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Crumbled Teeth

Crumbled Teeth.

Crumbled teeth in a dream can be associated with one's insecurity in life. The fact the teeth "crumble" means that an area of waking life needs your attention.

 It also means problems with personal health, job opportunities, body image's or relationships.


In your dream you may have seen:

  • Your teeth crumble.
  • Other people's teeth crumble.
  • Teeth crumble in one's mouth.
  • Teeth that suddenly crumble into dust.
  • Teeth that are unheathly.
  • Your teeth falling out then crumbling.

Detailed dream interpretation

Crumbling teeth can symbolize four main aspects of life.

The following are the four main interpretations of this dream:

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1. A decision or compromise that is costly.

When you have a dream of your teeth crumbling, it can mean that there is awkwardness you feel for having made some wrong choice in a difficult situation. For instance, you may be feeling negative regarding a relationship. You feel used by others. You can’t get out of something in waking life because you already made the decision. The dream points out the true cost of compromise (with others) after making a costly decision.

2. Things may fall apart in waking life. 

Just from the word ‘crumbling’ itself this dream can mean that things in waking life are falling apart. Having a dream of crumbling teeth may mean that things are getting out of control in your life and you are powerless and seem unable to take any action. Things that one considers stable may turn out to result in change.


3. Fear of aging effect on your body and health.

You may have some fear because of physical aging since most people do not enjoy growing old. The dream of crumbling teeth can be seen as a symbol of aging. When you have such a dream, it can portray one's fear of the effects that aging can bring on health and the body.  

4. Losing your power and feeling powerless

The dream of a crumbling teeth can suggest a decision that you are about to make will be rather costly. It can be a decision that may involve compromising something or losing one's values. You may end up feeling vulnerable and powerless due to making a difficult decision. You therefore need to evaluate the kind of decision you are about to make in case you have such a dream.

It can also mean losing your power. 


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream crumbled teeth...

Sad, uncomfortable, pain, stress, anxiety, discomfort.

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