Dream about multiple cats

Multiple Cats In Dreams

Multiple Cats In Dreams

There are many people that have multiple cats, in fact, the popularity of living in multi-cat households has increased over the last few years. To dream of multiple cats can be a powerful sign that something in your life is about to change. But when things aren’t going as planned, it can also be indicative of feelings of helplessness or being overwhelmed by what lies ahead.

What does it mean to dream of multiple cats?

It’s said that when you see multiple cats in your dream this reflects behavior such as remaining calm under pressure so as not to draw attention to yourself - whereas if you see a black, tabby, orange, white or cream-colored cat then this could mean you becoming more vocal by speaking up about something that needs to be addressed. This dream reminds me of the play “cats” which I was lucky to see in London.

When several cats come together for a common goal of survival or victory, they show us how important it is to work together as a unit in order to achieve something bigger than any one of them could do alone. Seeing loads of cats in the dream world demonstrates that by committing yourself fully and working with others who have similar goals, you can reach new heights – even if those goals seem impossible at first! 

What is the meaning of seeing multiple cats in a dream?

Cats illustrate that when faced with difficult situations or obstacles, we must resolve lots of “stuff” in life in order to win. Just like these animals squabble and fight amongst themselves when they are presented with hardship without giving up or compromising things in life. 

What kind of mood were the cats in? Were they being playful chasing after imaginary things or were they hissing and swatting and ready for attack? If there were multiple cats around then what did their interactions look like? Were they getting along and grooming each other defiantly indicating harmony between all living beings?  Or were there signs of stress such as fighting amongst themselves which could indicate inner conflicts surfacing within yourself?  Additionally what other animals were present in your dream - if any? Dreaming about multiple cats (like allot of them) can suggest there is some sort of energy around you that is working together in perfect synergy with each other – similar to an ecosystem.

When considering symbolism from the I Ching (Yijing) as I read allot into Chinese dream meanings -- dreaming about cats is a sign of unbalanced and stagnant relationships, due too either acting passive-aggressively towards someone you care about or keeping everything inside without expressing how you really feel due to fear of confrontation. 

Now, understanding where these emotions fit into our lives is like fitting pieces into a puzzle - we can use this as an opportunity to get better connected with ourselves seeing who we are as individuals but also recognizing our necessary interdependence on others simultaneously. With this knowledge comes immense power allowing us greater “spiritual” awareness for true self-empowerment.

In some of my dream books cats can carry optimistic messages; perhaps if a cat jumps onto your lap then this could mean you are looking at personal growth and self-discovery that will lead eventually towards of you feeling secure within yourself. 

What color were the cats?

I do believe that dreaming of multiple cats may represent challenges we face in our waking lives and affirm that these challenges are a way for us to grow closer to our true selves. Have you noticed what colors were primarily featured among the cats? Each color holds its own special significance; for example, if there was a tabby cat then this could represent independence - like wanting space but still maintaining a connection with others; whereas if there was a brown cat then this possibly means stability and having faith during tough times; white may represent innocence and pureness while ginger implies creativity; lastly seeing multiple black and white cat signifies balance between good & evil influences from our environment.  To gain further insights into why these particular colored cats appeared in your dreams.

What does it mean to dream of cats and kittens?

Generally speaking, dreaming of cats and kittens seen in dreams means a need for nurture and comfort. This could manifest itself through turning off your feelings in order to protect yourself from getting hurt or being grouchy right now because something is bothering you.

At its most basic level, dreaming of cats and kittens is about our instinctive desire to feel safe and secure with the people around us — it’s natural to want that kind of support system when we experience difficulties in life. In dreams, these animals may also represent forgiveness; particularly the idea that there are some things it’s best not to dwell on too much if we want happiness in our lives. 

What does it mean to dream of a litter of kittens?

I can remember I was working at an art gallery as an assistant and I can remember that I had a nightmare boss, but I was passionate about this job. I can remember that he said to me “it appears you are not passionate about anything” The reason I share this story is that dreaming of kittens is about not seeing that you have passion in life and maybe the sign of the kittens is to make sure you have this passion. Dreaming of a litter of kittens can mean that something in life is going to take shape somehow in regard to these passions. In most of my dream books, kittens are known to represent innocence, youthfulness, and playfulness which could indicate that there’s something about yourself that you may have left behind but are now re-exploring. Furthermore, dreaming of kittens signifies your desire to take control over certain areas in your life or conquer a great journey. It’s as if you’ve reached the peak of what you once thought was impossible; like discovering something new about yourself. Let me explain, that just like mittens (both fuzzy and warm) kittens in your dreams may mean you need to look for comfort within yourself

What does it mean to dream of multiple cats biting or attacking you?

To dream about many cats biting or attacking you is an interesting one that can oftentimes represent repressed fear or anger that is building up inside. It’s likely that there is something in your life that has been bothering you and this dream could be seen as a message from your subconscious that it is time to take action in life.

To see multiple cats “biting” or attacking each other represents suppressed feelings and thoughts. I also believe dreams of many cats biting you can be symbolic of something in your life-changing due to lack of attention or effort being put into it. Perhaps by now paying more attention to whatever is causing an inner disturbance, this dream may subside soon enough.

I know some people regard cats as symbols for bad luck or even death because they were often associated with witches during these periods throughout history; so if this were true in regards to your dream then maybe try getting rid of old thought patterns and negative habits – embrace new ways instead!

I feel like dreaming about cats biting symbolizes unresolved emotions which have been left unattended; however, focusing on resolving them can lead to better understanding yourself and taking control over your life - bit by bit (pun intended)!

Conclusion of a dream of multiple cats

When you dream about multiple cats it could signify that you will need collaboration in order to accomplish a task or achieve a goal. It could also mean that you are seeking companionship but may not know where to look; cats often in my view represent an untapped source of social support. I also believe that cat dreams can be detailed in their meaning—if the cats have long claws or sharp teeth then they may mean danger, while if the cat was purring or rubbing up against your leg then it indicates comfort and gentleness. Seeing many cats purring in dreams may even provide insight into how we view ourselves since these creatures can sometimes take on human qualities like decision-making ability and intelligence.

By Florance Saul
Jul 4, 2023