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This dream meaning is divided into a ball (event) and a ball (game). A round ball may represent fullness, symmetry and resilience.

However, if it is a soccer ball, it may mean there is an issue in your life. The checkered pattern of a soccer ball symbolizes the good and the bad. It may entail that you have been struggling to overcome this issue, and are failing. A ball that is a party has a different interpretation. A classic ball represents future happiness, while a masquerade ball may mean someone in your life has a hidden agenda.


In your dreams you may have...

  • Bounced, kicked or played with a ball.
  • Threw or caught a ball.
  • Pushed a ball.
  • Witnessed a ball game.
  • Seen a ball game or a ball party.
  • Attended a ball party.
  • Enjoyed a ball party.
  • Been ignored at a ball party.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • Kicking a ball denotes loss of worries in the future.
  • Lively music and dancing at a ball foretells of good times ahead.
  • A family ball may indicate any familial problems will be dissipate soon.
  • A ball held outside may indicate you will soon take an enjoyable holiday.
  • The overall dream was completely positive.
  • Throwing a ball may be an omen that your social status will improve.

Detailed dream interpretation...

This certain dream meaning is divided into the two meanings of the world ball: a ball that is an event or party, and a ball that is used in sports.

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First we shall discuss the ball which means party or gala. To dream of attending an old fashioned ball (medieval times), predicts good times are in your future. Whereas to dream of a fancy modern ball shows that life has a pleasant surprise in store for you. It will only be a matter of weeks before this surprise comes into fruition. A ball dream also shows that you will have something in your life to look forward to. Generally, it is a favorable event. It may be possible that you will be asked to join a new project in your office, or someone may want to include you in their social group.

If the ball is a celebration within your family, then this shows that your lives will a take a turn for the better. It represents encouragement and happiness in your life. Any worries regarding your health may be over and you will remain contentedly happy for the rest of the year. During a dream where you are at a ball, you might feel depression over the inattention of others. Some of the characters in your dream may ignore you completely. This kind of ball dream may indicate that someone in your family may be harmed.

A ball also shows that people are thinking positively about you. If you have been struggling in your life for the past months, happiness will prevail if you see dancing at a ball. If the ball is a black tie even and a dinner party, this suggests a close friend is not being true to you. You should think about this before trusting anyone with your secrets.

A an open air ball (or a ball that is held outside), generally shows you will soon go on a trip or holiday. You will enjoy the experience. A lake or a body of water is usually seen in this type of dream. Simply watching a ball party by the sidelines (or if you are only observing guests), means your shyness is making you miss out on a lot of fun in your waking life.


When you throw a ball in your dream, it signifies your business will be very prosperous. You will possibly gain a high position by means of ascending the social ladder. To see or push a ball in a dream generally means that most of your goals are within your reach. If you are a man and you are pushing a ball in your dream, the message is that you need to be more gentlemanly. You should start taking consideration for the feelings of others. Especially when they are your inferiors, but as well as your equals. You should respect them and this will raise your conduct in their eyes.

Bouncing a ball by yourself could represent that you are trying to figure something out. You may need to make a decision regarding a situation. If you are simply an audience during a ball game, this means that you are too shy and self-conscious. This may be depriving you of several opportunities you can get if you simply take more initiative.

Kicking a ball in your dream predicts that your life will soon become carefree. You are literally kicking your worries away. In some situations, this may also mean that you are attempting to regain control of your life.

Dreams that consist of other ball games or sports means you are about to hear some good news. Sometimes, it means you may need to let loose and start connecting with your inner-child.

Feelings you may have encountered in a ball dream...
Amusement, Apprehension, Childlike, Doubt, Enjoyment, Exuberance, Energetic, Happiness, Loneliness, Self-conscious


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