obstacles do not get in the way spiritually.

What does it imply to dream about being shot in the heart?

To be shot in the heart during your dream represents your emotions and feelings at the moment. Are you feeling sad and you are wondering how you are going to come out of the depression you are currently suffering? The feelings have been brought to the surface by what happened to you or by the acts of someone and now you are feeling helpless, and this has surfaced in your dream. Meditate and find the root cause of your worries - because that will be the beginning of healing. If nothing seems to work, then give yourself some time in order to heal and you will get back to your feet.

What does it mean to dream of being shot but not hit?

If you are not hit in the dream by the bullet but someone tries to shoot you this dream is about aggression. In my view, this dream occurs when someone, in particular, has been aggressive to you or conflict has arisen. Dreaming of being shot but not hit can indicate that there will be a near-miss of problems coming your way but you will be able to navigate these. Of course, this is only a guide to your life but Carl Jung believes if there was a “near-miss” in the dream it can indicate how you are feeling on the inside. That something needs addressing internally so you don’t become angry at how things are in life.

What does it mean to dream of almost getting shot?

To almost get shot in a dream is about missing something in life according to psychology, Sigmund Freud in his books recalls dreams of people who miss a disaster as reviewing their life goals and focusing on the outcomes. If it was a near-miss in your dream then this can indicate there are triggers in life you need to be aware of. To dream of seeing others nearly shot but able to dodge the bullet can suggest other people will be focused on your success and the goals that you have. 

What does it mean to dream of being shot multiple times?

Dreaming of being shot multiple times can certainly be rather worrying. Dreams can often create scenarios that test our own internal reactions and above all our own sense of security and vulnerability. Hearing the gunshot “bang” multiple times is a sign that you must wake up to something important in life. To dream that you are being “shot” repeatedly triggers a feeling that you will need to be aware of problems or circumstances in your life that could concern you. In its simplest form “multiple shots” can indicate that you need to take charge of your life. If someone is loading the gun to keep shooting you during your dream, this can be connected to your own inner child. Are you subconsciously you are feeling threatened by others? To keep having dreams that you are shot indicates that you need to take note of feeling insecure. We often feel vulnerable in large groups of people, especially those that do not yet know. In summary, to dream of being shot multiple times could just be your own worries and anxieties in waking life.

What does it mean to dream of getting shot by a bullet?

The bullets in dreams (which I have already explained above) are normally about communication with others in life, this can be brought down to earth when we think of the interactions we have on a daily basis. Although we don't like to hear negative comments about our own lives, communication and good relationships can help us to be grounded and more aware of the truth. This is especially true when negative comments are made by someone you trust and know. The “bullets” here are normally a symbol (according to Carl Jung) about people who are trying to attack you. If you think about it the bullet is metal, hard and fired powerfully. To dream of the bullets (metal) inside your body can denote that you have been attacked by others. 

People are often not open to criticism. They believe criticism from others is a sign of jealousy because they have an exaggerated self-image. Their self-esteem is protected and they do not shy away from taking a strong stance, sometimes at the expense of others. Let me know to look at the specific bullets in your dream. If we look at bullets there are three types. Loaded cartridges, rimfire, centrefire and finally shotshell. Normally in dreams, we don’t really know “which” bullets we are seeing but we may have a clue from the gun. If for example you are being shot in the dream with an AK47 then this is associated with a 7.62 diameter. It is not uncommon, to actually know the size of the bullet in the dream especially if it was lucid in nature. I will cover this below with the actual “gun” that was used to shoot you in the dream - if of course, you can remember.

Shotgun Bullets: If the shotgun ammunition was featured in your dream or you could see shotshells these are normally red. What it means spiritually is that the shotgun shells are about you making a stand, think about how a shotgun is fired compared to any other gun. It is quick, one shot and more powerful due to the barrel

Light Bullets (used in Pistols, Handguns, SMGs and Miniguns): if the bullets are of a lighter variety I am going to use an analogy. This dream of lighter bullets (lighter weapons used in the dream indicates It won't help to ignore the tin cans in life. It won't help to repeat a daily mantra that the tin cans will not get you down. It doesn't matter if you have all the tools and the desire to get food from them, it won’t stop them from throwing themselves at you. They would only attack your house out of revenge. It is neither a solution to a problem nor a means of improving oneself.

Is it possible to remove all problems from your life? Honestly, it's not. It will always exist. Do not let it affect you or change your life. To smash those tin cans into oblivion, you'll need a baseball bat or any other impact "gun" weapon of your choice. This will be a long, exhausting, messy, and continuous process. But, with practice, it will become second nature. I hope that resonates with you, the bullet is like removing all your negativity in life.

Medium or heavy bullets (used in Assault weapons, AK47, Rifles, Sniper rifles, Shotguns, Reveolvers, Semi-automatic, Machine Guns or Explosive weapons.) Being shot by any weapons that hold heavy bullets, means you're being somewhat feeling "weighed" down, just like the heavy weapon in the dream.  Think about this cake analogy, I will use a real cake. The ingredients can be purchased, measured by the spoonful, and mixed together with the best cooking talent. But if your oven isn't working, your cake will fail. It is no different with self-improvement. These types of guns in a dream can denote feeling a weight on your shoulders. This is the greatest problem. A mindset is a set of beliefs that informs your behaviour and beliefs. You should not attempt to change your circumstances or life. You are who you are, and a wonderful human being.

What does it mean to dream of being shot but not dying?

This dream can symbolize yourself and your own internal thoughts. It can represent a flow of psychic energy and you need to pay attention to the current elements of your life. As you have not died in the dream it could just represent a magnitude of different forces in waking life which is urging you to pay attention to the symbolism of pain. Symbolically, being shot but not dying stands for the union of your own true feelings.

What does it mean to dream of a mass shooting and you get shot?

Normally, there is a significant association between mental illness and gun violence. From psychiatric research, mental health and a massacre in real life are interconnected. But, what does this mean in your dream? To dream of being a victim of a mass shooting can imply that you consider a situation in waking life somewhat dangerous. Mass murder can often result in a desire to kill many people, being shot in such a crime can suggest that you wish to kill something in life. That a problem needs a resolution. I always remember that Norwegian man that killed a mass shooting in Utoya, killing multiple people (you may remember this). Much research has been conducted into why people commit mass murder, this can help in defining what your dream means. Even though catastrophic to dream of being shot in a mass killing, it often means that something unpredictable is looming. Try to think about your social circle. Being shot by police indicates feeling isolated in life.

What does it imply to dream about being shot with a gun?

I have already written at length about guns in dreams which you can find by clicking here. I will briefly go over the meaning of being shot by a gun. Sigmund Freud connected guns to remove part of elements in life. Plus, it is connected to attraction. I will say, though, that the meaning will change depending on how serious the gunshots are. Try to remember how the gun is used, and the number of attackers. If you are being shot by a gang of shooters, it is a sign of being overworked and overwhelmed in your life and thus, you are feeling weaker than the rest. Being shot by the police means that you are worried about being controlled. Seeing someone shoot you is connected to the fact you are trying to minimize problems. Being shot by a concealed weapon indicates there are factors you need to consider.

If you are also shooting a weapon or you are unable to see your target, then it is a sign that you are in control of situations in your life. Being shot by an animal in your dream could be a reflection of your need for survival. You are at a point where you are willing to work on anything in order to survive. Alternatively, the dream could imply that you are persecuted or abused by someone in your waking life. Being shot by a handgun can indicate that something will be concealed. An adolescent shooting you (for example at school) and you being shot can reveal the effects of exposure to problems in life. Shooting an assailant can indicate you are fighting back in life. There could be a risky situation in life. Being shot trying to protect your child, can indicate that you are going to follow the correct action. If there was no gun featured in the dream but you are shot indicates that you will defend yourself going forward.

What does it imply to dream of being shot in a war?

Dreaming that you are being shot in a war could be an indicator that, you are reflecting on your past experiences. It could be that you are encountering a conflict in your life. I had a dream I was in the jungle and could see the army shooting everyone, I then got shot. This dream can indicate that you are feeling traumatized. Terrorism shooting in a dream can imply feeling threatened in real life.

What does a bullet mean in a dream?

The bullet is a quick reaction and represents your focus, often this dream means that you feel the victim in a dream. The bullet itself is associated with being attacked. Seeing the bullet in your skin can indicate that you are feeling hurt in life. Specifically seeing a bullet harming you but not dying can indicate that you need to make a decision in life. Seeing a gunman shoot the bullet can in many cases indicates escaping from problems and possible hurt from others. Trying to dig out the bullet from your skin can suggest that the fight or conflict in life is serious.

What does it mean to dream about dying of being shot?

When you have a dream a shot wound, then it means a possible conflicting situation you might be going through. The good news is that this will come to an end. If you are the one who shoots back and someone else dies, then it is an omen that you are ending all conflict which you have been experiencing.

What does it mean to dream about getting shot in a shootout?

Getting shot during a shootout in your dream could imply a challenge ahead of you. In a broader sense, this dream can indicate the feeling of being attacked by others. In the coming days, you might encounter something important and feel pressure. This is often reflected in our dreams. To dream of being shot connected to gang warfare can indicate a tough time, but with hard work, things will pay off. If a challenge interferes with your work, there could be a negative time. Seeing bad guys shooting you in a dream can reveal being threatened by others in life.

What does it imply to dream about being shot by someone at work?

When you dream that you are being shot by someone at work, it indicates that you may encounter enemies in your workplace. This dream can reveal colleagues are envious and jealous. There could be someone who wishes to destroy your success and reputation thus, you will need to be careful when you are around people and avoid talking about your secrets. This is of course, older dream meanings from 1930s dream dictionaries. A mass shooting at work can signal a new phase in life.

What does it mean to dream about being shot from above?

A dream where you get shot from above, then it is an indicator that you are going to meet someone who will not treat you right. It could be a new partner or a friend, but whoever it is, they are going to influence you in a negative way, sorry if this sounds depressing. Equally, being shot from a high building can mean unproductive and meaningless tasks. Killed by a citizen can indicate shooting yourself in the foot.

What does it denote to dream about getting shot in your house?

When you have a dream of being shot while at home, it is an indication that you feel insecure in your own environment. It could be that, in the recent past, you have been a victim of a violent crime and thus, you keep on feeling unsafe. Or it could be that your fears are a random side effect of a bad movie. Being shot due to self-defence can indicate you are not feeling committed in life. A robbery or violent crime in a home can indicate that you need to defend yourself in life. The stringent use of guns in homes can also indicate feeling restricted in life.

What does it denote to dream about getting shot from a distance?

Getting shot from a distance in your dream could imply that you are anticipating something to happen. Simultaneously being shot from a distance reveals that you are working on completing a task successfully and on time. If everything is going as planned, then the dream is a representation of your fears. Are scared that things might not work out as you have planned? If you find out that your fears are irrational, and you are sure of your effort paying off, then there is no need to get anxious - as you will be successful in your plans.

What does it mean to dream about getting shot by your partner?

When you dream that you are being shot by your partner, then it denotes the feelings which you have towards them. It could be that they did something which disappointed you or you have a feeling that they no longer love you. It could also be a representation of a betrayal which you are experiencing from someone in waking life. They could have cheated on you and you caught them or you could be having a feeling that they are cheating on you with someone else. After the dream, you will need to talk to your partner to clear things out. You could be stressing over things which are not true at all. Being raped and shot can imply that you are feeling responsibility in life.

What does it imply to dream about getting shot and being wounded?

Dreaming that you are getting shot and being wounded could mean that, in real life, you are going to be a target of injustice. If the shooting ends in your own fatality this can imply dramatic news. Your feelings could be hurt and there is nothing you will be able to do about it. If you feel that you are unable to fight against something which is not fair, then you will regret something in life. A woman dreaming about a gunshot wound in older dream books implies that her partner is betraying her, but this is quite an old meaning. I am not sure of the true meaning of this dream but it can mean preventing an affair.

What does it mean to dream someone pulls a trigger on you?

This dream could feature someone threatening you with a gun, and they finally pull the trigger and shoot you. This dream is about positive new romantic relationships. It is a way of “triggering” events. If you don’t remember what happens after that trigger is pulled we can use the word “trigger” in life to mean just that. The dream is associated with you making the final decision about an aspect of life. What is triggering you right now? How are you triggered?

What does it mean to dream of guns and gangs?

Gang culture has swept every major country. Only recently I was watching Netflix Top boy (recommended if you have not seen it) which is about gangs and guns. Guns and gangs often come hand-in-hand and the dream about maybe a gang revenge killing or gang-related homicides is associated with conflict in your waking life. This dream is about surrounding yourself with people that are happy and good for you, it could represent that conflict has happened recently with a “group” of people. If the group is shooting at you in the dream it can represent difficulties. Positivity and happiness closely resemble one another. Since successful, positive people only look at the present and cannot see the future. Nonetheless, successful people cannot often overlook the benefits of their success.

What does it mean to dream that you were shot and you went to the hospital or an ambulance was called?

Sometimes we dream we go to the hospital after being shot, other times it just goes blank. Being in a hospital or getting medical help is a positive omen. Seeing this in the dream means that you will be able to focus on life, for the better. Just like the doctor or nurses that help in the dream after being shot at, it is likely people will help you going forward.

What does it mean to dream of being shot with an arrow?

This is quite an unusual dream. When you dream that you are being shot with an arrow, then it is time to start thinking about your own desires and emotions. An arrow in the dream is mostly related to matters of the heart. If a single arrow was used to shoot you, and you knew the attacker, it is a sign that there is rivalry and being jealous in life. Think about your real partner and what type of relationship you are having with them. There is a possibility you wish to fight to get the attention of someone. If you are the one who is shooting a bow and arrow back in the dream, then it implies that you are ready to compete with someone in your real life. If you saw several arrows being used to shoot you then it is an indicator that your emotions are overwhelming you. Alternatively, the dream could be referring to harsh words and that you are feeling jealous, which is likely to hurt you in the coming days.

What does it mean to dream about bombs and tanks shot you?

When you dream about bombs and tanks, it implies that you are encountering conflicts with political powers or policies. In your real life, you might be feeling that you are a victim of government organizations or “controlled” in some way. If you are shooting back, then it means that you are ready to fight with the government or policy in your real life.

What does it mean to dream about getting shot up close?

Dreaming of being shot point plank or getting shot up close denotes that you are experiencing negativity or problems which you may be experiencing. This dream can mean that things, in general, have been somewhat complex. Be mindful of others and with this you can expect problems to go away miraculously. It can be rather worrying seeing yourself “shot close” in a dream. Irrespective of this in older dream lore this dream can imply that someone will support you. To witness others being exposed to a shotgun up close can often mean conflict.

What does it imply to dream about getting shot by a friend?

I have mentioned this in the opening paragraph but just wanted to expand a little. A dream of getting shot by a friend could mean that you are digesting elements of your relationship in your sleep. Ask yourself this question: is there some negativity between you and your friend? This dream could imply a misunderstanding which you have had in the recent past. If you love and trust your friend, then put aside your pride and work things out with your friend. Seeing a group of friends shooting you can be a hurtful dream but indicates that sources close to you will have the answers you need.

What does it mean to dream about getting shot and dying?

A dream of suffering a gunshot and consequently dying is an indicator that, you are going to finish your projects as you had planned and they will bring success to you. I know that on the surface this dream could appear to be negative but death in dreams are associated with transformation. Another message of this dream is to continue working hard.

What does it mean to dream about starting a shooting?

A dream of starting shooting and that you end up getting shot, is a representation of your relationship with other people. The dream of starting a shooting could be referencing a business relationship or how you behave with your colleagues at work. If there is tension at work, then you should try to work things out.

Your unconscious mind records dreams like a camera. Because it is an older part of your brain, it uses a different language than your conscious mind. It is not wired for logic, reasoning, or everyday communication. It's easy to see it that way. We all sometimes just discount dreams. Your unconscious mind is asleep and you are dreaming. Your unconscious mind is busy processing the day's events, comparing them with past experiences, memories, beliefs, and updating information about your worldview and place within it. It must find a way to store all of this information in a simple way. Imagine gazing at a view of the sea for a long time. 

Although some dream dictionaries are useful for providing ideas, they can also lead you to become less expert about your own dreams. They encourage you to see the meaning of the dream rather than exploring your individual dream and why this is important. You may also be led astray by the false impression that all meanings in the dictionary are true. It is much simpler and more accurate to look at each part of the dream of getting shot and what this means. Therefore I urge you to look up all the elements in my dream meanings.

What is a recurring dream of being shot?

If you keep running into the same dream night after night then I have a message for you. Being shot in dreams more than once in the same year can indicate there are problems faced in real life over and over again, your dreams will recur. Recurring is when your subconscious gets stuck and keeps repeating the same old dreams as you have the same old problems. The problems could be resurfacing over and over again in waking life. Most recurring dreams end in disappointment. Your dreams of being shot portray you as stuck, trapped, and stuck. Something needs to change in your life.

Summary of a dream of being shot

In conclusion, dreams about being shot can often be a rather concerning dream, as I’ve mentioned a number of times during this dream interpretation. In dream psychology terms the gun itself is a representation of passion as a symbolism. Additionally, being shot can also represent aggressiveness. The way our brain interprets information in daily life can also affect dreams of being shot. If you were killed due to the gunshot in a dream, this could symbolize repressed feelings that other people are causing you pain. I am sorry you had this dream. If there is something I have not covered then please leave me a comment below.

My advice from this dream is to take care of your body, and giving up on what's not important, this is not difficult to do. Although they may seem simple life changes, when you take a closer look, these are significant changes in your routine, behavior, and habits. I want to return to my original point of this dream which is about control and dodging something difficult in life. If you dream of being shot at and dying it can signal transformation, much like the death card in the tarot deck. Not everyone can decide to make a change in their lives. The most obvious example of this is how many of us are just too busy to take action. One of the important things about this dream is that your spirit guides are supporting you by sending you this dream.

What does this dream really mean?

I adore using analogies. Let's say you are on a road trip. On a long-winded, tedious journey, you'll travel for hours and many days. Your car runs out of fuel while you're still driving. Just ahead of you is a gas station, but you ignore it. As a result, you stretch your fuel to the limit. We have all done this thinking the next garage will be nearer. Therefore, you run out of gas further down the road. Optimistic thinking has resulted in this situation. There are options. If necessary, you can walk to the nearest gas station that you passed or push your car the rest of the way (which is not an option due to the distance). Alternatively, you can call roadside assistance for help, that is of course you pay for such service. Whatever you do, the fact that you ignored your gas gauge will not change the fact that you are in this position. If you had not ignored the "signs" the situation would not have happened.

Hopefully, this analogy conveys the point, it is unlikely that most people will have the common sense to refill their tanks whenever they can. Sadly, most people lack the common sense to give themselves the same amount of consideration. What I am trying to say here is that dream is about thinking things through and possible situations. In some way, the gun is about a "wake-up" call to predict events before they even happen. The dream of a gunshot is a sign to think about the possibility of things that may put a strain on you going forward.

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