Crumbled Teeth

Crumbled Teeth

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Dreams of teeth crumbling teeth can be associated with one's insecurity in life. The fact the teeth "crumble" means that an area of waking life needs your attention.

Crumbling teeth are connected to a power of transformation. The crumbling teeth in your dream can be indicating a difficulty in life. If we look at how animal’s use their teeth as a symbolism they use “teeth” as a defense mechanism. The crumbling teeth seen in your dream can indicate a loss of control in life or that you are unable to defend an attack by your enemies. My opinion is that crumbling teeth is associated with feeling a lack of control in life. Diving into the Jungian symbolism - crumbling teeth is associated with weakness after a period of aggression control. If you don’t have any teeth and the dream indicates you’re not in control or have the power. If we turn to symbolism it can indicate that your energy and self-defense is down.

What does it mean to see your teeth crumble?

Shiny white crumbling teeth can haunt our dreams in many ways. Crumbling, or trying to spit out fragments of teeth have even entered my dreams over the years. Crumbling teeth in dreams can be due to neglect, decay or trauma regarding a situation in life. To see your teeth crumble in your dream is a folklore sign of regret. It means you have said or done something you regret. Maybe you’ve gossiped about someone or others have told lies about you? Or someone has criticized you in waking life without reason? I will say this. What’s been done, has been done. And if you can’t do anything about it – it’s always the best way to let it go, forgive and forget. This dream also reflects a lack of dental care. According to dentists, good dental care is mandatory. Crumbling teeth in a dream illustrate that you need to take good care of your teeth if you want them to last longer. Take daily care of your teeth with brushing and flossing.

What causes crumbling teeth in real life?

I like to include some facts about my dream meanings. According to dentist claims, older adults have a problem with crumbling teeth than others. But the erosion of teeth doesn’t come with aging and can happen at any age. Crumbling teeth is generally caused by acid from our stomach coming from a Gastrointestinal reflux disease, also known as acid reflux disease. I am sure you have heard of this, but if you have not this problem causes stomach acid to reverse its way back to the esophagus, from a short distance of the mouth. This medical condition can be caused by damage or dis balance of the natural barrier between the esophagus and the stomach and it usually happened in our later years. But this doesn’t mean that teeth erosion can’t occur at a young stage of life. If you’re still young and have tooth erosion, you need to pay your doctor a visit.

What does it mean to dream of teeth crumbling in the mouth?

To dream of teeth crumbling in your mouth means you are frightened by someone or something. Maybe you need to make an important decision. Or you don’t know what to do next in life. This dream can occur when you are feeling lost but don’t worry – as long as you have your self-confidence and sanity, you can find your path again. Try to chill out and focus.

What does it mean to dream of the ends of your teeth crumbling?

To dream of the ends of your teeth crumbling suggests that you need to prepare yourself to understand your life a bit better. Some plans you were working on – will eventually fail due to poor planning and lack of will. If you really want to do something, put your mind and soul into it and don’t give up until you’re proud of yourself. Otherwise, you will feel like a failure yourself. Never focus on many things at once. Take small but smart steps toward your dreams. Also, your dream symbolizes insecurity and fear. Do you feel insecure when you’re with someone? Do you feel like you’re not good enough? If yes, and the person makes you feel that way, leave. You’re not a hard person to love and understand. And let no one tell you the opposite. Fear nothing.

What do removable crumbling teeth mean?

Taking a bite in life” can be connected to this dream or taking a chance. This dream can mean that you will feel the power of control in the future if you apply “dedication” to life. To see your teeth be removed by someone once they crumble indicates questions you need to ask yourself. What is it that you really want to do with life? Answer this simple question and just do it. Is there a toxic relationship in your life that you need to end but don’t want to? Or you want to quit some nasty habit that’s making you feel weak and powerless?

What does it mean to dream of crumbling teeth rotting away?

To see your teeth rotting away can be pretty nasty in a dream. However, if you have such dream, the interpretation isn’t negative. On the contrary, it’s positive and foretells a happy event in life in olden dream lore. You will achieve something great. To dream of your teeth rotting away is associated with your self-perception also. Considering the fact that teeth make or break our smile this dream indicates that you maybe unhappy. Do you find yourself interactive or less attractive? If yes, you should focus on highlighting your qualities and love yourself more. Care about others and your appearance. Make sure you look good but only if it makes you feel good about yourself. Stop trying to impress others. Impress yourself and they will follow.

What does it mean to spit out crumbling teeth?

To spit out crumbling teeth in your dream has specific interpretation. Spitting out something in dreams means getting rid of something you no longer need in waking life. What is it that you’re still holding on, even if it’s bad for your mental health and well-being in general? Your dream also predicts a major life change. It also means problems with personal health, job opportunities, body image's or relationships.

Your dream:

  • Your teeth crumble.
  • Other people's teeth crumble.
  • Teeth crumble in one's mouth.
  • Teeth that suddenly crumble into dust.
  • Teeth that are unhealthy.
  • Your teeth falling out then crumbling.

Detailed dream interpretation:

Dreams of teeth crumbling teeth symbolize four main aspects of life. The following are the four main interpretations of this dream:

  • A decision or compromise that is costly. When you have a dream of your teeth crumbling, it can mean that there is awkwardness you feel for having made some wrong choice in a difficult situation. For instance, you may be feeling negative regarding a relationship. You feel used by others. You can’t get out of something in waking life because you already made the decision. The dream points out the true cost of compromise (with others) after making a costly decision.
  • Things may fall apart in waking life. Just from the word ‘crumbling’ itself this dream can mean that things in waking life are falling apart. Having a dream of crumbling teeth may mean that things are getting out of control in your life and you are powerless and seem unable to take any action. Things that one considers stable may turn out to result in change.
  • Fear of aging effect on your body and health. You may have some fear because of physical aging since most people do not enjoy growing old. The dream of crumbling teeth can be seen as a symbol of aging. When you have such a dream, it can portray one's fear of the effects that aging can bring on health and the body.
  • Losing your power and feeling powerless The dream of crumbling teeth can suggest a decision that you are about to make will be rather costly. It can be a decision that may involve compromising something or losing one's values. You may end up feeling vulnerable and powerless due to making a difficult decision. You, therefore, need to evaluate the kind of decision you are about to make in case you have such a dream. It can also mean losing your power.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream crumbled teeth:

Sad, uncomfortable, pain, stress, anxiety, discomfort.

What is the biblical meaning of teeth?

I am going to briefly cover the biblical meaning of crumbling teeth in dreams because I think it is important for you to understand. Teeth generally indicate nourish the soul and also the body. There is also a connection to the truth in life, which is natural. After reading scripture on teeth and dreams there is a focus on grinding yourself down in regards to dreaming of the teeth. Do you feel ground down? The biblical meaning of teeth is related to the external, natural appearance. Therefore, it stands for truth and the understanding of life. In fact, life is quite simple, but people tend to make things more difficult. Teeth are mentioned a couple of times in the Bible in association with the understanding of life. Thanks to our teeth, we are able to feed ourselves and survive. Thus, our teeth also represent a tool God gave us to help us survive. And that’s why it’s so important to keep our “tools” healthy. Teeth are also connected to spiritual food – intelligence, peace, and wisdom. Teeth are featured in Moses writings as follows. “His eyes shall be redder than wine, and his teeth whiter than milk (Gen. 49:12)”

I will finish now by saying that you should not worry too much about your crumbling teeth dream, in life we all need to sometimes focus on yourself even though problems may enter them. If there is a dream that I have not covered then please get in touch and I can provide you with the meaning. My Facebook comments are below. Blessings, Flo

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013